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Be afraid of the desires of

B one of local restaurants there passed ordinary evening. Two noisy companies were allocated: one consisted of teenagers of years 16 - 18, another - of adults - years 30 - 35. The room was very cozy, but quite small. Huge ZhK - TVs hung on walls. In a ceiling the huge number of the shining asterisks was built in. There was an easy twilight. The quiet dance music played. On tables there was a beautiful stylish ware. Generally, the institution was quite elite.
From younger company could allocate two girls - little sisters. They sat separately from friends - at a bar counter, sipping milkshakes from high glasses, and briskly talked:
- Sofie, look at that man in a dark suit with outflow …
That, having looked in its party, told:
- In - the first, Keith, he for you too … so to say … he is just much more senior than you! - strictly the girl declared. - And in - the second, it is the father of my schoolmate …
- Oh well! - it represented very strong surprise and at the same time disappointment on a face.
This man actually looked rather attractive: high, harmonous, with ashy hair and blue eyes. It simply was necessary to pay attention to such smart copy of man`s beauty … On appearance it was difficult to tell about its age, but it looked quite young.
*** was very noisy
In the company of adults. They discussed recently concluded successful bargain. And only one man did not take any part in communication with colleagues. His look periodically went towards a bar counter - to one of very young girls with thoughts:
“Pretty girl … But it, probably, in the daughter suits me! What I only think of?! “
Suddenly at it rang out the mobile phone - it was necessary to accept a call:
- I listen!
- Alex, your ex-wife already absolutely became impudent …
- Mothers, give not now! I will come soon - we will talk.
- At me no nerves are enough for it!
- Look, and that to appear some another for whom it is necessary to spend them …, - he smiled.
- You found to yourself the new bride?
- In active search … In total - give! - the man pressed the button of end of a call and, having taken “Martini“ from the glass, went to a bar counter … ***
A of the girl continued by
the communication:
- Listen, Kate, to me very much likes your dress! Where you bought it?
- Mother presented it to me on last birthday …, but you about it the nobility should not, the sister!
- Here is how! - the girl was indignant.
Object of discussion actually looked smartly: the fitting dress of pink color with a naked back and big cut. It was not below knees, decorated with a huge number of artificial florets, blyostochek, thingies, etc. Also Kate had surprisingly fine hairdress with magnificent ringlets, a brilliant necklace and earrings, silver shoes high-heeled and a small handbag in color of all dress. All this was supplemented by a perfect make-up and manicure. Generally, it looked the queen. And in itself was quite nice: with regular features, with big green eyes and beige hair, with quite slim figure and average height.
approached sisters Alex Here and, is delightful having smiled, addressed the beauty:
- You look great! I can learn your name?
That directly all was confused, having reddened, answered, having looked down:
- Kate. And what is your name?
the Man, once again having charmingly smiled, not reflecting, reported:
- Alex. It is possible I will invite you to dance?
It, having nodded, agreed to its tempting offer.
On the one hand, the girl tested mad pleasure, on the other hand - was confused and was even rather afraid a little, but nevertheless could not refuse to it …
Here they began to spin in dance: his hands were twisted her waist, and her hands twisted his neck … How many in views was ardent feelings and imaginations …, but doubts in spontaneous decisions and actions did not leave them …
several hours Later after that dance between sisters conversation, but already in a quiet house situation took place again:
- Kate, be afraid of the desires - they come true!
- What for a nonsense you tell?! - that was indignant, - our further relations are not possible! Unless it is not clear?
- Well all the same: dream less!
the Windy beauty did not understand fears of the sister as she considered an event as a fleeting romanchik which ended also quickly, as well as began. Though any erotic sketches continued to pursue it in thoughts and dreams. ***
At this moment Alex too was already at home
and talked in kitchen to the mother:
- Mothers, well you stuck, I drank and what? I what so often I drink?
- No, but you cannot stop at all! And, when you will drink, you do not think that you do! By the way, this your Kate is a granddaughter of my workmate in shop. She is a girl, and you are an adult man! How it is not a shame to you?
