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Content: to whom to entrust filling of the website?

Of course, the text for the website (differently - content) it is possible to write most. Or to puzzle with it the staff of the company. Still it is possible to address the school friend who once “outrode“ all schoolmates at Russian lessons. Yes you never know who “can and is able“?

Presently even school students and students write content, claiming at the same time that optimization of the website for search engines - absolutely “trifling“ business. By the way, such kind of activity, possible at a certain share of greed of the owner of a resource, is a main type of earnings in still not absolutely adulthood.

And still it is possible to spend own money more rationally, trusting filling of the website to the professional rayter creating unique content according to rules and requirements of the World Wide web. How to understand to whom everything is it is possible and to whom - is strictly forbidden to trust writing of texts, articles and slogans for own, such expensive and in direct, and figuratively, the website? Let`s try to consider all pros and cons for each of the offered options.

Unique content for the websites: options of the choice of the author

Option A : the owner of the website does filling of the website by content independently. Why not? In the presence of the mass of free time, friendship with Great and Mighty (yes, the speech about grammar, spelling and other), suddenly rolled inspiration and titanic patience this option can bear some fruits. However, there is one “but“: and if unique content for the website is required constantly, or the websites - not one, but hundred? Well, in this case the owner of a resource can be trained, study the mass of professional literature, get ten - another of disks - lessons, to visit trainings and seminars. Generally, to make all that makes a basis of qualification of professional web - a rayter. However, at last having understood a difference between the advertizing text and article on the main page of the website, it is possible to lose own income at all - there will be no time left for forcing a web - a resource to bring money, any more. But (as option) - the new profession will appear, it is possible to write content for the websites of competitors now.

Option B : filling of the website content will be made by someone from employees. For example - the accountant. Or office - the manager. Or - the driver. And it will be still healthy if the same driver is engaged in all what is implied by optimization of the website for search engines. And what here it? But - it is free! However, content for the website will be created not only nonprofessionally, but also without soul. Here still, the employee will “bother“ at additional work! Until over it there is “Cerberus“ with a stick, the employee will show eagerness. As soon as the supervisor leaves, your worker right there will be engaged in own duties. And whether you are ready to what is dull and “on a starting signal“ the written texts for the websites will be placed on your resource and will become his “face“?

Option B : filling of the website is made by the friend (the companion or the brother). Such option can be realized at at once several successful combination of circumstances. For example, your companion wishes to study a new profession moreover and is obliged to you by something in this life. However, as well as in the first option, unique content demands not only a huge number of time, but also serious professional knowledge. And whether it will be pleasant to your companion to charge itself with excessive freight? Well, once will write texts, well - two. And further, as well as each normal person, will ask or will demand payment for so hard and laborious work.

Option G : cheap content is written by beginners. One business - to entrust filling of the website content to the student - the philologist or the journalist whose training is at the final stage, and absolutely another - to the school student who is looking for easy electronic money. Where a guarantee that content in general will be created? And if is - that in what look? And how the question of mutual settlements, completions or updates will be in this situation solved?

However, to everyone - the. The qualitative and unique content increasing the general appeal of a resource and its attendance is important for one. For others quality and uniqueness are absolutely unimportant, the main thing - quantity of the garbage littering a resource. The pursuit of quantity also turns such concept as the text beautiful, unique and interesting to the reader, in something inaccessible and absolutely ephemeral.