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Eternal number of mobile - that it, mobile shadowing or green light to hooligans and maniacs?

Shortly before the termination of the presidential powers Dmitry Medvedev set for the Government of the Russian Federation the task of creation in the country of conditions for cancellation of mobile slavery, that is on development of the law allowing citizens to reserve for life number of the mobile phone including cases when citizens refuse services of one operator, signing the contract with another.

Igor Artemyev heading the Federal Antimonopoly System (FAS), speaking of an initiative of the leaving Russian President, confirmed that in Russia there is a technical capability to organize cancellation of mobile slavery, and mobile operators should not be spent in this regard especially.

The Transfer of Mobile Number technology is tried to be introduced in Russia since 2005. The first exorcized the Ministry of information technologies about it, later the Ministry of Communications joined it. The main opponent of introduction of Transfer of mobile number are mobile network operators from the Big three which consider that costs of introduction of this service are excessively high.

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What means for life to reserve number of the mobile phone? And if I want to change number in a type of calls of the person who bothered to me, or I want to change number that as? Forever the slave to No. ÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕÕ

on all providers and a point! It will also be mobile slavery!

Tricky question: At whom the roof went? Who agrees with enty registration in all federal law-enforcement services? I think tax and creditors just delighted!

Notice - about voluntary refusal of number mobile words!

And as all providers for the fact that it will be possible to charge some fee for saving your number will rejoice!

And as fans will be glad! It is denno and noshno possible to call the favourite singer and to learn repertoire, and it poor and number will not replace, will not hide, the favourite such!!! It is thought very cleverly up and is competent!!! Buy in the market a disk with base of phones and stir with the Pope, will not bother yet!!! Beauty! It is possible, it is possible to ask to forgive all sins!

And if that is serious us prokleymil as it is, stamped, registered, all who feel like it put on a note etc.!!!

A passport office, GAI, Medical insurance, INN, an employment service, a military registration and enlistment office, Internet service providers, mobile providers, the District police officer, police, housing and communal services, services of gas and the electric power, Social security, house committee, hospitals, churches at a baptism, FSB, services of marketing create the bases of buyers for advertizing, newspaper and journal publishing houses, Aeroflot, spammers, advertizing agencies, maternity hospital, a cemetery, services of search of potential spouses, libraries, the REGISTRY OFFICE, tax administration, legal offices, detective agencies, hotels, land committee, service of privatization of housing, sale agency and an exchange of a living space, sports societies, garage cooperatives, camp of departure of punishments, courts, a human resources department of the enterprises, services of issue of various references, the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People`s Deputies, psikhdispanser, mail, television, journalists etc. All try to get into the passport and to specify phone No. …

Needed only to everyone to prick out on a forehead a tattoo with number … as in imperial Russia pricked out the word “THIEF“ for a fault!

I do not know as readers, and I categorically against “eternal“ number mobile!!!