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Movie “Johnny Is the Handsome Man“. Where in our life to move to the freak since the birth?

Mickey Rourke presently - in 2012 - m - still knock a protective helmet about a cross beam of a steering fork of the motorcycle in advertizing of the known chocolate bar. And young Mr. John Sedli (Mickey Rourke) in the movie “Johnny Is the Handsome Man“ is quiet and prudent, and without looking on any hunger it in something is charismatic.

Kim Bessinger somehow admitted one of interview that to work with Rourke always was for it a problem. The matter is that that not really likes to wash, and the chistoplyuyka Kim well cannot suffer a bad smell from the man in any way. In the movie “Johnny Is the Handsome Man“ often Rourke is not washed too, and absolutely is not always attractive, but that not to take away from it, so it abilities to make impression of the resolute character. Yes, Johnny - the handsome man is resolute and it imposes.

The movie is now watched as a certain rarity. What clean eyes at actresses of those far years! Here Donna (actress Elisabeth Makgovern) - the sample of the well-educated lovely American girl who the truth plays pranks with the law is sensitive. Trifle. The actress Elisabeth Makgovern did not become a super big star in the American film sky, but its plus that all it from there - from the eightieth - and its manner to speak, her “boiled“ skirt, its naivety and massive points, huge in a sex of the person, - all this causes affection. Its actor`s game is sincere, but there is nothing in it any more. Sincerity goes from purity of the girl, but in any way from actor`s talents. I with such with pleasure would go hiking, a pioneer fire to light, do fried potato in coals. With it it is lovely, and all.

The movie “Johnny Is the Handsome Man“ on a plot is successful. At it there is a miracle. An opportunity to change itself, the appearance occupied with a surgical way those years minds, nearly millions of girls and women. And here such example of super effective operation moreover on the man! Reverse motion: if doctors can “sbatsat“ from the ugly guy written - the rewritten handsome, what to tell about the weaker sex! Each of them is one hundred times more beautiful than the initial spoiled material (John Sedli).

Really even it seemed to me that the movie - custom and we will cry some association of plastic surgeons of America. And what it? Well, order and order … The viewer, and especially spectators on the wide screen see how the plastic surgery from the monster creates beauty. Yes not only externally, but also internally. Mikey Rourke`s hero changes from the criminal in the excellent guy. Dream of any American girl.

It seems to me that in a picture will affect important psychological aspect. Mickey Rourke`s character since the childhood is the carrier of congenital ugliness. We see such people in each city, and even the village. And here tell me on favor what to do to such guy in real life? Where to it to move? In a decent institution nobody will hire, matter of course. To whom hunting that the freak scared away the clients coming to office. To go to work to circus of freaks? But it it is necessary to feel like the freak and to agree to play a similar role. It is simple to be locked houses and not to be shown in public? But it is not life. Rourke`s character hit in crime. There take everyones: clever, not really, curve, spiteful, unsightly etc.

So before the viewer develops quite real history which could occur both in the American Seattle, for example, and in our Novosibirsk. I look at Rourke`s emotions in this movie, and it seems to me that he fine could transfer that despair which is tested by the person defective by nature since the childhood. Before condemning his and his character, can be for an instant it is worth presenting that you did specifically if was born it here warped? That is takes place to be the viewer`s identification with a cine figure that creates effect of an involvement into action. Rourke`s character of a kakba all the behavior asks a question: and where to me was to go except crime if I am driven from everywhere? John Sedli thus, directs the feet to villains …

the Villain of the movie performed by Lance Henrikson causes the mixed feelings. Here he is a muskulist and it is active. And recently already plays the sick old man in the movie “Alien vs. Predator“. But why constantly impose to Lance roles of villains? It seems to me, he is a quite good person. What loathing is caused by his character in the old kind fighter Jonah Wu “A difficult target“ with Jeanne - Claude - Wang - Damme in a leading role! And in “Johnny is the handsome man“ he is not really terrible, and is not disgusting at all. On the contrary, it is attractive. Though inveterate bandit.

The picture “Johnny Is the Handsome Man“ is interesting, first of all, by flashing of persons that made then the most powerful part of film heritage of Hollywood 20 - go centuries. This movie is lovely and naive. That imposes me especially: in it there is no that notorious a heppa yet - an enda that stuck already in teeth of each viewer. Modest special effects look now - in a century of a mass computerization - just with a smile.

Villains are not dangerous and sweet, the main character the sloven and the resolute fighter, the lovely little girl - a sample of the American pious keeper of a home … Me the movie is pleasant to

the naivety and purity if you want. “Here I such was born and chose such here bad way. Why you reject me?“ - an air role of Mickey Rourke. This movie - a boyevichok of easy pouring. I took it again in 2012 - m, and I am not sorry. Though excerpts it already turns out since 1989 - go years … 23 years! Good konyachok - a boyevichok!
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