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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on April 14 - 15? “Raven“, etc.

this year the next film premier Thursday coincided with Day of astronautics that did not find any reflection in the list of debutants. On the contrary, the majority of novelties are infinitely far from fantastic subject that, however, will not prevent us to discuss their potential pluses and minuses in any way.

Among premieres - the thriller “Crows“ telling about the last mad days of the famous writer Edgar Allan Poe, the comedy fighter “The macho and the nerd“ about adventures of two unlucky cops at high school and the full-length musical of “Mappeta“. The American cinema this week in general is presented widely, occupies a half of a rolling grid. The horror film “A hut in the wood“, the military thriller “Law of Valour“ and Halle Berri`s adventures with toothy predators in the drama “Exorcist of Sharks“ also is from Hollywood.

The remained places in the schedule of movie theaters will play between themselves two tapes from Scandinavia, the French comedy and the lonely thriller of a domestic production - “901 kilometers“. And now is more detailed:

1. “Raven“ (The Raven, 2012)


So far in Hollywood actively exaggerate rumors about a remake of “Raven“ on which shootings Brandon Li tragicly died, the movie which received at us the similar name, but not having any relation to Alex Proyas`s tape of 1994 came out.

Works of American Edgar Allen Poe who died in the middle of the 19th century in the blossoming of creative and vital power are picturized practically from the origin of cinema. The benefit that material the writer left behind enough. However and the creator of numerous zhutik and detectives - a figure at cinema popular. But earlier never becoming the center of the present blockbuster which the movie of New Zealander James McTeigue which to advertize in Moscow is there came the leading man John Cusack.

To Crows style will remind Poe to much and “Seven“ David Ffincher, and “A sleepy hollow“ of Burton, but most of all - a story of Foggy Albion about Jack the Ripper and very uncommon thriller “From Hell“ with Johnny Depp`s participation. Consider that at the movie an adult rating of R what means naturalistic approach to the screen version of the last days of life of the famous writer.

2. “The macho and the nerd“ (21 Jump Street, 2012)

of Two cops - the losers who were badly studying in academy push on a task in usual American high school where they have to find a drug traffic source. At the same time healthy foreheads should not be excreted from the lump of school students, to be as all. They, however, are forbidden to use foul language, to accustom to drinking young children and to stick to senior pupils. How at the same time to observe laws of a mimicry? Yes in any way.

The unexpected comedy hit from creators of the animation project “It Is Cloudy, Rainfall in the form of Quenelles Is Possible“ united on the screen the comedian Jonah Hill (fairly, by the way, grown thin) and Channinga Tatuma. The last suddenly opened to the viewer from a positive side, having shown remarkable comedy talent that became still a big surprise for audience. Really amusing, though not deprived of stamps, the project not bad swept in the homeland and risks to make the serious competition to gloomy and bloody “Raven“.

3. “The hut in the wood“ (The Cabin in the Woods, 2011)

the Youth company goes to Wick - and to the thrown hut in the wood where they plan to come off and enjoy lack of a civilization fairly. Familiar beginning, isn`t that so? In this way many zhutik, like cult “Ominous dead persons“ or ordinary “Turn not there“ begin. And now forget about possible coincidence because Drew Goddard`s picture (the screenwriter of series “Survive“ and “Monstro“) in which - that eyelids will change your understanding about horror films. The imagination of authors was enough for creating “the movie in the movie“, having as much as possible disguised an initial plan behind a heap of the hackneyed stamps which are only a forgery. The real “Hut in the wood“ is the filigree, scary and very intricate thriller, the collection of film quotes and the original project capable to become a peculiar event in the genre.

4. “Mappeta“ (The Muppets, 2011)

I Will risk to assume

that Mappeta, as well as Smeshariki, cannot be pleasant to all. To someone these dolls seem incredibly amusing, and someone does not transfer them to spirit. Matter of taste, of course, but to deny the world popularity of heroes legendary “Mappet - show“ Jim Hanson just silly. On heroes of “Sezam Street“, “Mountains Fregglov“ and, actually, the show, not one generation grew. However still full-length versions of adventures of these dolls with very peculiar sense of humour somehow did not develop. So far real fans of creativity of Hanson who treated the project with love were not connected to business.

For Hanson Mappeta were lifework. A young frog Kermit, a pig of Piggi and a bear cub of Fozzi (and also still the whole assembly of not less picturesque characters) became classics long ago. New “Mappeta“ will not be struck with originality of a plan, but will remind old kind truth and will amuse children and even their parents.

5. “The law of valor“ (Act of Valor, 2012)

It is very strange

that the American propaganda material sponsored by command of Naval Forces of the USA reached the Russian screens. Recently similar pathos boyevichka even more often pretend to be blockbusters, like “Transformers“ or “Fights for Los - Andzheles“. On the contrary, there are still figures which laziness to contact alien threat. More and more terrorists of everyones give them. Here - that they will also develop all power of the American military vehicle, with an indispensable appeal to “a brotherly unification“. Motives and acts of characters in fighters, as well as orders, are not discussed. There is a purpose - mission - a task. There are gallant guys covered by the weapon. And the vile tyrant - the villain - the Mujahideen - stability threat. Stupidly, shablonno, it is frankly boring. If pulls on a similar genre, it is better to reconsider “A black hawk“ of Ridley Scott.

Among debutants the new picture of John Stokuell (“Turistas“) appears. In allegedly adventure thriller “The exorcist of sharks“ (in the original - “Dark inflow“) Halle Berri and Olivier Martinez got leading roles. Allegedly, in this case, arises for those reasons that about sharks only Steven Spielberg was able to afford the two-hour movie. Stokuell should learn from classics because slow action of a picture forces the viewer to wish subconsciously that somebody was already eaten. A different way to recover the picture and you will not think up.

The list of film premieres also fills with two Scandinavian tapes. To Swedish to “The last will of Nobel“ Peter Flint the glory of “The girl with a dragon tattoo“ does not allow to sleep. However, this “the world best-seller“ looks like more unsuccessful imitation especially as in a shot again the journalist, the leading essentially independent investigation of mysterious murder. In limited hire will show the criminal drama “Game“ from the neighboring Denmark, about the gang of boys gathering the peers.

A positive will blow softly from France from where to our screens there will arrive the romantic comedy “Art to love“ Emmanuel Mouret, a tape with specific French color and frank, but not so trite humour.

As for native cinema, the “901 kilometer“ telling about group of school students and the mystical train with great difficulty can be carried to original domestic projects. The next exercise on “is in danger of teenagers“. Authors, however, promise the unexpected final, but they promise something eternally.