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The endurance of


and - the beginning new nothing an inconspicuous aphorism, conclusion
in - important
d - banal, for children
z - informative
and - interesting
to - winged
of l - best
of N - not important
p - instructive
with - difficult for understanding
yu - humour

Endurance is necessary is necessary properties to sustain to reach will learn to seize helps promotes to form the person the pupil the child to begin to bring up to impart to develop to show to train endurance value definition quality signs advantage of endurance depends

z Endurance - patience, firmness, self-control … zd Endurance promotes
spirituality morality and philanthrophy.
to Lyubov to endurance - help, hatred - a hindrance.
and Endurance are developed by faith in God.
and To endurance it is possible to come - observing as they suffer and prevent to live another it not possessing.
zvp is better to Cultivate endurance demonstrative encouragement of those who owns it.
to Bitterness of endurance - is rewarded by sweet of victories.
pv Endurance - a character support.
pv Endurance - a key to success.
to Endurance and the mountain it does not matter.
p not owning endurance - happiness does not favor.
and If at the patient person the endurance comes to an end - it is serious.
z Endurance more depends on wise understanding of its need and benefit - than on the fortress of nervous system and even self-control.
z the Union of endurance and will - is invincible.
pz Endurance - a wisdom sign.
to Is painful endurance - yes the result is pleasant.
and That something came - it is necessary to have endurance. z Having set as
the purpose, the person begins to stock up with endurance.
zpv Endurance - one of the most valuable advantages of the person without whom the person cannot take place as the personality, to reach due position in society and to be dear.
and is difficult to allocate something more important in the person, than endurance.
to Endurance and the mountain it does not matter.
pv Endurance - protection against addictions.
pv Endurance - a board from defects.
d Without endurance the intellectual potential and physical force - anything. kpv the Endurance - temptations grazes
p Without endurance - the purpose not to reach.
to Sustained - can be any.
p Is crazy also knowledge on one endurance - far will not leave.
p Endurance is necessary - to survive.
p to Cultivate endurance - need and a debt of everyone.
zp Endurance - needs as physical, and internal force.
and Endurance - firmness of spirit.
p an endurance Support - discipline. kp the Endurance trouble - halves
and Having endurance less depends on a case.
to Endurance with good luck - on first-name terms.
pl the Endurance smoothes destiny roughnesses.
p Endurance needs prudence.
p Endurance - a half of a victory. there is no
p endurance without will.
pv Endurance - a key to success.
zp cannot show endurance of people with weak character.
and Endurance on the one hand is supported by character, with another is its support.
lp Endurance has to be shown it until then - so far approves reason.
to Endurance - a bridle for passions.
zp Endurance needs tranquility and self-control.
p Endurance - is brought up and becomes tempered.
to Endurance - a board from adversities.
z Endurance - develop diseases, sport, difficulties, activity, problems …
zp Endurance - prudence.
p Without endurance and diligence - and ability to anything.
and Endurance without reason - anything.
zd Sil of endurance depends on presence of mind.
z Endurance can rely on idea, dream, vital values, the purpose, interest.
and Can consider as the lucky of that - whom the nature awarded with endurance.
and Endurance gives force.
p the Endurance - opens the road fortunately.
p studies Endurance - it is necessary with small.
and Endurance trains as muscles.
to not having endurance - and legs to anything.
p The is higher endurance - the more power over itself.
and Endurance - the amplifier. z the Endurance equally strengthens
both reasonable and kind a rush - and silly and angry. p Without endurance - to reach nothing
d Endurance is formed and supported constantly, all life.
dv Endurance in many respects habit.
d Endurance in many respects depends on education.
d Endurance is formed and checked by vital difficulties. to What the love is more than
- the endurance is stronger.
and Endurance from courage and fear - different things.
to Endurance - cure for anger.
z to Endurance is promoted by a primirimost.
z Confuse endurance to indifference.
zd Over the years endurance amplifies.
and Endurance - offense grazes. d That something it is necessary to achieve
and Endurance is favorable.
p Endurance - the best cure for misfortunes.
and Tempered by endurance - all on a shoulder. z the person lacks
of Endurance more than courage.
z the Stood people - sometimes take for indifferent.
and Endurance - prison of desires.
p studies Endurance - it is necessary with small.
p Endurance - the keeper of a family.
p Passive expectation - not the best form of endurance.
and Endurance trains as muscles. d the Person a lot of things can sustain
from - for benefits.
and Children the behavior develop endurance at adults.
yu We dream to become sustained - this minute.
yu Endurance at the husband is well developed by fishing, but there is no confidence that he masters this science one.
yu Endurance and hospitality - different things.
yu to get to Heaven - it is necessary to have devil endurance.

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