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Cancer, AIDS, flu... What science really against? The immunochemistry of

Immunochemistry studies chemical bases of immunity (immunity, organism resilience to infections and invasions of alien organisms (including - pathogenic microorganisms), and also influences of the alien substances possessing anti-gene properties.

The main problems - studying of a structure and properties of immune proteins - of antibodies , natural and synthetic anti-genes , and also detection of regularities of interaction between these main components of immunological reactions at different organisms. Use methods of immunochemistry also in the applied purposes, in particular at allocation and cleaning of the active beginnings of vaccines and serums.

Immunodeficiency are subdivided on primary (congenital) and secondary. Three forms are distinguished from secondary immunodeficiency:

Acquired - the most striking example is acquired immunodeficiency syndrome - AIDS.

Induced - results from the concrete reasons which caused its emergence: x-ray radiation, injuries and surgical interventions, application of corticosteroids, cytostatic therapy, and also the immunity violations developing again in relation to the main disease (diabetes, diseases of a liver, kidneys, malignant new growths).

the Spontaneous form - is characterized by lack of the obvious reason which caused violation of immune responsiveness.

the Question of the choice of concrete immunomodulatory medicine and need of its inclusion in a complex of the therapy appointed concerning the main disease has to be solved the immunologist taking into account clinical manifestations of immune insufficiency and the revealed defects in parameters of the immune status.

The immunochemical methods based on use of marked reagents found a wide circulation for quantitative definition of biologically active connections of the most various structure - from low-molecular hormones to high-molecular viruses and the whole cages. The immunochemistry is one of methods of diagnosis of cancer diseases, AIDS, violation of reproductive function, syphilis, diabetes.

If 50 years ago the diagnosis a cancer tumor sounded as a sentence. Now the medicine evolved dramatically forward and continues to look for new measures of fight against tumors. One of such methods - an immunotherapy. The immunotherapy is based on stimulation by Interlaken - 2 (SILT - 2) the immunocompetent cages attacking a tumor.

Deal with issues of immunochemistry at Institute of immunology of MZ Russian Federation (Moscow); in department of immunochemistry in scientific research institute of carcinogenesis of the Russian oncological scientific center. There is an Immunologiya magazine. It is possible to esteem: Dai Yu. Immunokhimiya of cancer. M.: 1966; Cabot E., Meyer M. Experimental immunochemistry. M, 1968.

should not confuse an immunotherapy to chemotherapy (treatment by cytotoxic means, i.e. breaking process of division of cancer cells as a result of which new are formed). At an immunotherapy medical vaccines (dysentery, a brucellosis, a tulyaremiya, flu), serums (diphtheria, tetanus, botulism, tserebrospinalny meningitis) containing protective substances (antibodies) in finished form against the causative agent of a disease or its toxin are entered into an organism of an animal.

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