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Than himself can be calmed?

Often we react to unpleasant manifestations of environment as monocelled beings - aggression. How multicellular have to react to it?

First of all, it is necessary to change the relation to the similar phenomena - not to consider them as unpleasant, and to look in a different way - as at an unexpected surprise, as at an obstacle which needs to be overcome, or just to think: can be, in general it is possible to do and it is just necessary to stop or turn back?

It is still very important to understand the true reason of aggression. To admit to for this purpose rather honestly itself everything. It will be so simpler to achieve bigger effect of this practice. Though you will know what you actually should fight against.

At the habitual moment of a podstupleniye of aggression it is rather simple to tell himself: “Quietly“ or “Stop“, well or other word which will be suitable more for your own similar association. And already after that it is possible to begin to hold an auto-suggestion session.

If aggression is too strong, then in such situation it is necessary to get rid of it physically: try to be engaged as - nibud in difficult physical action which implementation will require many forces and energy. It is necessary to do this serious work it is direct with frenzy, completely having given it. It is possible that you will become exhausted soon, but together with forces also aggression will leave. It will allow to reduce its level and to be engaged in auto-suggestion and an internal monologue.

For bigger efficiency at the beginning of similar practice it is possible and to drink the calming tea - will not be superfluous.

Now we will pass directly to auto-suggestion - as as it is necessary to inspire in itself. Well here everyone can choose for himself the most acceptable option: “Oh, it is good that so, and that could be worse“, “It is nonsense, a trifle - we will cope“, “Then I am better I will back go“, “About as - it is necessary to think how further to arrive“, “So far we will postpone - we will be engaged in something in another“ and so on and so forth. The quantity of options can be limited only to your imagination.

It is important to orient immediately on the choice of the general plan of actions:

1) to calm down and return;
2) to calm down and stop;
3) to calm down and stop;
4) to calm down and continue.

Undoubtedly, a main goal the calm is. If the decision on the beginning of new action is made, then the choice will fall on “2“ or “3“.

In your head constantly there has to be an installation on search of options: acts, actions, reactions of the ave. Theoretically, of course, it is difficult to imagine it. But believe, in practice - it is not difficult at all. For a start it is necessary to remember only “quietly“ and to give installation on search of options. The last is enough to be held not constantly in the head, and “to include“ immediately after the control word.

It is undoubted that there are situations in which it is impossible to do without aggression. But notice that after several similar trainings this feeling will become weaker, more controllable. It is possible that to get rid of it completely to you and it will not be possible, but, at least, it is precisely possible “to put it to a bridle“.