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Why children so love sweet? It is a little about chemical riddles of

for anybody not a secret that children love sweet. Teenagers love sweet too. And we, being adults, too we love sweet. But by what such love is explained? Or can be only pleasant taste to eat other explanations of undivided love to sweet.

All of us heard that sweet, chocolate, candies - are capable to replace hormone of happiness and love in our organism. We ate a sweet piece of chocolate, and our mood was lightened, the alarm and concern vanished. Difficult chemical processes in an organism, emission of endofrin and as result, we smile and life is fine.

But what chemical processes hide? Any sweet product, depending on the level of content of sugar, causes in our brain response to reception - emission of endofrin and opiates. The surface of brain cages is sated with tiny molecular structures - opiate receptors to which there is a contact of endofrin. Difficult chemical process, which external result peculiar analgesic effect.

Scientists and experts proved long ago that on the chemical structure the structure of endofrin is similar to narcotic substances like morphine and heroin. That is they are even relatives who execute identical function - activization of the center of pleasures in our head. Physical exercises, a chocolate piece, drug reception - effect one - the pleasant weakened content and lack of problems and irritants.

What occurs in the child`s organism when he uses sweet? The receptors which are responsible for perception of taste begin to send impulses on nervous cages to a brain, nervous cages make active the center of pleasure, there is an inflow of opiates and endofrin - the mood of the child is lightened and he smiles. This chemical regularity, as well as the fact that opiates are capable to take off pain can use for a mood raising at the child or removal of painful omissions. But you should not abuse influences of opiates. Now there is clear a love of our children to lollipops, candies, sweet water. It is not simply tasty and pleasant to flavoring receptors it and easy opiate addiction. Over the years, we mature, and ability of opiates from the use of sweet to bring us pleasant feelings grows dim a little, but there are also those who even at adult age are capable to feel chemical influence of opiates from the use of sweet.

There is an opinion that sweet are capable to bring feeling of saturation. Parents speak to many children, do not eat some sweet before a lunch, and that will dampen ardor One more myth which was dispelled by researches of scientists. We already know that sweet intensifies splash in opiates in a brain. And further not only process of receiving pleasure from consumption of sweet, but also surge in appetite, and feeling of hunger need for additional carbohydrates follows. After the organism is sated, the requirement of carbohydrates is filled, in our organism chemical processes start again. This time serotonin becomes more active - and he is also responsible for our mood and a dream. Now becomes clear why to the ambassador of a tasty and dense lunch us begins to drive in a dream, and we feel tranquility and a pacification.

But the one who considers that having increased sugar consumption is mistaken, it will become the optimist. Also the one who counts by means of a naleganiye on bakery products is mistaken to overcome problems with sleeplessness and to become quiet and umirotvoryonna. The excessive use of sugar leads to a sugar surplus in blood, to a sakharozavisimost, excess weight. The same excess weight threatens also those who is going to lean on rolls, cakes and cookies. And still the problems connected with obesity it is warm - vascular diseases and obstruction of vessels.

Difficult chemical processes which are capable to explain a lot of things are behind all our desires, preferences. And we are simply obliged to use knowledge of these processes and regularities on advantage, but not to the detriment of our organism.