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The materialization of Money of

For a materialization of money is required to you: ( write down “recipe“ )
1. Consciousness. For a materialization of the necessary event it is necessary to realize that your actions are absolutely natural to you that the purpose of your embodiment is the materialization of all quantities of money. That is, the materialization is simple. (This money specifically, and others when want).
2. Belief. You naturally trust in it, and it becomes the truth. The belief that everything will occur is very important as it is necessary. Without belief nothing will turn out.
3. Trust. Full confidence to a universum that any deal of the subsequent events, brings closer you to the planned purpose. Any!
4. Intention. Designated intention. Narrowed it to concreteness of a beam of the laser.
5. Purpose. Gave to the laser beam a purpose vector.
6. Desire. Shook up foam in a glass of the desire.
7. Not attachment. Released a situation. Easily. Not attachment, to result of action is important. All necessary actions in order that money materialized it is necessary to make by all means. (of course, the Wizard solves itself, what it actions. Nature of actions depends on the professed picture of the world of the wizard. You remember? “Do good, and throw it into water“, as in that old animated cartoon.
8. Repetition. Repeat daily: “Appear money with advantage for me and for all“. It is important to note that emergence of the sum has to do well still to someone. As if, it has to be useful … In other words, money has to materialize with advantage for others, including. Type: “I use this sum of money of course for myself, but it the trailer will be useful for others“. And of course emergence (money) of harm will bring it to nobody. Other question that is useful and that is harmful. It is not discussed.
9. Knowledge. Knowledge that this event the Universe, and you Makes the pure conductor chosen by It for this purpose you this Universe you are dissolved in it.
10. Emergence. To consider emergence of your money to popular all as the Absolute, all Universe or at least friendly to you Egregors.
11. Love. Know that Lyubov - the true reason of your materialization.
12. Gratitude. You thank the Universe for the fact that everything will occur quite so as it is necessary to you or it is even more successful.
13. Mood. Are obligatory: Spirit, Pleasure, Dance, Ease
14. Children`s purity and sincerity of perception. Is considered as game of the child in you...
Is not final instance. But. Something can be taken. Reaping a crop from tomato beds, we take only fruits. But not korenye, and not a tops of vegetable. But only what can be eaten and to us will be pleasant. Of course, there above all see and know. Namely - your desire is sincere or not. And of course there, know when to give it to you and in what time. Sometimes to you it can be given, but for a start will send a certain lesson to life. And then, if passed successfully, and will give that, as wanted...
I Hope, these simple councils will help you to find financial independence. Also you remember, desires are infinite. One come, there are others. And life one, and it passes, waiting for the MIRACLE. Live. Just live now, enjoy existence. And the Universe will take care of you. Only do not forget what to dream not harmfully, harmfully to stay idle. And that and you will get stuck in the dreams. Good luck to you!