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Where to have a rest in Sochi? Golovinka

Rest in Sochi is truly unique! Because Sochi - Big! Here it is easy to find rest for every taste and a purse. Contrary to the occurring opinion, the budget travel in Sochi is a reality.

In the territory of almost longest city of Russia and one of the longest cities of the world there are a lot of unique corners, fully still not estimated yet. Each of them has the special relief and a microclimate, the unique history.

Today more and more people realize advantage of a healthy lifestyle and gives preference to the ecological tourism allowing to correct fully forces and to restore health and is puzzled with search of places for quiet and peaceful rest.

Many of them will be pleasantly surprised, having found such corner of Greater Sochi, direct on the Black Sea coast, in only 20 km from the settlement of Lazarevskoye which is the place worthy from the point of view of a civilization and development of show business.

In Golovinka the acceptable conditions for ensuring requirements, essential from the point of view of modern ideas of comfort are created too. In the small settlement there is exactly so much them that rest was cozy and convenient, but remained protected from negative factors of an urbanization, such as noise, vanity, a crush and a gas contamination.

Having a rest in Golovinka, it is possible to enjoy almost untouched iron hand of progress by beauty of the nature, to inhale the freshest it is mountain - sea air and to drink directly from - under the crane the purest and most useful natural water of the mountain river to health. In Golovinka on the mountain river Shakhe there is a water intake which supplies with drinking water nearly a half of the Big city.

The mountain rivers play a special role in a landscape of the Black Sea coast. Water - not only a life source, but the great architect, the engineer, the chemist and the biologist. The masterpieces she created millions of years, from the point of view of accommodation our ancestors used the most successful of them. The picturesque valley in the delta of the river Shakhe and Entre Rios between Subashi and Shakhe was chosen for a long time by tribes of Adyghe.

In the period of grandiose and at the same time tragic events in 1939 in this area the landing of the Russian troops under command of the general N. N. Rayevsky was landed and the Golovinsky fort called in honor of the general E. A. Golovin, the commander of the Separate Caucasian case since 1837 is based. The built fort became the place of serving of the reference of many famous Decembrists V. N. Likharev, A. I. Cherkasov, M. M. Naryshkin, N. A. Zagoretsky, N. I. Lorer and the poet A. I. Odoevsky.

There was and there a world famous marine painter I. K. Ayvazovsky who imprinted the district and some local events on the immortal cloths. In one of his pictures “Disembarkation at Subasha“, according to the assumption of researchers, the Sailor`s crack, nowadays Matrosskaya Street is represented. Perhaps, it will be interesting to someone from tourists to have a rest in this legendary place.

N. N. Rayevsky during this period planted a tulip tree (liriodendron) near the sea coast. Now it reached height of 35 meters, and in width its diameter reaches two meters. On it there is a memorial board and an obelisk with names of Decembrists.

Today Golovinka represents the small cozy settlement which was compactly placed along the rivers Shakhe, Subasha (nowadays Sailor`s) and along the sea coast in an environment of the mountains covered with the dense wood therefore allows to combine beach rest with mountaineering easily. From any point of the settlement within half an hour it is possible to reach on foot both the sea, and woody mountains, and fast mountain small rivers with the purest as a tear, water, cool even during the most intolerable heat. There is nothing more pleasantly, than to hide in midday heat in a dense shadow of trees and to be refreshed in the cool mountain river. Any even the most modern and the conditioner stuffed with functions in the most abrupt apartments will not present you similar feelings. Shakhe, by the way, the river of the Russian part of the Black Sea coast

, second-large after Mzymta, Despite a certain provinciality, in the settlement it is possible to spend time perfectly. There are 3 cafes - dining rooms on the beach and 5 dining rooms in the territory of the settlement, couple of discos, and also a number of touristic sites which will help to make leisure informative and interesting. Near Golovinka in the settlement of Big Kichmay there is a unique recreational facility. On surprising natural sculptures and stone steps streams of water rush from height down and, breaking against the earth, sparkle a set of mirror droplets of splashes, forming the unique cascade from 33 falls. It is one of popular touristic sites of Greater Sochi.

The trout farm where just caught trout can try is nearby located and to have a rest perfectly. Besides, the real apiary on which treat with natural honey with the fragrant tea collected from local tea plantations waits for guests in the same place. Dolmens - our Russian monuments of megalytic culture, not less mysterious, than the Egyptian pyramids became one more sight of the area. Speak, around them there is a special power field promoting restoration of forces and improvement.

In the most ancient settlement of Adyghe which kept ethnic structure a remarkable opportunity to get acquainted with their history, life, national traditions and culture - in the museum “Architecture and life of Adyghe“ and during the colourful entertainment program “Adygei Evenings“ is given today. National suits, heart-felt songs and temperamental dances in the best way give feelings and emotions of the proud, freedom-loving and hospitable people. Representation continues till late evening, and together with a dinner from dishes of ethnic cuisine gives to guests huge pleasure.

It is quite enough listed objects to provide various leisure at least for a week in addition to beach rest which, by the way, in Golovinka has a number of the advantages too. Beaches near the settlement rather wide, places to 120 meters, from small pebble and quite free, their extent makes about 2 km. Here you should not take the place since morning and to be pushed with neighbors, and slightly aside there is even a wild beach.