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Drowning in 3D or How Cameron celebrated anniversary of “Titanic“?

were on April 15, 2012 exactly 100 years from that day as the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean was enriched with one more product of human greed and nonsense. Did not pass also five days of cruise as the magnificent Titanic liner which came up from the port of Southampton (England) collided the drifting iceberg and safely sank more than two hours later.

From more than two thousand passengers and members of team less than a third escaped. The others either drowned, or died at crash, or froze to death in cold ocean water.

About it did not write only lazy (“Now newspapers will not forget you, Mr. Ismay“). Considering how many onboard was celebrities and rich men, accident became known the widest. So large-scale and, the main, unexpected incident seemed in a beginning of the century something unprecedented. As it appeared, this was only a prelude to the present tragedies of the 20th century.

In cinema the subject of “Titanic“ was picked up on the fly. It was the same year let out 10 - the minute silent movie which, alas, till our times did not remain. Therefore as official start of art screen versions of the tragedy it is possible to consider the Italian drama of 1915 of the same name. With time course interest not only did not fall, but more likely dews in a geometrical progression. For 80 - 90 - e years of the last century on this plot 5 tapes, including the legendary film epic of James Cameron, 13 years holding the status of the most high grossing film for all history of cinema were removed at once.

… The treasure-hunter and adventurer Brock Lovett (Bill Pekston), with assistance of the Russian companions with scientifically - the research vessel “Academician Mstislav Keldysh“, rummages at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean in vain searches of Ocean Heart diamond. According to the available data, the necklace with jewel was taken out from England by the manufacturer Hokli, but the destination did not reach because sank in waters of Atlantic together with one and a half thousand passengers of notorious “Titanic“. However instead of treasured diamond to Lovett has the luck to find out on the crumpled liner remains Hokli`s safe where he found erotic drawing of a certain lady with the marked treasure on a neck. The treasure-hunter was inexpressibly lucky: madam not only endured accident and lived about gray-haired years, but also samolichno arrived on “Keldysh“ to tell the history.

Being a young and appetizing girl, Roza Dyyuitt Byyukeyter (Kate Winslet), in the status of the bride Hokli (Billey Zane) became one of passengers of “Titanic“. Just as of humble origin and jobless, but extremely gifted artist Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCaprio) who won in cards the ticket in the last travel. Having despaired to escape from close bonds of the marriage imposed to it, Roza decides to leave vessel limits, without waiting for arrival in the port New - York. However Jack rescues the girl from suicide and, despite a social inequality, between young people the spark runs.

It is hard to say how the love story of Roza and Jack would end, deliver their ship to the destination. But accident forever changed life of these two, as well as all other participants of cruise … to

In anticipation of 100 - summer anniversary of crash of “Titanic“, James Cameron released the movie 15 - summer prescription in the 3D format. After the first part of “Star wars“ of George Lucas and Disney`s “The Lion King“, it is already the third masterpiece of former years converted in a new format. On a question of journalists about “what - such need“, the director noted that he “considers “Titanic“ as that movie that it is capable to return audience to movie theaters“. According to Cameron (that, by the way, is confirmed to statistical data), the cinema loses the audience in favor of digital carriers, home theaters and the Internet every year. House 3D, despite violent blossoming, still is in that stage when cannot brag of scales and staginess of the film version.

Really to whom as not to Cameron, the creator of “Avatar“ and the ideological inspirer 3D - boom, it is necessary to show to all laymans the master - a class. And to make it on the example of “Titanic“, the second movie in the history of the Oscar which received 11 gold figurines - just its duty. Especially as all his colleagues and friends already, anyway, in volume were marked out. Lucas began to redo “Star wars“, Spielberg removed “Tintina“, Jackson models “Hobbit“, and Zemeckis ten as does not get out years of three-dimensional animated films.

James Cameron, certainly, talented film figure, but also not less enterprising producer. It is difficult not to agree that its “Titanic“ is some kind of tribute to “Gone with the Wind“. It is possible to consider as blasphemy comparison of works, so different in scale, but all of them are removed on the same template - “A love story against a global catastrophe“. It does not belittle the director`s merits on creation of incredibly spectacular movie, as well as does not grant to us the right to condemn him for what one and a half decades later he solved still slightly - slightly “to milk a cow“. Eventually, each viewer solves for himself, whether he should spend money for viewing of the new version of the movie.

What there with notorious 3D? We admit honestly, the picture will not strike the skilled frequenter of three-dimensional film sessions because “Titanic“ was not initially ground under volume special effects, so in advance is inferior to modern pictures. But Cameron managed to show to the colleagues a kuzkina mother. He did not reach absolute hit of “Avatar“, but having spent for converting of a tape of 60 weeks and 18 million dollars, proved to sceptics that only it can not just refresh the picture, but also inhale new life in long ago known work.

Against absolutely sad 3D - Lucas`s attempts, “Titanic“ shines as brand new cent. Cameron essentially noted in the press that he did not cut the movie at all, and only “improved his perception present generation of the audience“. Though at my subjective view tridimentionality did not add to “Titanic“ almost anything. In Russia, in two weeks of hire, it was “almost“ expressed in 153 million rubles of a box office.

It is well-known that “Titanic“ abounds with all mistakes, like electric small lamps in hands of officers or tea bags. It does not prevent to perceive a picture as something “huge, fantastic and extraordinary spectacular at all“. Fifteen years later, after in the hall light, wet girlish faces - already more likely an exception, than the rule is switched on. Many managed to get acquainted with a masterpiece on the TV or on DVD and the fashion on DiCaprio passed for a long time. And nevertheless the movie still attracts public a perfect film number, a classical plot of love and the true gloss of “Factory of dreams“.

We will note finally that some changes nevertheless did not pass the Russian version of the movie. DiCaprio and Winslet duplicate other actors. This fact especially does not rush to an ear, the benefit that voices picked up similar, but in couple of places replacement becomes obvious.