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Whether so the TV is harmful to children?

in What are engaged the most part of time your child when he houses? What most of all loves? Correctly - to watch TV all day long! But whether it is good? The speech today about it.

Many parents, in particular mothers, use the TV as the nurse because, looking through a favourite animated cartoon or transfer, the kid calms down, and often and eats without whims. Sometimes, of course, it is an exit. Happens that it is the only way to calm the child, in this case it would be wrong to speak about harm of the TV, of course.

The child grows, first of all, copying parents and imitating them. He intuitively waits for your attention. And in front of the TV the child gets used not to parental love and caress, and to virtual heroes who in life do not exist. Of course, parents are tired, and, of course, not always it turns out to pay to children at most of attention. Problems at work, the car broke, broke through the crane - really often parents should resolve similar urgent issues. But the most interesting that even against all these problems parents houses first of all turn on the TV, naturally, giving to the child a striking example of a way of carrying out leisure and meal.

Prizadumaytes You turn on the TV to have a rest, laugh, maybe, to cry. Take the word - the child watches TV for the same reasons, he only waits for these emotions first of all not from the blue screen, and from you. Children wait for love and caress not from the drawn heroes, and from the main heroes of their small life - from you!

Try to check it in practice. On arrival home tell that you want to play with the child. I think, the fact that he will agree, will not raise doubts at anybody. It is better if your kid thinks up and will offer game. Perhaps you did not notice, but each child has a heap of favourite toys with which he invents all games. Only accept a fate in game sincerely that the kid did not doubt that it is really interesting to you.

Personally I, having understood a negative side of the blue screen in time, began to spend more time with the son in the fresh air where even after the whole day spent in kindergarten he runs like mad, plays everything that is only possible, home comes with excellent appetite, falls asleep easily and with a smile.

The most interesting is that while parents do not understand importance of communication with children, the TV literally steals them from you. Ponder. It is very simple to miss time, the main thing not to miss it forever. The child - too the person, he gets used to everything as well as the adult and if he gets used to receive heat, caress and love only by means of the TV, it will become possible to return it to the real world only by efforts of the expert.

However we will tell everything - a couple of words in favor of TV. To say that you should not watch TV in general, it would be silly. Eventually we live in very technically developed time today, and all inventions were created with the purpose to help the person, and not vice versa. So, turning on the child the TV or the movie, at least look at him a little. It is very important to know, than there lives the child. Agree, the kid will equally copy both the bloody soldier, and the fairy godmother in life. It is just necessary to know when to stop. Nothing terrible happens if children watch TV of 40-60 minutes in day.

Now much bad writes about influence of television on younger generation. But one-sidedly it is also negatively possible to speak absolutely about everything. It is firmly convinced that if the child receives enough attention, love, caress and care from close people, the good kind animated cartoon or transfer about animals to it will definitely not damage, and on the contrary, will broaden horizons and will make the kid cleverer and is more erudite.

The main thing - all moderately!