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How to celebrate Easter?

Easter at orthodox Christians - the main holiday in honor of resurrection of Jesus Christ. The date passing it is estimated on lunno - to a solar calendar, in 2014 Easter is celebrated on April 20. It is one of the lightest, the joyful and loved by the people holidays.

Even in Russia in days of the Soviet power, during an era of indisputable domination of aggressive atheism and destruction of temples, this tradition up to the end could not eradicate.

People continued to celebrate Easter as were able as grandmothers learned, - painted eggs, baked Easter cakes. Of course, it is now difficult for new generations to restore all subtleties and knowledge of customs of ancestors. And all - - can, it is worth trying? How to celebrate Easter?

Easter finishes itself the Lent assuming for truly believing people preparation for Christ`s Revival in advance. Restriction of pleasures during a post - both gastronomic, and carnal - only superficial approach to process, its true purpose - clarification of soul from all low and unworthy. Not all manage to observe a post as it befits, but all - is better to minimize meat, fish, milk and eggs on a table at least in recent days before a holiday - in the Holy week. It is worth distracting from empty vanity, from negative thoughts and to think of eternal values.

To remove sins from soul, Orthodox Christians in Russia these days especially devoutly sought to create good in relation to neighbors, supported sufferers and the disadvantaged.

By the Russian tradition, direct preparation for celebration of Resurrection begins since Great, or Pure Thursday . This day Orthodox Christians try to prichastitsya. Till 1917 most of Orthodox Christians in Russia took communion once a year, only on the Maundy Thursday, to this day such communion remains absolutely special.

On Pure Thursday from time immemorial washed the floors, cleaned ware, erased curtains, to all house brought ideal order, and before sunrise it was necessary to bathe surely. This day, according to the legend, the known Last Supper took place all. Jesus participated in a fatal meal - a feast - together with the pupils and apostles.

On Thursday begin to prepare a holiday table - paint and paint eggs, knead dough for rich air Easter cakes, prepare Easter from cottage cheese. Easter cakes bake in a large number because they and eggs - krashenka - traditional gifts for Easter to all friends, the family and acquaintances. Painted multi-colored testicles beautifully give all the best on a huge dish.

Tradition to give each other colored eggs goes from Mary Magdalene. It brought to the emperor Tibery egg as Christoff`s symbol of Revival. The emperor did not believe Maria - told that the dead do not revive as egg does not become from white red. And right there the presented small egg itself was painted in brightly - red color …

of Foods the great variety - including meat and fish from olden days prepared for Sunday. A special lamb from the sweet test with addition of butter, the duck or a goose baked with apples, boiled pork, jelly, pies were traditional.

The people sought to dress up to a holiday too - easter dresses and suits from elegant bright fabrics were in good time sewed, new tapes were interwoven into braids of girls. Generally, Pure Thursday by tradition was completely devoted to preparation for a holiday and decoration of the house.

In preeaster week in orthodox tradition of the requirement of the Lent gradually become tougher, reaching apogee by Good (Passionate) Friday . It is one of the most mournful days for all Orthodox Christians. Good Friday - day when, according to the Bible, Jesus Christ was crucified on a cross. This day believers remember the last days of life of Jesus, his arrival to the city of Jerusalem, execution and wonderful revival in three days. On Friday fasting do not eat food at all, waiting for carrying out from church of a shroud - fabric in which Jesus Christ`s body was wrapped up, demonstrating that redemption of human came true.

This day it is better not to start any serious affairs, to undertake nothing, and baking of Easter cakes including.

On Great Saturday to the temple the prepared Easter cakes, cottage cheese Easter and egg bring in baskets for consecration. Solemn church service - a liturgy - will proceed all night long. The most beautiful action - the easter midnight office, impresses religious procession around church with the lit candles, gives pleasure morning service (matins). Naturally, not everyone can carry out on service all night long, however it is worth coming into church this day surely - at any time, it is possible also in the afternoon.

After return from church, in the morning on Sunday , lay a generous easter holiday table for a razgovleniye - on a beautiful cloth all stock of the prepared in advance ferial (not fast) dishes and products consecrated in the temple pleasing soul is exposed.

However celebration of Easter this day does not come to the end. The next six days are considered same significant as Sunday. And even within 40 days by rules you can greet each other the words “Christ Revive!“ and hear in reply: “Truly revive!“ Visit

, have a rest, receive guests, treat, give gifts to kind people and enjoy life!