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Why the weapon of the Italian firm “Fausti“ is called “the weapon from three sisters“?

History of the Italian weapon firm “Fausti Stephano“ (Fausti Stefano) began in far 1948. The young man who is interested in mechanics, Stephano Fausti (then he hardly was 18 years old) created the enterprise for repair of the hunting weapon in the city of Marcheno. He got down to business with the fervor and a pressure inherent in the young, yearned on the real business mechanic - the self-educated person.

Worked devoutly. Studied experience of competitors, the benefit the province Brescia from time immemorial was the major weapon center not only Italy, but also all Europe. Having employed two assistants, Stephano Fausti, except repair, was engaged also in production of smooth-bore hunting guns. The competition was terrible, in three nearby cities more than 40 Italian weapon firms are concentrated. Not everything turned out at once, but constant dropping will wear away a stone.

At first kurkovy guns, then beskurkovy, then semiautomatic devices … Over time production grew so that Stephano Fausti “achieved the situation of stability of the company in the Italian weapon market and the award “For Merits before the Republic Italy“ deserved. Source: www. wikihunt. Everything would be good ru

and here, having grown old, Stephano Fausti decided to depart from affairs. He passionately wished to submit the case of all the life to the son, but in a family of the armorer only daughters were born. It is direct as in the fairy tale … And, there is nothing to do, at the end of 80 - x the family firm was renamed in “Stephano Fausti and the daughter“.

And there was unforeseen! Instead of a decline of family business, the firm of daughters of Fausti not only pressed the well-known Italian trademarks on internal the market of the country, but also entered the world market. Today “the firm of three sisters“ sells the weapon to 17 countries of the world, and not at the lowest price.

How it happened? About commercial success of three sisters of Fausti goes many legends.

They say that the old man Fausti still in everything controls “maids“. Speak, each person accepted on the enterprise from the ancillary worker to super - a puper - the talented designer, the engineer or the manager surely has interview with “Stephanie`s old man“. Speak, elder sister Elena who supervises directly productions listens not so much to opinion of technologists, engineers and designers how many to opinion of the father.

Speak, the average daughter Giovanna supervising marketing and export operations kills a family trademark, selling in the USA the weapons produced in Fausti firm under the name of three well-known American companies.

Speak, younger of sisters, Barbara, specially “married in a hurry“ for the son of the head of weapon firm “Emilio of Rizzini “ and now successfully sells guns of family firm under this untwisted trademark. And also significantly reduced cost of production of each unit of the weapon, having replaced part of original details with those that are used in the guns released at the enterprises of her husband. Evil tongues already tell about a decline of the well-known Italian brand (“Emilio Rizzini“ means) though at first legally “the firm of three sisters“ was included into this concern “Emilio Rizzini“. Now on the contrary … The advertizing leaflet of “Stephano Fausti and Daughters“ firm contains even such phrase: “three sisters - two brands“, meaning the Fausti and Emilio Rizzini trademarks.

Say also that Barbara specially learned Russian and personally mastered “the Russian direction (CIS countries)“ which since 2010 brings in up to 20% of all income of “Stephano Fausti and Daughters“ firm.

Speak, speak, say …

A here that Barbara, younger of Fausti`s sisters speaks about success of family business: “The success does not come by itself, it can be reached only persistent work. We work on ten - eleven hours a day. Without days off. Infinite training courses, seminars, industry shows, thousands of kilometers in way to sign the new contract“. Source: www. wikihunt. It is right ru

. Work, work, once again work … In all directions, without discounts for feminity and fatigue. And the result is available.

Tsenima guns “Fausti“ around the world both hunters, and athletes, and collectors, and just fans of beautiful guns. The firm regularly brings new models of original guns to the market. For example, the “vertikalka“ of “VittoriaAlata“ made according to the scheme with double locking (as at a legendary Russian sports double-barreled gun of MTs - 8) is appreciated “neubivayemost“ by athletes and just rich fans to do some shooting around the world. Why rich? And just costs ruzhyishko these are several tens of thousands of dollars. And all the same buy. As well as other models of the weapon “from three sisters“.

And one more, personal observation. The position of representatives “Stephano Fausti and daughters“ at the international weapon exhibitions is interesting. The weapon is always presented to “daughter Fausti“. Any intermediaries, only real-life communication with potential buyers. Any weapon can be taken in hand, to watch, ask the most idiotic questions, to be photographed both with the Fausti weapon, and with sisters famous for the whole world. Only condition of such shooting: on a background the poster of Fausti firm has to be surely visible. The best advertizing in our Internet time. In blogs, pages of social networks, at forums of the most target audience. As this approach from our, sovok where the weapon is always closed in a glass show-window differs, and tired “representatives of firm“ do not represent how to answer questions of visitors, even technical, not the most idiotic. And the request to give the weapon in hands to be photographed with it, in general brings these boring people into a stupor … And then heads of these enterprises ask from the government “to protect domestic market from domination of foreigners“.

It is or perhaps better to look at Fausti`s sisters and too … to begin to work? Perhaps then the Russian weapon for the civil market will be same magnificent, as well as the weapon of the Italian three sisters.