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Takhir and Zukhra of

Takhir and Zukhra since the childhood were unseparable friends. Takhir was the only child of prosperous parents, and Zukhra grew up in a big poor, but close-knit family. They lived in the neighbourhood and therefore all free time was spent together. And when they grew up, their friendship turned into more deep feeling. Zukhra`s mother suspected about mutual feelings of young people and was only glad to it. And Takhir`s mother was against her only son from a rich family met with some “the maid not from their circle“. But Takhir did not listen to mother and continued to meet the beloved secretly. Lovers were so happy that, appear, anything and nobody can prevent their happiness. But the destiny tripped them up: Takhir was called up for military service. Now it should serve two years to the Homeland. Before departure Takhir came to say goodbye to darling. It was their longest and … the last appointment.
- You will wait for me? - Takhir asked.
- Yes, darling, I will surely wait for you! - Zukhra answered.
- And if your parents marry you to another?
- I will not go for another, I will wait for you.
- You will go against parents?
Zukhra released the head and kept silent.
- That it did not happen, you have to become mine today … - Takhir told.
this evening Zukhra became the woman … She was given to the darling and for a minute did not regret about it.
Takhir left serves the Homeland, and Zukhra remained to wait for it and to hope for a fast meeting. The girl daily wrote letters to the darling. And he wrote letters to it.
So passed days. Once to Zukhra it became very bad. Its all day felt sick. The girl`s mother, having decided that her daughter got poisoned, led her to the doctor. When the doctor made the diagnosis, mother was in perplexity:
- That?! She is pregnant? Is that so! Yes as your language turned to tell it?! My daughter is not married yet. From where in your opinion at it the child can undertake?
- to become pregnant, not obligatory to marry, - the doctor grinned.
Zukhra`s Mother cursed doctors who, in her opinion are not able to make the diagnosis, and took away the daughter home. Houses Zukhra admitted to parents that she is really pregnant from Takhir. Having conferred with neighbors, Zukhra`s parents decided to call Takhir from army for three days to celebrate a wedding. Takhir`s parents were against all this, but could not go against all neighbors. And to avoid gossips and a gossip, they had to agree to a wedding.
Takhir arrived for three days home, celebrated a magnificent wedding, and he went to serve the Homeland again. Zukhra began to live at the mother-in-law who constantly scoffed at the poor girl. It daily forced the pregnant girl to take out heavy carpets and oriental carpets to the yard and to beat out from them dust, to drag buckets with water, to go to a market behind products, to erase, clean up, prepare on all family, to sweep the yard, to feed hens, to walk cattle, to milk cows, to bake bread. Zukhra did not complain as she got used to work since the childhood, but in her situation it was heavy to it to cope with all work. Except that the mother-in-law gave the girl a hard work, in hope that that will lose the child and they will divorce Takhir, so it still in every possible way humiliated the girl, even then, when that gave birth it to the grandson - the poured-out Takhir:
- You have to us kiss legs for the fact that we accepted you in our family. You are not worthy my son! He deserves the best wife from a decent family, but not you a golodranka - the ragamuffin unusable! You specially tempted my boy to become pregnant from him. You purposely made it to marry it. Or, maybe, it is not so his child? Acquired from another, and on my son hung up. Who the last, that and the father, huh? to you was succeeded to deceive him how all neighbors, and you will not deceive me, clear?! I will open eyes for the son, let only he will return.
Zukhra bore all these humiliations. And what it still needed to do? Only to suffer and wait when it again to meet the darling. Takhir`s letters helped it with it, supported her. It is possible to tell, she lived only these letters. But soon letters stopped. Poor Zukhra could not find any peace. “What could happen? Why he does not write?“ - these thoughts tormented the poor girl. At night, having embraced the little son Shokhrukh, Zukhra quietly cried.
In a month the letter from army everything is came. But not from Takhir, and about it. In the letter it was told that Takhir with the commander of part had an accident. Their car fell from break and crashed when they passed through the mountain district. Survived nobody.
Having learned it, Zukhra began to sob moreover and the mother-in-law added fuel to the fire:
is from - for you, damned! You brought with yourself to our house a grief and misfortune. Before your emergence in us everything was good. It you are guilty of everything! - Takhir`s mother shouted, sobbing.
Zukhra, without having sustained loss of the beloved husband and charges from the mother-in-law, decided to commit suicide. It went to garage of the father-in-law, found at it the canister with gasoline, poured over itself and set fire. In hospital, dying, Zukhra told the parents:
- you blame nobody For my death. I am guilty of everything. Do not throw my little Shokhrukh, take away him to yourself, do not leave at the mother-in-law, - Zukhra told and died.
in the house at the mother-in-law in a bed began to cry At this time little Shokhrukh as if understanding that it remained the orphan …