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Delay: to wait or not to wait?

Probably, each of us in life at least once appeared in an unpleasant situation of expectation. Time of a meeting is fixed, you are in the specified place and at the appointed time, and your business partner, the fellow worker, the acquaintance, the friend, darling is late. Will be to tell more true, is late.

Hours tick, second, minute hands run, in a word - time goes. And all of you wait. Five minutes, ten, half an hour Besides the increasing concern and irritation, the rhetorical question is born - to wait or not to wait?

In our life to us there are different life situations, there are various events. Sometimes we control a situation, sometimes the situation controls us. If to reject aside important a swagger - major circumstances, it is possible to see what is behind banal delay.

So if your business partner, the fellow worker, the acquaintance, the friend, darling arrives as it becomes clear later, in health, safe and sound, but at the same time is late, the clear picture of the taking place events appears.

Disrespect always is behind delay. Disrespect for you as persons, by your time, to your work. Each of us has a certain time span when makes this or that appointment, delay always breaks a further schedule and leads to violation of plans in general. The one who is not able to appreciate the time - will never appreciate others time.

The late business partner, the fellow worker, the acquaintance, the friend, darling who is not finding time to warn about it by means of modern technical means besides disrespect for you, shows also the lightness and irresponsibility. Similar qualities of the personality are characteristic of children and teenagers and are pardonable only taking into account that they safely pass over time this period and will turn into serious responsible people. In case of manifestation of lightness and irresponsibility at the adult - to fight against it it is useless, as well as to hope for improvement.

Not to spend the time for empty expectations, not to burn nervous cages the experiences, it is worth coming to the simple answer to a difficult question. Not to wait.

Force to appreciate people around you and your time. Warn before fixing time and the meeting place of the business partner, the fellow worker, the acquaintance, the friend, darling that in case of delay you wait only for a certain time span (which everyone for itself(himself) defines itself, proceeding from own self-esteem and a stock of time), but not to the bitter end. Perhaps, first your statement will a little surprise the second party, but believe, over time you will begin to be respected for the fact that you competently dispose of minutes and seconds of the life and do not spend time for nothing. Also will cease to be late.

Well and in order that most not to appear as the late, frivolous and irresponsible person who not only the, but also others time does not appreciate there is very simple, but effective effective way. All ingenious is simple, the wise person told.

Throw a switch of your hours, time on your alarm clock, time on the mobile phone for 10-15 minutes ahead. You always in a stock will have temporary odds. And the reputation of the punctual and responsible person will be consolidated to you.

Because if you will be late - you will be waited too by nobody.