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Attractive sights of Sicily, Italy

Sicily, only small island, near the Italian coast. Actually, the place is unique in all the beauty. It is the most historical cosmopolitan region in Europe, and the first multicultural society in the world arose here.

Asians, Africans and Europeans ruled the island, and all these cultures left surprising creations on a dynamic landscape. What once was the Greek colony, the Roman province, under the power of Arab Emirates and the Norman kingdom now practically the nation in itself. Today, Sicily can offer the visitors: the wonderful beaches, improbable kitchen impressing art and architecture, etc.

1. Mirto

Esli`s palace you are an admirer of magnificent Baroque style, you surely have to visit Mirto`s Palace. The magnificent palace is one of the few remained aristocratic houses in Palermo which is open for the public, and, therefore, it is considered one of the main sights of Sicily. Visit this place and to dare to be transferred to the past to decadent families to days 19 - go centuries.

2. Ortigiya

Ostrov connected from Syracuse in Pontus by Nouvo (Novy Bridge) suggests to get acquainted with the well-known sights of the area. Here you will find Pangkali Square where lives ancient ruins of the temple of Apollo, the oldest of the Greek temples of Sicily and a medieval castle Maniakes. Restaurants, cafe, craft shops and boutiques are built in ranks on more modern streets of the area, and will walk to taste to shopaholics.

3. Catacombs of Capuchins

This place can be a little gloomy, but many will tell that the trip to Sicily does not awake full, without visit of Catacombs of Capuchins. In 1533 in Sirakuzakh Kaputsiny began centuries-old tradition of mummification and embalming of bodies of the died noblemen of the city. Ritual probably continued till 1920 when the last body was added to impressing (though terrible) collections. After embalming, bodies put on in the best clothes and were hung up along a wall of catacombs. The place contains about 8000 mummified bodies of residents and the part of catacombs is available to visitors.

4. Regional Gallery

the Largest art museum in Palermo, Regional gallery this beautiful place for any fan of art and culture. The collection consists generally of medieval works, and includes several especially important parts. Highlights include Eleonora Aragonskaya`s bust of Francesco Laurent (1471) and the known pictures of Antonello da Messina. Also It should be noted, a provocative fresco Triumph of death which occupies all wall of the museum. All collection is placed in a magnificent Gothic palace Abatelis.

5. Archaeological Naples

In close proximity to the noisy city of Syracuse, you will be able to find unique: extensive park of archaeological Naples. The huge archaeological park located on the western suburb of the city is the house for several fascinating architecture. The Roman amphitheater constructed at the time of Augustus when fights between gladiators and animals took place. In the ancient time its scene was used for demonstration of works of Euripedes and Eskhil. In it still regularly there take place the Greek performances which type remains in memory for the rest of life.