- It is not a shame In any way! I did not even kiss it!
- Was not enough Yet! Alex, stop! I wanted to talk to you about your ex-wife …
- And I do not want! I will go to sleep! - he got up from a chair and went to a bedroom.
the Man stayed in very upset feelings from - for such opinions of mother: it was unpleasant to it to hear it though theoretically understood correctness of her words.
When Alex already dozed off, the room was entered by his mother. She covered better than the son with a blanket and told is slightly heard:
- Oh, my dear, be afraid of the desires - they come true. I guess what you dream … of
Somehow in the evening Kate went home from walk. It had a bad mood as she quarreled with the girlfriend. And weather especially did not please: the drizzle drizzled, cold wind blew.
Approaching an entrance, the girl noticed in the dark a shadow of the person. It was taught by mother: in late time to be afraid of any doubtful people. She simply decided to run quicker by this place, but the plan was broken by a silent tender call:
- Kind wind, Kate. You hurry home?
That otneozhidannost stopped and slowly - slowly turned to object of the fears. Enormous surprise took place - it was Alex …
He was same charming, as well as then. The girl felt a strong feeling of love again. But such fine state did not prevent it to ask a question seriously:
- And what you do here?
- I here wait for the friend, - without reflecting, the man answered. Kate`s
was disappointed and wanted to come into an entrance, but self-confident and slightly tipsy man took her by hand and attracted to himself with the purpose to kiss. The young lady could not resist - she gave in.
After this short action they decided to walk towards Alex`s house …
Two elderly women went home after work on the dark evening street and talked:
- How your son, Nadia?
- Something he began to drink …
- Maybe fell in love?
- Let`s hope that is not present.
- You do not want to it happiness?
- I Want, but not it …
- The Daughter-in-law is not pleasant?
- It is pleasant, but it not for it!
- Something you muddle, the girlfriend! All right, tomorrow you will tell in more detail. I will go home. Sorry, that I do not see to the apartment and I do not call on, - was very tired. Quiet to you night, - one of them told and, having seen off eyes the girlfriend towards an entrance, went along this residential building, having soon heard the indignant voice of Nadia:
- Where there quiet! Ah, you are shameless! Klara, look of whom your granddaughter was fond! That turned back
and did not believe the eyes: her granddaughter kissed Nadia`s son in a shadow of trees near that house. Further everything occurred fleetingly quickly, but ended quite peacefully: Alex under a hand with mother and Kate at safe distance with the grandmother went home.
In thoughts of lovers continued to turn any erotic imaginations …, but already though slightly - slightly they approached reality …
After a while after that ticklish event of Nadia scolded the son:
- You any more not the boy, really! You have to understand what you do! She is a very young little girl - of course, it is pleasant to it! I do not argue: you are a beautiful man! And you with the young maiden not bad, most likely! But here the court will not consider all this, my dear! It on all severity will punish you!
- After 16 years - it is already possible!
- And it at least 16 - that is?
- Probably …
- Ah, you are not even confident in it!
- Well do not take all this so seriously! Only innocent kiss …
- Innocent kiss?! Now it is clear why you drink - because fell in love with her! Today, probably, for bravery took too?! That all reddened with
and promised mother:
- I more so will not concern you! Forgive me, - and the man gently embraced her for a waist.
But the woman was not softened at all:
- You cannot be responsible for the acts in such state. In such state you cannot even for the desires answer … to
- Mothers! - Alex, &ndash was indignant; stop! And here in general my desires?!
- Unless you do not know such phraseological unit: be afraid of the desires - they come true? And I - that guess what you dream … of
He only waved a hand and turned away towards an open window behind which there was already a night, such dark, wet, cold, frightening …
In several days, as well as it is necessary, days off began. Kate went by bus from training courses, to this in good mood. Her heart fought moderately joyfully. But, when that handsome man who went with her by one route vehicle got to a lens of a look of the girl, she became nervous. Especially it was shown at the moment when Alex began to throw on it slanting looks, but nevertheless did not decide to approach.
