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Whether it is possible to return love? Long and happily …

Many children`s fairy tales and stories come to an end hepp - endy and the words “Also They Lived Long and Happily …“ It about the prince charming and the princess, the simple shepherdess and the shepherd, the main thing about love is unimportant about whom. Long and happily. That long - so it it is admissible. If to dismiss ecology, heredity and a factor of accidents. And here about what is happy … It is other question. Other party of a medal.

Any feelings undergo a metamorphosis over time. At least because we do not remain the same and over the years we change. We lose something, we get something. Excess weight, the first wrinkles, the painted-over gray hair of hair. But love, that the first and light, that feeling when inside everything sang from one thought of a fast meeting, we still want. We look at the one who went near us on life all these years. Yes, it reliable, true, economic, but it is boring. To nausea. We are capable to foresee all gestures and words at supper, to recognize his mood by its steps. Perfectly, someone will tell. Yes, it is fine, near us the reliable person, but the soul wants a holiday, there is a wish for that to the first love, those first experiences. Again to have all these feelings with darling. Whether it is possible? To fall in love with own half anew, to return love, to present new life to the cooled-down feelings?

All this is possible. The one who considers that love not to return, not to recover, not to reanimate gray and boring existence can continue to drag. And periodically to complain of life and of the partner. Well, and to the one who wants to return love, to revive former passion and the ardent relations with the half, just it is necessary to realize - that all in our hands, and everything surely will turn out.

If between you and your partner the abyss of the ordinary and drudgery begins to be formed, you should not move away from each other at all. To try to have a rest from each other and to give time for reflections and thoughts. It is unknown to what your half far from you and who will decide to brighten up his loneliness dorazmyshlyatsya. Present that your relations are a fire in the big, dense wood. And suddenly this fire begins to die away, near it becomes cold. If you disperse with your partner in different directions from a love fire, and will not try to kindle it, then it will inevitably go out. The fire will burn if in it to throw branches if behind it to watch and protect from wind and drafts, and to be near it. But also in which case does not disperse in different directions. The love can be cured, only if together, only if nearby. Let you to nausea bothered each other, but to be together. Not to part on different corners, both to holidays, and a time - to misses alone.

Now about branches for a love fire. Remember dawn of your relations. What you were? And now get accustomed in a mirror what you became. It is not only about external changes though it is not unimportant too. But appearance can be corrected a successful hairdress, a new make-up, shoes on heels, a new suit and a tie. It is about changes of heart. Earlier you burned, shone, and now remind an extinct candle. Stir up from yourself despondency, melancholy, a gloomy look. It is natural that vital problems and adversities there is no place will not get to, it will be still necessary to go to work, to drive children in school, to pay for utilities and to make a lunch. All this will not get to anywhere, and will remain rather. But here only all this can be done with a smile upon the face or with a gloomy, thoughtful grimace which perhaps and frightened off your partner from you. Remember how many times you referred to a headache or the scheduled match of soccer. And earlier, years so … back you were stopped by those, not another. Try to return yourself former young mood. Former ease and carelessness. And if to combine all this with the true present vital wisdom acquired over the years joint life, then to you just there will be no price.

You find time for each other. At least once in a week go to cinema or just to walk in park. One, without children. Give the chance to grandmothers and grandfathers to prove and indulge grandsons. You need this time to fall in love with each other anew. If there were no appointments at dawn of your acquaintance, you would not be together. And without communication, time which is carried out together the love fire inevitably begins to die away. And it is not surprising that to you from your joint life it becomes boring and lonely. Of course, you are really lonely and live boringly because you spend not enough time with your partner.

The highlight has to be not only in the woman, it has to be also in the man. Surprise the partner, pleasantly surprise. Believe it difficult when you live with the person under the same roof not one year. But it is possible. Also it is very useful and it is effective. Your partner will see in you the purposeful personality, will open something new and will be pleasantly surprised. And personally expansion of an outlook and skills and knowledge will not prevent you. As they say, behind shoulders not to carry them.

The true love, the reliable partner nearby for many years is a gift of destiny. If you found this gift once, then will be just silly it not to estimate and lose. Remember, the love is the everyday work, but pleasant, only then perhaps and long and happily, and all in one life.