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How to us to be with elves in blogs and forums? The Elfing as modification of trolling

What is trolling - probably, already all know. However, the origin of this word is brought from English trolling - catching to a spinner, from the English to trawl - to catch a network (a pier, the troll combs the Network in search of attention to himself), from angry trolls who scatter splinters of the bewitched mirror everywhere. I like the third.

But the most important - all know that with them to do that they got rid: to ignore. Here and to speak there is nothing.

Besides trolling there is still an interesting phenomenon - an elfing . Brilliantly illustrating marksistsko - Leninsk - gegelevsky unity of contrasts (could never understand what is it because the Marxism caused in me insuperable drowsiness). If the troll is imposed and is rude, seeks to offend more dirty and to strike more painfully, then the elf busily praises and differently humours the author of a subject, leading up it to the point of absurdity until the author flies into a rage, and … And what “and“?

The concept of an elfing was offered in 2009 by the blogger Klyatyy_vomper . The author describes an elfing so:

“By analogy with trolling there has to be also an elfing. The principles of an elfing are as follows: in rubs a certain being comes and begins to agree with the author of a post actively. To pour compliments. To praise interests of the author, his views, a sex, age, a national identity to skies. The author at first is glad, then is proud, then begins to be confused, then is irritated (because the elf cannot almost be stopped up), then reaches a white kaleniye and bans the elf. Then suffers a remorse - to it such remarkable person came, and it …“ It, on the one hand, is not as opposite to

as rough trolling, and on the other hand too irritates. The purpose - that at the elf is, in fact, the same, as utrollya: to annoy you, to enrage, force to grow hysterical, and then to rejoice. Or to laugh: there is a fool, everything was taken in all good faith!

A good example of an elfing from real - the commissioner of Colombo from the detective series of the same name. Colombo plans the suspect and begins the strengthened elfing: goes behind it, admires, tells how his wife loves movies of the suspect (if he is an actor), books (if he is a writer) and a TV show (if it the leader), asks for autographs, at the same time loses a pen and curses himself for absent-mindedness, in passing asks him about circumstances of a crime and admires - as that clear explained everything... Both again, and again at the most inappropriate moment arises with the delights and inquiries “as you do the masterpieces“, “I in life so could not“, tells that he in the childhood drew an elephant too, but all decided that it is an aircraft carrier... And thus brings the suspect to white heat then that blabs out, and... the law triumphs. Absolutely in a full consent with the concept of an elfing - it is impossible to get rid of it, to expel there is nothing, to curse - to expose itself the boor. The deadlock - the village

Here the most difficult - in time to distinguish the elf. All of us the person and, happens, we are caught on praises and compliments: so there is a wish that someone at last estimated all our remarkable advantages! Here it is necessary to be on the alert and the head in cold in time to realize: it is an elfing! What is difficult because along with force - silenny, darkness and legions of spiteful trolls and just rowdies, in the Network exists (especially in girlish - the focused blogospheres like lirushechka or dayrik) a widespread manner - to praise impetuously everything at hand in the most excellent expressions. Connected bloginya a kosoryly bear of ponosny color from which would shudder to Ktulkh, wrote a rhyme with rhymes “a boot - a low shoe, you - me“ or copied a sob-story - in comments unlimited delights: fantastically, I pay... ingeniously, nobody ever did it (happens, as the truth nobody). But it is not an elfing, and demonstration “here what I good and benevolent, and now go to me to a cozy dnyavochka and praise me too“. There and it is necessary to do nothing - what for? Nevertheless are happy, and all at business.

Though in a question of the terrifying verses I was not indifferent earlier, and even wrote devastating articles from which semiliterate stikhopisets it is better to write did not begin, but attendance of the website quickly jumped up to unprecedented heights on the occasion of squall of angry protests: no matter, that rhymes rubbish, it is unimportant that a mistake on a mistake, the main thing that the author such good light little man. Well it is unimportant, so unimportant, and I ceased to write.

What to do to us with an elfing in forums, blogs and communities? It is possible to curse the elf, but it is somehow awkward, it such kind also scattered with with all the heart, and we... It is possible to ban, but for what? There is nothing if he does not wander from the subject. Remains the same Buddhist tranquility - simply not to pay attention. And on trolls not to turn. And in general on anything not to turn. Eventually, what is all this vanity in comparison with the infinite star sky?