At the romantic maiden recured recent memories of that passionate kiss to the memory, and it, developing the imagination, began to invent erotic continuation of this meeting …
So far Kate dreamed, passed the stop. Strangely enough, the man did not leave too - he fell asleep, only recently having sat down on the released sitting. That as decent, having approached it, loudly told:
- Wake up! We passed our stop!
He shuddered and, having regained consciousness, raised the head. Having seen it, was confused a little, but hurried to an exit from the bus - the careful girl proceeded behind it.
They decided to pass this one stop on foot. On the road, of course, got to talking:
- Alex, and how at us it then turned out?
- I do not know. With beer I touched that time, probably …
- And I - that thought in all sincerity …, - it is thoughtful and upset said Kate.
the Man, having thrown up eyes to the sky and having whispered something, sincerely smiled and told:
- Well and so too …
U of that directly eyes lit up, it reddened and spontaneously offered:
- Or perhaps we then will meet you?
Alex is direct was frightened:
- Yes you that?! No, of course not! I am one so many more senior than you! - he remembered recent words of the mother, - I can be for you only the senior companion, for example …
the Girl, naturally, was upset even more. Having noticed sharp change of her mood, the object of chagrin decided to make the pleasant proposal:
- I have mother at work - can, we will come to me? We will drink tea? And you be not upset, please! Such is life …
That, a head nod, agreed. with
At this time Klara and Nadia, finishing work in shop, gathered home. Therein communicated:
- Nadia, well as your son? You talked to it?
- Talked, but he is such person that does always in own way … And you talked to the granddaughter?
- Well you understand … I, of course, warned her, but, in my opinion, she did not grow to such serious talk …
&ndash yet; Of course, girlfriend! If that, will put - that my son, and your granddaughter is not and!
- What do you tell it?! To it already 16! With the permission of parents it is possible … for
- And your daughter knows?
- No. Better that did not know yet, and that will make scandal … to
- I here also speak about it! You to it in general forbid to communicate with it!
- And you knew about his sympathy for it still to …
- I also could not think what will reach it! - that was indignant.
They, having gathered, left shop and went towards the house (to them was on the way), having continued communication:
- Listen, Klara, and can we will come to me for a while on tea? Let`s chat still. To you all the same in the direction of travel …
- Come on. Only for a while. And that still it is necessary to talk to Kate, - strictly the woman declared.
In a few minutes ladies already came into Nadia`s apartment. The hostess in thoughts very much was surprised, having noticed some unknown pair of women`s boots in a corridor …
Having taken off outerwear and having put on house-shoes, Klara, having giggled, asked:
- And what it to the room of your son the door is closed? It has from you secrets?
- I do not know …, usually it does not close …, - thoughtfully the owner of the dwelling answered and proceeded towards a door of its room. When she, having opened it, glanced inside, the picture which appeared before it just dumbfounded the woman who lost for a while an opportunity and to move and to speak distinctly: Alex lay on the bed under a blanket, and Kate with true admiration ironing a body of the so adult gentleman … nestled on his naked breast of
the loving couple had a similar reaction to intervention in their private life.
Soon at Nadia a stupor departed, and she began to shout:
- What horror!!! Klara, go, admire the vnuchenka to which you so were afraid to talk on serious subjects! The girl grew up - and you and did not notice! And you, the old libertine, clean up from here!!! I do not want to see you! Give, give - rise, get up! Or you are absolutely naked?! You hesitate, the geek?! And before it did not hesitate?!!! - and, having developed, left in a corridor, having left for itself a huff so that walls began to shake …
Klara and Kate already stayed at home after a while in the room which was guilty which listened from the granny of censure:
- The Granddaughter, I, of course, will tell nothing to your mother, but you already, to put it mildly, became impudent! How you could afford it?! He is an adult man! It can you forced? - she suspiciously squinted.
- Of course, no, - shortly the girl answered.
- You perhaps to it got?
