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Tragicomedy “Submarine“: the best film debut of Foggy Albion of 2010?

What there is a nightmare in life of the most ordinary teenager, whether it be the school student from the Russian remote place or his peer from a remote place of Wales? The nightmare is when your parents are on the verge of divorce, and the first true love leaves you to another.

Considering that both troubles in some measure are interconnected and occur in Oliver Tate`s life at the same time, he appears between two fires, not to understand forces who needs to be saved from the fire by the first.

Worst of all what to share the problems to it simply there is nobody, both parties of the conflict become isolated on it. It is necessary only to include the sad song, to settle on a bed and to float afar on waves of the unfriendly memory which, as if the faded film, is scrolled in the head by the most high and unforgettable points of recent carefree happiness.

Oliver Tate is the main character of the independent melodrama “Submarine“ shot by Englishman Richard Ayoade in 2010. To the schoolmates Oliver sees each other the somewhat eccentric meek creature (moron) and some near audience (probably, from among these schoolmates) can regard his thoughts and acts as abnormal. Oliver has no friends. There are school friends with whom it is possible to discuss nuances of loss of virginity or to taste an obscene joke, but no more. The fellow as if lives in parallel reality where it is not a shame to admit own bad mood or sincere decline only because you inadvertently offended the ugliest girl in a class. In the real world such recognition will be regarded as manifestation of weakness and will hold up to shame.

Who could think that the amusing blunderer Moss from a popular British TV series “Programmers“ will be able to debut in the status of the director so charming, touching and incredibly vital movie. Many audience can recognize in this lost, hippovaty little boy themselves at this age. When losses and offenses seemed misfortune of intergalactic scale, and attempt to self-actualize and find own “I“ turned into series of acts of mystical nonsense. In a case with Oliver was both pokurivany tubes, and listening of the French chansonniers, and even the hat period. But it is truly right that the person learns himself only through a prism of another, it is desirable close, the person. For Oliver his complete antithesis - the schoolmate Jordana became such prism.

The first love - feeling in itself abnormal. In a case with Oliver and Jordana you can safely increase by three. When lovers are pulled together by mockery at the fat woman, firing of hair standing and visit of places, the most remote from romanticism, just right to put out the light and to throw the grenade. He is the gloomy romantic who read Shakespeare, Nietzsche and Salinger. She is a matershchinnitsa, the tearaway and the lover of dogs on whom at it an allergy. Their community generates a collapse in the Universe that least of all worries heroes, it is simple to them to spend for kicks time together.

For a rank of the best debut of year according to the British film academy “Submarina“ lost in fight to Paddy Konsidayn`s drama “Tyrannosaur“. Funny, considering that Konsidayn played in “Submarine“ one of key roles - the parapsychologist - the charlatan Graham Pervis, from - for whom “happy“ marriage of parents of Oliver Tate nearly broke up. It is only possible to be glad for the actor and the director who managed to be declared personally in two loudest projects of Foggy Albion of 2010 - 2011. Certainly, about any fantastic sum it is not necessary to speak. Both movies represent independent dramas. A genre to which lines at cash desks and some there places in a chart are alien.

“Submarine“ is and typically British picture, and universal history for all times. Unlike the American analogs, life does not boil around one party here, holes in a plot are not patched by boobs and nobody pushes the personal belongings in bakery products. Concerning intimate questions the tape is simple and innocent, concentrating on feelings and experiences, than on the detailed description of ways of loss of innocence. Therefore it will be simply boring for fans of traditional romantic teenage tapes on viewing of “Submarine“ if they, of course, in general understand something from the events. These are not mere words. Judging by some responses in the Network, quite normal situation. It is heavy to perceive not chewed thoughts, and absence concrete hepp - an enda confuses not inquisitive minds at all.

And still the morals at Richard Ayoade cannot be eaten and passed by it. The director does not seek to expand the horizons of inconceivable. His heroes are the most ordinary, not remarkable people. Which millions, are not present more likely billions. Ayoade just demonstrated that to everyone, even the are inherent in the most imperceptible, “invisible“ individual, sometimes very amusing, cockroaches in the head.

But all of us move the same and very banal motives. Love, fear, hatred, offense, grief or despair. At early age all these feelings and emotions overflow us to some extent. We make mad, from the point of view of adult, judicious people, acts. And thank God. There are no these mad tricks who we would be actually? Dummies? Or the silent “submarines“ floating under thickness of ocean water. Years not seeing a sunlight for which it is necessary, appear, to fight. As Oliver Tate fought for the parents and for the love. Foolishly, of course, but battled.

On the Submarine style will not unreasonably remind much “500 days of summer“ of Mark Webb and “Amelie“. Nevertheless the British option is not imitation at all. It is original, lyrical, sad, amusing and places absurd history of a growing possesses the unique charm.