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The Castello del Buonconsiglio

lock Is immortalized in 1494 in the known water color of Duerer, the lock “Castello del Buonconsiglio “was based along a city wall in the first half of the 13th century as imperial presidium which would have dominating, in relation to the city, a position. Since 1255 it becomes the main place of meeting of princes - bishops of Trento which, with a current of the millennia, turns into the beautiful residence.

It is about ensemble of constructions which were constructed during different eras and which are surrounded with majestic walls with bastions, and about a remarkable Italian garden in this ensemble. Over all complex the round tower of Augustus to which it is possible to get through the yard of medieval construction of Kastelvekkio (The old lock) which ornament is the spacious loggia executed in Gothic Venetian style towers. Nearby there is Manya Palazzo (Big palace) built with observance of noble proportions of Renaissance by the cardinal - the humanist Fernando Clezio and is decorated with works of such great masters of the Renaissance as Girolamo Romanino, Dosso Doce, Marcello Fogolino and Zakkaria Dzakki. Completion of construction Giunta Albertiana (the Albertiysky Wing) where invaluable frescos and a stucco molding of an era of baroque are stored, is dated the end of 1686. In extreme southern part of a complex Torre Aquila (An eagle tower) which is decorated one of the most valuable frescos of the international Gothic style the Cycle (circle) of months inside towers up.

Frescos that is covered by the walls of the Tower of the Falcon dated in the fourth decade of the 16th century are devoted to a hunting subject, one of entertainments preferred by a noble layer. Elegant figures, landscapes with northern aspect, camosci rich with the woods and pure open spaces of water where hunters, in feet or on a horse and variously armed, pursue boars, bears, or fishermen throw networks. On the western wall the city of Salisburgo, in its ancient order, in barocche style is recognized.

The frescos of the Tower of the Falcon awarded to the artist Hans Bokxberdzher Starik (1510 near - 1561), are one of big iconographic documents in Trentinskom of the German painting of a landscape of the corresponding polite life and hunting.

On end of the period of the episcopal principality (1803) the Castello del Buonconsiglio lock turns into the Austrian barracks in which there was an execution of the Italian irredentists Cesare Battisti, Damiano Ciyeza and Fabio Filtsi. In 1924 the lock receives the status of the National Museum and, since 1973, is property of the Autonomous Province of Trento. The big collection of works of art, sculptures, graphic works, manuscripts, and also important numismatical and archaeological collections is stored in the museum.

The museum Castello del Buonconsiglio is known at the international level thanks to a number of important actions which were organized at cooperation with the most prestigious museums of the world, among them (actions) it is possible to mention: Gold of the Alps, 1997, Alessandro Vittoria, 1999 Mr. Djovanni Batista Lampi, 2001. A gothic style in the Alps, 2002. Soldiers, Princes and Heroes between Danube and On from the prehistoric period before the Middle Ages, 2004, Girolamo Romanino. The revolutionary artist in the Italian Renaissance, summer of 2006, summer of 2007 - “Gold of knights a mortar.“

I of course, I can not tell about the forthcoming exhibition:

Place: Trento, Buonconsiglio

Lock Period: June 23; November 18, 2012