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What is the genius in poetry?


Pushkin it an ikebana from different
colors of the poetic &ndash directions; and of course folklore

of ===========================================

thumbing through the huge two-volume book
&ndash once; contemporaries about Pushkin - I almost closing
saw the poem of the father Pushkin

and of course read it with greed
and found in it Alexander

intonations means and the father laid a hand to this bouquet
of the poetic directions

what else there is remembered at once?
- Roman poets... the hussar Davydov
and Byron a small volume of which it carried with themselves

the Roman authors - to the poet allowed not to be afraid of
of personal feelings in poetry
“ya“ - actively at Pushkin thank God of
and at once descriptions of coast of the Kura come to life:

“ washing grief the grief is light
washing is full you.
. “

Davydov gave feelings of
association and extreme simplicity the “ plain “ verses

Byron showed that it is possible to describe in the lyrical
form what is subject only to novelists

and Arina Rodionovna - telling fairy tales
probably gave both freedom and brightness and simplicity
and sharpness of allegories

thank God Pushkin did not master each
direction on so many precisely to remain there forever
he easily echoed and by laziness it gave freedom
(excessive diligence leaves the person
to stop in development in an imitative stage) to
- he remained himself and moved apart borders of
of the poetic empire widely
- from Russia to England and the Ancient World

but not only the latitude of its empire of poetic
gave it height - but also nobility of feelings
and inquisitiveness greedy to the world
- he answered almost all questions
that concern mankind:

“ than less woman we love
- those like us to it » easier;

(about the relations of floors)

“ abuses do not convince... there is also no
truth where there is no love “

“ violently it is impossible to improve the state... “
(criticism... methods of knowledge
and improvement of the state)

“ movements the wise man said no bradaty
another reflected and began to go before them... “

(what “ to object “ - this anticipation
of the theory of relativity)

etc. etc.