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The suicide among children and teenagers of

Suicide - is cruel reality of the present. There is nothing more tragically, than voluntary death of the person at whom in ahead life, it is filled expectations and hopes.
Especially grows the number of suicides among children and teenagers in the world. But why? What frightens these young people? How it is possible to resist to it?
Life is Charisma and nobody, except God, has the rights to take away it from the person. Using this precious gift, we understand what it difficult, but at the same time fine. Our life presents to us many joyful minutes, but also sad minutes do not avoid us, however to it it is necessary to treat with heavy responsibility. Even the most awful situation does not justify suicide.
From - for usual, at first sight, the reasons, having felt pain at heart and not to help itself with forces, teenagers want to revenge death to the offenders. People who hope to affect feelings of close people resort to serious attempts of suicide though understand that they it will not be able already to see it.
of the Reasons of a suicide exists a set, for example, even a small stress from school overloads, quarrels with parents, friends, unfortunate love, humiliation from age-mates etc. The house atmosphere, the conflicts, hostility and roughness to each other, besides, and a similar situation at school can be very often provocative factor. The young man is simply not able to sustain it, and cannot soberly assess a situation that becomes the frequent reason of a depression at teenagers, and in a consequence and thoughts of a suicide.
But is also cases of which nobody would think. It is “Game“. Game which is familiar to many school students still call - “Goosebumps“ or “A high on dog“, or “An imaginary dream“.
Some consider that safe life will be only after death that the cleverest act will be to die to correct nonsenses and of an error of life . Arrive at idea of a suicide not at once, only in series and movies all is easily, and in life not so - that all is simple. In the suicide`s notes, usually ask anybody to blame for their death because not to list all. But how it is possible to recognize the person capable of such act? those which already lost close people can be
In - the first, it. Quick-tempered teenagers have very strong nervousness, sleeplessness, they think out different threats and instructions in a verbal and written look, and also begin to put the affairs in order.
to the Child who was fenced off from the world embittered and nervous, is very heavy to advise something and to support him. And still it is necessary to try to help the teenager, having explained that it is not necessary to suffer alone, and it is better to share pain with the person to whom you trust. During talk the emotional pressure decreases and it is possible to look at problems on the other hand. It is necessary to allow to feel to the young man that he not one in this world that there are people who felt mental anguish, but managed to struggle with it. with
to prevent suicide intentions at children and teenagers, it is necessary to protect them from psychoemotional frustration, for a start. Good rest and a dream, good food, the friendly relations in a family, readiness to come to the rescue at any time is for this purpose necessary. And also, surely believe in the child, in the best qualities of his life, showing care, attention and tender feelings.
Cultivate at the children love to life that they felt only pleasure, silence, grace and could feel its internal pulse.