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Mentalist - whether it is possible to become him?

On TV 3 TV channel periodically go series “Mentalist“ which main character - Patrick Jane - successfully helps to solve polices the most difficult and confused crimes usually connected with murders.

This name is not really habitual for our ear, the term “psychic“ - the person possessing supersensual abilities is closer to us. However George Kreskin who invented the name “mentalist“, claims that the mentalist is not the psychic, but the ordinary person who developed in himself superabilities of consciousness.

Probably, this denial of the Hollywood stereotype which got and in our cinema when the person gains superabilities, for example, as a result of a lightning stroke or electric current, after car accident, stealing by aliens etc. Rational American mind denies all these miracles, carriers considers them as charlatans (that for 99% is true), but is sure that the person himself is capable to develop in himself the increased abilities of mind and consciousness. And as all of us left the world of materialism, and we want to trust it. Well and, eventually, there is a processing of mass consciousness, hypnosis, etc. Still quite recently the majority of us, living in quite constrained circumstances, believed in fast approach of bright future. Unfortunately, the past a little to what taught us, we trust and now. Therefore it is quite possible to us to believe that the person if strongly wants, can develop in himself superabilities. Teach hypnosis, isn`t it? (By the way, to public relations - too). The main thing - to believe in itself. As it is told in one of our movies: “You believe in yourself? You see the purpose? Well also give, blow through a wall!“

By determination of J. Kreskin, the mentalist is the person who seized skills of sharpness of mind, hypnosis and suggestion, management of thoughts and behavior of other people. The Mentalist is capable to read foreign mind, to introduce the thoughts in consciousness of the interlocutor, knows the answer to a question earlier, than sets it, learns the past and predicts the future of the interlocutor. And in what the mentalist is capable to do there is nothing supernatural whatever strange it seemed at first sight. Just he developed in itself(himself) the possibilities of human consciousness inherent in any person from the birth, and uses them “to the full extent“. The Mentalist learned to understand very precisely people, to learn psychological features of each of them. Tools of a mentalist are gestures of the person, his mimicry, a look, any features of behavior.

J. Kreskin spent 60 years to become a mentalist. We cannot afford it, but understand at least what skills are for this purpose necessary, we can?

And the main skill is an understanding. For example, the person tells you something, and you understand him. But actually so happens very seldom, and it should study that not so - that is simple. Usually we only pretend that we listen, and actually we only expect the turn to express. The desire to understand other person is a rare gift which needs to study. Because the understanding gives the answer to the most important, and even to all questions. But, to understand other person, it is necessary to overcome first of all itself, to be able to listen, even then, when what you are told is contrary to your beliefs. And then, only then, there will be an ability to understand other person.

And first of all it is necessary to show interest in it. It is very important to develop a position of the obedient pupil in relation to the interlocutor. Your purpose - not an assessment, not attempt “to get into soul“, and just to listen and understand. And then our consciousness as if opens, and information reaches without distortion, without adjustment under the templates which developed at us in mind. And to understand the person really - means, to see a phenomenon essence.

Usually our thinking reminds a mash from thoughts and representations which it is difficult to understand, and it prevents purposeful cogitative activity. And the problem consists in learning concentration on concrete idea which you want to clear for yourself. And then from the general mash accurate, exact thoughts are filtered, and the essence begins to be shown. This ability it is necessary to train. If you consider something, try to formulate the considered idea by means of the short and capacious phrase as much as possible precisely reflecting idea. To understand in what the solved problem consists, means to take the first, most important step to its decision, and sometimes and just allows to solve a problem.

In this sense series “Mentalist“ - the good manual. By means of precisely formulated questions Patrick Jane quickly gets to the main point, formulates a problem, tries to understand it and then and to solve. Well, in this case to understand who and why committed a crime.

I hope that our readers should not solve such problems, however to learn to understand people with whom you deal - it is useful. Not to make mistakes.