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How to keep sight?

a Human eye - unique, exclusively difficult optical device. The world around of people sees clearly when all departments of an eye work harmoniously. If in any link there is a failure - sight worsens.
to reduce an adverse effect of the computer on eyes and to keep sight, follow the following rules in food:
- moderation in food;
- the full-fledged, various, digestible and combined food;
- the increased use of products, vitamin-rich And, we Will begin E and Page
with the last. Vitamin deficiency is peculiar to the majority today. Vitamin A contains in carrots, salad, green peas, a melon, tomatoes, onions, cottage cheese, a liver. Vitamin E - in vegetables, bean, greens. Vitamin C - in a dogrose, currant, sauerkraut, a citrus. Generously include in a dish diet from these products.
Carrots - the richest source of carotene (pro-vitamin A). Perfectly feeds and strengthens eyes, helps to prevent short-sightedness. Well, it is quickly acquired. Juice of carrots can be drunk without restrictions, but two times a year drink it as medicine, a course. Every morning within a month - a glass of juice. By the way, carrot juice strengthens nervous system and is capable to bring all organism to a vigorous state. If the carrots reserved by you lost juiciness and are unsuitable for juice, drink carrots broth. It can make a basis of vegetable soups. It is better to use stewed carrots, carrot salad, juice with sour cream or oil as vitamin A is fat-soluble.
Juice of parsley is very useful at a disease of eyes and an optic nerve, a cataract and conjunctivitis, an eye cornea ulceration. Juice of parsley promotes visual acuity restoration. The elements which are contained in it strengthen blood vessels. Parsley juice - a potent agent, drink it no more than 30 - 40 ml a day, it is no more than one tablespoon at one time. It is better to mix juice of parsley with water or with other vegetable juice. Mix of juice of parsley and carrots is exclusively useful to sight preservation.
Perfectly purifies blood and all organism, beet strengthens eyes. Two tablespoons of its juice should be added to mix morkovno - petrushechny juice.
Drink a dogrose - on the content of vitamin C he is the absolute leader. Its daily use provides durability and elasticity of vessels. The hawthorn is useful to the people having short-sightedness. It is rich with ascorbic acid and carotene. Dry up hawthorn fruits, a peremolita in flour, stir with honey and eat as jam. It is useful to make dried leaves and fruits of a hawthorn instead of tea. Daily include infusions of a hawthorn and dogrose, a bilberry fruit drink and kissel, green tea in your diet.
Is rich with the carotene necessary for the weakened eyes, pumpkin. There are no restrictions in its consumption. Add pumpkin to salads, soups, mashed potatoes. Positively apricots in any kind influence vessels of eyes: fresh fruits, juice, dried - dried apricots and a dried apricots.
is Very useful to sight preservation bilberry. Eat it during the season not less than 10 glasses. Bilberry well keeps the medicinal properties in the candied look. Fray bilberry in a proportion: a glass of berries on a glass of sugar. The amount of sugar can be reduced twice if you store the prepared bilberry in the refrigerator.
Having diseases of eyes it is worth drinking once a year cod-liver oil, and two times a year - the vitamin preparation “Ayevit“ or similar vitamin complexes in which polyvitamins are combined with minerals, first of all with calcium. Each meal has to include fruit, vegetables, salads, juice.
From krupyany porridges are especially vitamin-rich which are well acquired and are necessary for our eyes, oat and buckwheat. Eat sweets and white loaf as little as possible. Limit the salt use, but do not exclude it from a diet completely at all.
Food has to be full on all components. The monotonous food reduces appetite and is badly acquired. Do not abuse a pickles and smoked products, meat, sausages, butter. The best garnish to meat dishes - salads. Potatoes and rice can be eaten not only with vegetables, but also with light-salted fish or a piece of smoked meat. At diseases of eyes eat food which easily is digested. The natural food which is not exposed to thermal treatment has to be a basis. Products of a phytogenesis have to make not less than 60% of a daily diet.
the Condition of eyes, visual acuity strongly depend on work of intestines. Violation of its functions for many became already habitual. The food in a zashlakovanny organism is digested and acquired incorrectly, absorption of vitamins, first of all vitamins A and E worsens. It worsens both the general state of health, and a condition of eyes.
For cleaning of an organism two times a year wash out intestines. This procedure will help to bring toxic products out of an organism. Three times a year accept absorbent carbon on an empty stomach within 7 - 10 days from calculation one tablet on 10 kg of weight. The cleared organism and the healthy vitaminized food will strengthen your health, will keep sight, will help to prevent short-sightedness and other diseases of eyes, stabilize visual acuity and will protect your eyes from an adverse effect of the computer.