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SMM - the manager: what it has to be? Opinion of employers

as the Message to emergence of this article other article from “Internet“ served. In it it was told about what to become SMM manager simply - enough to know the websites for a price markup of visits in groups “V Kontakte“.

Of course, the note was just advertizing of the websites: on it it is transparent the fact that a web - resources were listed below hinted. But it is valid: the social networks manager - rather new, but already well paid profession for the Russian labor market. Therefore requirements which the employer imposes to the candidate for such position are at the moment rather indistinct.

What the social media manager that he was hired has to know and be able? In the course of writing of this article more than 20 practicing SMM - experts who had to be engaged in search of people in the team more than once were interrogated. The main points to which employers pay attention are given to your attention below.


One of the jokes, most widespread in the Internet, sounds so: “The good expert in social media studies at school, visits lessons of algebra and is able to talk in a whisper when at a lesson the customer calls“.

In each joke there is only a joke share. As SMM as the sphere of marketing in Russia appeared rather recently, experience at most of the experts applying for vacancy is equal to about one year. As showed poll, 65% of employers quite fairly do not demand much: the main thing, desire to study and ability “to catch“ new knowledge on the fly.

But also these expectations sometimes are overestimated. Timur Krasnobridzhev, administrator of Club of Fans of Nokia group Vkontakte: “A number of acquaintances from “big agencies“ note simple inability “nagonshchik - botovod“ and “students - megaexperts“ it is simply adequate to think and be able to work“ .

Enthusiasm and interest subject

“Is important

that work brought pleasure. The fact that the person has to be interested in a work subject means. That is, with other things being equal, the one who is interested in subject of the project will be better. For example, not “àéñ“ to put cars on automobile subject of the person who understands the bank sphere and hates“ , - Anton Labrents, the head of communications in “Rare brand“.

Existence of a portfolio

Most of employers is sure by

that the skilled specialist in SMM surely has to have a portfolio. What has to be in SMM “portfolio“ - the manager?

Here the comment about it from the marketing specialist and PR in “Water the Novokuryinsky“ of Valentin Berestovsky: “In a portfolio it is important to see that the performer performed works which quality will suit you or above, than it is necessary to you. If there is a progress - it is very positive too. Existence of ambitious unrealized projects shows a creative on time - at once clear where influence of the customer and where possibilities of the performer (in 50% the customer spoils work of the performer)“.

an Opportunity not to work at office

For the majority of SMM - chiefs, in principle, are not important where there are their subordinated. Perhaps, it is connected with the fact that specifics of work of the expert in social media already assume continuous stay “online“, that is it is possible to contact the colleague practically always.

Here the point of view of Arseny Kamyshev, the specialist in SMM in “RA - Digital“: “I have a little peculiar approach here - me in general udalyonshchik - freelancers who came to this work by practical consideration (not through whims - disagreements - trends), much more office workers are pleasant. Because are forced to work to earn money, and can do it - to udalyonshchik to sit out for money insufficiently“.

However also those who essentially recruit employees only in office - perhaps exist, it is also connected with an opportunity to control the manager in working hours.

Four basic principles on which employers at employment are based, are rather simple and logical: experience, enthusiasm, existence a portfolio and a possibility of work at office. Read them and just take into consideration because the main thing in work - desire and ability to work actually. Therefore if you want to become SMM - the manager, just become it. And then you will be hired practically by any employer.