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How to become the successful sales manager? Experience of the head of sales department of

Work of the sales manager is not so simple as it is drawn. It means a set of certain qualities of character without which you should not even begin. Sociability, commitment, ambition, the positive relation to life, resistance to stress is only some characteristics of the candidate for success. It is ideal if the manager - the born psychologist.

In aspiration to success it is impossible to ignore objective factors of not conclusion (or the long conclusion) transactions, such as: time necessary for natural “maturing“ of the client, absence at the client of this requirement here and now etc. For example, in a services sector the client can ripen half a year and even year. For the expert who came to branch, new to himself, half a year before the first sale - normal term. And the database which brings in the income is acquired from 1 to 3 years.

Thus, the sales manager in formation of the success has to not only be able to communicate, but also to have necessary patience, self-confidence and in good luck.

Now there are many books devoted to the subject “How to Sell …?“. At the initial stage of formation of the expert I strongly recommend to study all publications which catch sight.

From books it is possible to gather important tools of “sales manager“:

1. Definition of characteristics of potential clients, their “habitats“, position of the contact person etc. of

2. Rules of drawing up the successful offer. Delivery control.

3. Drawing up “scenario of sales“.

4. Control for conversation, reasonable positioning of and firms.

5. Removal of the interlocutor on confidential conversation, overcoming of widespread stereotypes.

6. Work with objections, reaction on “no“.

7. Ability to transfer any conversation to the constructive course.

8. Overcoming of various psychological protection.

10. Purpose of a meeting.

11. Carrying out the “selling“ presentation.

12. Final sale, conclusion of the transaction.

13. Planning of the subsequent sales, calculation of personal statistics, use of “funnel of sales“.

14. Maintaining the client after the conclusion of the transaction. System of relationship with the client.

I want to pay to point 12 special attention. To seize all instruments of sales, to learn to conduct conversation, to draw attention to itself - does not mean, to learn to sell. The end result of contact, actually for the sake of what there are all previous and subsequent stages, can remain unattainable.

The manager who faced similar test in the life risks to give up.

The management sometimes sends the “blown-off“ workers for training. On my personal (subjective) observations, on trainings on sales give approximately the same information, as in books (in any case, commensurable). Plus to it, “is loaded with optimism“ - what was lost at the worker. Of course, on training there are also practical exercises. But it can learn in life, in real contacts. And here the cast optimism lasts not for long. Approximately, for one month. And then the person is sucked in more and more by objective reality - the client does not hurry to make the transaction and to pay. The serious database is not acquired, money does not go to cash desk. Direct way to a depression.

And there is a main issue, the answer to which I did not find in one book: how to become the successful sales manager?

For successful activity, especially in the sphere of sales, it is very important to set the correct reasonable purposes and to be able to reach them.

But the main secret not in they are it is possible to achieve success only in that activity which you love.

It is not about love to result and laurel wreaths. Process, everyday tiresome work which finally is a component of any profession has to be fascinating. It means that the successful sales manager likes to receive intermediate “no“ and to translate them in “yes“. He loves even the broken fax, bad weather on which it is necessary to trudge to the client. The client who is malicious and is capricious imposes the overestimated requirements, and sometimes frankly scoffs. And all this drag under the name “Call back tomorrow … And now today …“.

And in this case the person because of absence of results will not despair. Process - that is always! And the patience will not end. There is nothing to suffer, satisfaction is already received from activity. And the external assessment is not so important. And why approval to the one who rejoices the activity and is psychologically loaded of each, even unsuccessful day? Actually, the concept of good luck - failure becomes indistinct.

It is important to develop the correct, creative relation to work. To define, experience in what your charge of energy. Perhaps, as a result of deep reflections it will become clear that work of the sales manager “not yours“. And it is possible, the new view will open.

For example, I like to transfer negative conversation to the positive course. I am loaded from the good mood and ability to transfer him to the one who just from me disowned. I also receive the drive from such moments. And it is pleasant to client to receive a positive! And than you think, he answers me? Correctly! Transactions and desire with me to work. Here and all secret of good luck.

It is necessary only to add to it that for receiving pleasure from the work it is important to choose attentively the sphere of sales (to sell only what is pleasant to you), firm in which you plan to work and sensibly to estimate a demand of the sold product (service).

In end of a subject a few dry data. Many foreign and domestic researches (polls) prove the fact that the client buys not firm, not goods (product) and nothing else. And he buys the person to whom it is necessary to contact in the course of work (it is about the sphere of B2B). Now there is a lot of firms, all seek to be the best. And all have problems with suppliers, the railroad and a notorious human factor. The client knows it. As well as the fact that the product which is on sale a little in what differs from others, similar. And here you will replace the person with whom it is pleasant to work with nothing!