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You want exotic? The exotic pet in your house

Fans of the contents of exotic animals in house conditions, of course, will not pass by such exotic animal as a turtle. Takes a little place, requires not really a lot of attention, simple leaving and a part of exotic it is ready to lodge in your house.
the name of a turtle arose from the word “skull“. It is explained by the fact that the armor at a turtle is her modified skeleton, and inside, under an armor, the turtle has all internals, but, any stone. The exception only of a pad of a turtle - there is bones. The turtle armor is the edges of a skeleton of a turtle which grew together as a result of evolution. And the knowing people claim that the age of a turtle can be determined by quantity of guards on armors.
As for food of turtles, is rather unpretentious animals, they can eat even one in once a week. Long time a turtle can live both without food and without water, but it does not mean at all that the turtle in house conditions can be starved and not regularly to feed. The diet of a turtle can be diversified with vegetables and fruit, they very much love lettuce leaves. If in your opinion, the offered vegetable to a turtle is difficult to be eaten, it can be crushed previously, or a knife, or to rub on a grater. It is occasionally possible to indulge a turtle and dairy products, but everything depends on her flavoring preferences.

Domestic turtles who can live at our place can baht either water, or overland, however the terrarium is necessary for contents as one, and another. Creation of the comfortable atmosphere for dwelling - observance of necessary temperature condition, humidity and lighting is the main objective for a terrarium. These thermophilic creations need additional temperature heating which can be carried out by means of special lamps which can be established in a terrarium cover. Lamps - heaters have to burn constantly, warming air and increasing temperature in a cozy lodge of a turtle. Without observance of this condition, a turtle begin to freeze, it negatively affects on their health and can lead to early death. And generally, turtles long-livers. They live long and in bondage, the main thing that leaving was correct. In a terrarium it is necessary to establish a lamp for heating, optimum temperature in one corner of a terrarium has to reach thirty degrees, in other corner - no more than 25 degrees. There has to be also ultra-violet lamp. On a bottom of a terrarium it is necessary to place soil, not less than 5 centimeters thick - the animal can show willingness to dig to itself a mink. Also, it is quite good to place a small lodge in a terrarium - in which the turtle will be able to disappear from your eyes and your attention.

In cases when overland turtles are let out from a terrarium on walk, it is necessary to take care of safety of an animal. Drafts and physical injuries and damages can do harm to it. A floor on which turtles move should not be slippery and cold. The important requirement it and purity of a floor - turtles are accustomed to taste everything, and the garbage which is on a floor and will get into a stomach of an animal, can provoke his disease and do harm to health of an animal. When the turtle is on walk on open spaces of your house, it is necessary to watch it also constantly - the animal can get into a remote crack or a gap between furniture and a wall and to get stuck there or to be lost. it is better for
to carry out Cleaning of a terrarium when the turtle travels around open spaces of your house under someone`s vigilant look. The terrarium cannot be washed with chemical cleaners it can lead of your exotic pet to death. Water for a turtle needs to be updated every day. Also daily to wash ware for food and water under flowing water. It is recommended to occasionally overland turtles to arrange water procedures with acceptance of a bathtub and shower, but water has to not cold be more hotly - only warm.
Exists opinion that risk to catch salmonellosises that who contains houses of these exotic animals, is very great. Many owners of turtles are concerned by this question. Whether so it? According to scientists, turtles really are carriers of salmonellas and the risk to catch to owners, especially small children, is. But infection, as a rule, occurs not from - for the most animal, and from - for wrong care of it and non-compliance with rules of hygiene. To avoid possible risk of infection it is necessary to adhere only to simple recommendations. The main condition of respect for safety of infection is keeping of turtles far away from zones where the food is cooked and accepted. Cleaning and washing of a lodge of a turtle has to occurs not in a sink or a bathroom which all family members, and in special for these purposes, capacity use. After manual contact, games, walks with a turtle it is necessary to wash hands elementary. And the last caution - in the house where there live small children, children till 5 years, turtles is better - not to get everything. In - the first not to do much harm to health of the child, in - the second not to do much harm to health of a turtle, small children differ in the inquisitiveness and cannot understand still that the turtle is not a toy, and the living being to whom happens painfully. Adhering to these simple recommendations it is possible to treat quietly accommodation of a turtle the house. It will not do health hazard or harm to you.
Simple procedures of leaving and care for overland exotic turtles in your house, nothing, in comparison with that positive which is given by these amusing and lovely animals. They are capable to feel your mood, to react to stroking and to learn the owner`s voice. Love from an exotic turtle and the care and leaving of you will create the fine union between the person and an animal.