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What Buford - the most sparsely populated city of the USA is famous for?

A few days ago in the American television news showed a short plot about the small town located in the State of Wyoming. All its population consists … of one person - Don Sammons. He at the same time is the mayor, the seller, the owner of gas station, the janitor and the construction worker, that is, almost like Shiva, - it is many-sided also multihands.

the Geographical position

the Town of Buford is located

between two cities - Larami and Cheyenne. The settlement is at the height about 2500 m above sea level. It is the most mountain town located on a highway I - 80, New crossing the USA from the East on the West and connecting - York and San - Frantsisko. History of creation of Buford

B 1862 Abraham Lincoln signed with

the act of construction of the transcontinental railroad which had to connect Eastern States to the western coast. It was planned that it will pass across the territory of several states: Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada and California. Construction of the road began with two ends.

A founder of the city is the general John Buford - the hero of civil war. In 1866 it put a fort which had to protect builders of the new railroad. Small fortress received the name John Buford`s fort. Its population increased to 2 thousand people soon. In the town the shop where people could buy necessary products and things was open. In the same shop also immigrants, crowds directed from east coast on the West did shopping. The new settlement had the best times.

But in 1869 when construction of the railroad was finished, people began to leave gradually the settlement in search of the better lot. In 1880 the fort was renamed into the city Buford. Same year the post office was constructed there, at the beginning of the 20th century in the town the school opened. Gradually in it new public buildings and services appeared. the Famous people who visited the modest town

B 1869 on the occasion of the end of construction of the transcontinental railroad the U.S. President Ulysses Grant visited

Buford. It was extraordinary popular among all segments of the population of the country since Civil war.

During war between the North and the South command charged to Grant formation of military regiments from volunteers. In total it created two tens regiments, one of which ordered. Later Ulysses Grant got up at the head of all divisions of volunteers and was entitled the brigade general. During civil war it repeatedly showed talent of the great strategist and commander and very quickly became the national hero. For merits before the homeland Grant was proposed as the candidate for president and elected in 1868 by a majority vote.

Buford`s population met arrival of the president Grant with big enthusiasm and honors as national hero of America.

Not each big city can brag of the fact that it is visited by U.S. Presidents. Buford was lucky, the small unimportant town was honored with the attention by one more U.S. President - Franklin Roosevelt . He was elected the president of the country in the period of the Great depression.

Very well Albert Einstein told about Roosevelt as about one of the most outstanding presidents of America: “Nobody will begin to deny that influence of economic oligarchy on all areas of our public life is very big. This influence, however, should not be overestimated. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected the president, contrary to the desperate resistance of these very powerful groups, and re-elected three times; and it occurred when it was necessary to make decisions of huge value“. Roosevelt managed to bring the country out of crisis, thus that for the period of its presidency World War II had.

Speaking about the famous people who visited Buford it is necessary to mention of the famous robber Butcha Cassady. its real name - Robert Leroy Parker. It became famous for the fact that, having organized a gang, plundered trains and banks. Somehow he visited Buford where he intended to rob shop. In the first attempt it was grabbed, arrested and forwarded in prison in the neighboring city of Larami where had an opportunity to enjoy prison “hospitality“.

Thieves` career of Butcha Cassady continued more than 25 years. In 1969 the USA the movie “Butch Cassady and Sandens Kidd“ where it was told about life of legendary robbers came out. By the way, Paul Newman played Butcha Cassady`s role in this movie.

Buford in 1980-2012

So turned out that by the end of the 20th century the population of the town was strongly reduced. In 1980 there arrived Don Sammons with the wife and the son here, thereby having doubled the population of the city honor. Soon the last neighbors left a quiet town, and Don decided to buy all city in own use. There was it in 1992. Then the population made only 3 persons - the owner`s family. But three years later the wife died, and in 2007 the matured son left a native nest.

Thus, Don remained in proud loneliness in the own city. Buford has own postal index, and his mayor owns 4 hectares of the earth, has the gas station with the parking and places for placement of mobile houses - buses in which Americans like to travel in the summer. Don is the owner of shop where travelers, except usual products and trifles, can also get souvenirs with Buford`s image (t-shirts and circles), whistles from horns of elks and original wooden handles. From structures in the territory of the town - Sammons`s house with three bedrooms, garage, the schoolhouse and various economic constructions. The owner has the website on the Internet with information on Buford and advertizing of own business.

the City goes from the hammer!

Business went not bad, but for quite some time now Don Sammons began to notice that it is difficult for it to cope to one with big economy. Even more often the thought came to mind, but whether not to sell all city at once and to retire. It gradually put all the affairs in order and offered the whole city for auction!

Auction took place on April 5, 2012. It passed in premises of shop. Auction was carried out by the mayor. The starting price with which the auction began was 100 thousand dollars. In 15 minutes auction ended, sale price of the city with the earth and real estate made 900 thousand dollars (a limit of dreams of the owner!)

Who became the new owner of the town? The citizen of Vietnam is Fam Ding Nguyen. The Vietnamese businessman is 61 years old, colleagues on business helped to raise money to it. What to do with new acquisition, he does not know yet, but is executed pride that owns the ancient American town individually.

Here such unusual story about the most sparsely populated city of the USA.