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The show “Retro Legends Fm“ 2011 in “Olympic“. Really all this?

Long live to a true unification of people that remember songs 70 - x, 80 - x, 90 - x! A concert “Retro legends fm“ in “Olympic“ that took place 17 - go December, 2011, revealed strange feature. Even sexual distinctions faded into the background against the forthcoming action! Most of all I was struck right at the beginning by toilets of a concert hall: women, of the girl without hesitating at all, passed in a man`s toilet and smoked there, sipped a konyachok from small flasks.

As far as I understood, a certain malfunction happened to a toilet female. The men, matter of course, who are thoroughly taken beer before action hurried everything in the lawful latrine with the gentleman`s silhouette on a door. We are men - like a rank of soldiers built the dissonant ranks along a number of urinals and what to hide, bared the genital bodies. And here it is wonderful: by them without any confusion, without paying attention to open flies, to a chain of man`s bottoms the WHOLE crowd of very young maidens proceeded.

They accommodated on a wide window sill of the bathroom, as if on command amicably got long thin cigarettes and began to start up literally a tsunami of a fragrant smoke. The stunned man of years of fifty, rocking with not clasped fly, only also exhaled: “Women in a man`s toilet!“. Then in confusion jerked a lightning uvula on trousers up, having pinched skin on the men`s body. Quick shout pierced the smoked atmosphere “Olympic“. It was the first similar cry of a concert of a song 70 - x, 80 - x, 90 - x “A retro fm“.

In general “Retro legends fm“ a sample of 2011 left more boring, than previous. This opinion of several spectators with whom I managed to have a talk in the sport center foyer. The emphasis on balladiyny, but not incendiary music brought philosophical and a little sad mood to the huge auditorium.

The stream of dynamism was brought, first of all, by the Italian of Pupo who very professionally worked the part of performance. And, unlike our “stars“, the part from which, having executed the compositions, waited in the old manner for an applause, the brought-up Italian “lit“ the hall, lifted from chairs even of corpulent people and as soon as the last chord of its song sounded, retired from a scene. Accurately, briefly, dynamically.

Long ago we did not see the singer Katya Semenova on country screens. I admit, what I heard on a scene “Olympic“ personally to me allows to assume that if the singer as much again did not flash years on a scene, then I would not feel special frustration. The song “Schoolgirl“ in 2011 - to m to year was 25 years old. Respectable age for the variety piece of music. But the song “old“ does not mean the quality mark yet! “Schoolgirl“ it is absolutely inappropriate sounded from lips of the grown heavy woman. But the most important that “Schoolgirl“ went not to a subject at all. Many on its chords began to yawn, enclose palms under the head, especially men and nearly to snuffle. At lessons to us forbade to sleep at the Soviet school. Therefore we are an audience - remembered those times and began to chant a spell: “Not to sleep!“

K to us listened Yura Shatunov. Here who blew up the marshland “Retro legends fm“ 2011. Very long ago I so did not dance! As in youth, with the same return, with the same enthusiasm. With songs of “Tender May“ that necessary dialogue between the viewer and the performer just also took place. The author, the closest number of the viewers, other sectors bawled “Yura! Give!“ “Yura! Gray-haired night! Sed - at - uyu!“. Pyrotechnic torches on a scene the shots symbolized the end to darkness, gray-haired night and the beginning light for. Day of white roses. This plant with thorns in musical execution of Shatunov lifted literally all hall. Stands began to tremble. “White roses …“ - with a rustic voice were “filled in“ by the hall “Olympic“ Shatunov. And - well “filled in“! All of us also dived into the received dynamic aspic.

How many the person would not use up-to-date antiperspirants, deodorants roller, fragrant sprays and though it would be sprayed from legs to the head by different fragrances, but the good dance (such that pulse rate became frequent twice in comparison with a condition of rest) will always give a sweat smell. Both man`s, and female. In a piece of performance of Yura Shatunov again, as well as more than twenty years ago, my body misted over from dance. Thousands of bodies misted over! The smell of sweat began to soar in “Olympic“, but that there was a sweat of pleasure, plastic movements, dashing turns around own axis … We shouted towards a scene: “Light, Yura!“ And that is lit.

Unfortunately, in general dynamics episodes at this concert arose infrequently. On last “Legends of a retro fm“ the dance floor “Olympic“ literally shuddered from many thousands of dancing legs, on this time the people hung out in the foyer more and more, gadded to smoke everyone half an hour, and in general behaved irresponsibly. The Retro Legends Fm program of 2011 did not cling in 70% of cases. But we plunged into the foyer in such close, and already such far world 80 - x. Children and girls in pioneer ties, army wide belts with the polished rectangular spinner of VS USSR, those gaming machines of type sea battle that stood those years at the Soviet movie theaters. I remember, you will lower a coin in 15 kopeks there and you are dipped into the amazing world of sea fights, an electric shooting gallery, huge soccer with shabby handles of management... It was possible to play all this and 17 - go December, 2011 - go in Olympic for what to organizers honor and praise.

People of different generations came to a concert. Already gray-haired men - it is from 70 - x, dashing of the 80th, absolutely young of 90 - x. Many took with themselves on show of the kids which listen only to modern music and, frankly speaking, not really - that and “got the idea“ of favourite songs of the mothers and fathers.

I consider as the successful course that organizers made a certain kaleidoscope of times. On huge screens at a scene the clip, for example, of Chris Norman is shown to thirty-year prescription. The young man with long hair and light eyes. He sings the same song that executes now, 30 years later, on a scene “Olympic“. The man unreasonably grew up, of course. And if to compare its voice 80 - x, and now, then as though several easy small weights hung on a string of once easy voice. But despite everything, its voice remained same unique, though less ringing.

Authors of the Retro Legends Fm project used similar reception also with other performers. As though by means of a time machine we flew to and fro from 80 - x, 70 - x, to our today`s times. And back. The brain understands that a lot of water flowed away since then that performers grew old, we - matured and propylitsya, but for a possibility of transfer in time in the youth (by the way, it is cinema reception) I consider the show “Retro Legends Fm“ in “Olympic“ as a peculiar movie. The musical movie about our youth. About youth of several generations. Yes, there are in show shortcomings, but without them no good serious work is done...

There passed the hearing that “Retro legends fm“ 2011 - the last from the well-known cycle of concerts. Organizers more, it seems, do not plan to carry on this tradition. And it is a pity. I hope, all of them will change the mind, and we will become witnesses “Retro legends fm“ a sample of 2012 - go years. There is a strong wish to rattle kostm still!