- We are adults. Everything occurred naturally: without coercion, without unilateral desire … by agreement …
- Holy Christ! - Klara, &ndash interrupted it; it you perhaps adult?! Do not make laugh me! Here what I will tell you: we consulted from Nadia and decided strictly - to forbid to communicate strictly to you in any kind on pain of the message of the incident of your mother. And you know the mother - she so will not leave it! Kate`s
, having heard “sentence“, nearly began to cry:
- And if we love each other?! What then to do to us?! To forget each other?! To wait so far I will grow up?!
- Good idea! The best! - the grandmother, &ndash approved; let`s remember that we about it are spoken by the law: “… local governments at the place of residence of the persons who are wishing to marry, having the right to allow to marry at the request of these persons to the persons which reached age of sixteen years…“, - but did not manage to quote the article of the Family code up to the end.
- And here marriage?! - that was indignant, - we can still just meet …
- You perfectly know about rigid conservatism of the mother …
- Well - at - at, oh - and - and …, - compassionately zanyla already razogorchyonny girl.
- So, my dear, I will not argue with you! I told everything, warned about everything. What to do is farther - your business, you say time that you are already adult. There now also try to prove to be that, having made the correct decision. Only without nonsenses! - the woman, having risen from a sofa, went to an exit from the room - Kate rushed behind it and in a hysterics flopped on knees:
- Well grannies! Well cover us! You not such as mother! I love it! And it me - too!
On what Klara strictly declared:
- In - the first, do not shout so loudly, and mother will hear that, and in - the second, conversation is finished - what I would not hear return to this subject any more! - also left in a corridor, having left for itself a huff, having thought: “I still screen her, and she … just fell in love with this handsome man and nothing wants to hear. But conscience it is necessary to have too …“
At this moment the heart-broken maiden, and sitting on a floor in a temper whispered:
- Well and horse-radish with you! I will secretly see it! I am not interested in your bans! To me now in general to spit on all - if only with it to be - I will not be afraid of these words!
Next day Alex, having come back home from work, noticed: his mother pretended that the son for her did not exist. He tried to reconcile with it:
- Mothers, well forgive. I more so will not be!
- What will you not be?! To dishonor so me?! - that flared up.
- Well I will not communicate with it …, - thoughtfully he offered.
- It is the only possible option from this situation, - amicably approved Nadia, - we with Klara and settled. And you so easily refuse it? Unless you are not in love with it?
- Well so … is a little. But I am the real man!
- By the way, and you know Klara`s daughter? - suddenly thoughtfully the calmed-down woman asked.
- Botanichka such strict?
- Sure. Klara, of course, promised it to tell nothing, but if once again we see or as - nibud we learn about your communication, then she will tell all to the daughter - then it will be very bad to you … the Man heaved
a deep sigh and seriously reported:
- I understood everything! I will try not to assume more than it, - and itself thought: “I all the same will see it … secretly! You plan here - plan, and I am an adult man, and itself I can decide what to do to me. I hope, and she will not be against our relations …“

several months Later after that incident of Sofie talked to Kate at that restaurant behind a cup of strong fragrant coffee:
- The Sister, you miss it?
- You know, already not really. At first to me it was very heavy and when you do not see object of the love - you forget partially …
- Well … Ooh, they also intimidated you! It is good what to me in half a year 18 will be!
- To You - that it what for? You do not love the adult man!
- That was. And you when it will be executed 18 - you will be with it?
- Time will show …
Here someone gently touched Kate`s shoulder - she turned back - it was Alex … That on pleasures threw the arms round it a neck, having forgotten about everything on light. The man strong embraced her.
Soon they already three together sat and communicated, but suddenly Sofie, having risen from the place, declared:
- Perhaps, I will not disturb you, - also was removed - nobody, naturally, stopped it.
Having watched leave the sister, the girl, happy to madness, told:
- You Know how I missed you! Just it really realized …
- I on you too, - modestly that expressed the feelings.
Then lovers began to remember dismantling with relatives, their threats, summed up the results of former actions and events, having stopped on reasonable thought of Alex:
- Our desires cannot be constrained - it is necessary only to be afraid of them …