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What there will go fans of Apple firm by? On Epplomobila why is also not present

A? Especially as after occupation of the market of portable players, smartphones and tablet computers the Apple firm takes the offensive to the automobile market. Yes, so far the people with some spare cash buy iPad (iPhone, iPod, iMak) from “Apple“, and Mercedes from Benz. But such situation, most likely will change soon.

Because the autodesigner Liviu Tadoran employed by the richest today in the world with Apple firm developed for patients with “an apple illness the“ of people who are buying up all epplovsky novelties, a concept - iMove carat in the form of a computer mouse.

By the way, the name of the car was chosen not incidentally. It is very similar to the epplovsky iMovie program - the video editor for beginners. The program is very simple, functions in it at least. To understand without any instruction it - a piece of cake even for the most unadvanced user. On the other hand, all the most necessary is.

“… the car with zero level of emissions will be set in motion by means of electric motors, and, as expected, in is mute will one of the best devices are involved that we ever saw in cars. The external surface is covered with fotokhromny material which allows the user to change appearance of the car with use of the available presets“ . From a press - release of Apple firm.

Appearance of it epplomobilya reminds a classical computer mouse under Macintosh: a roof and sides transparent so that at the driver and passengers the feeling of driving on a cabriolet has to be created. The outer side of this transparent material is at the same time also the solar battery, and the back lightproof part is covered with the heavy-duty fabric capable it is reliable to hold baggage even in case of accident. The inside of this transparent covering at the same time serves as the translucent display and at the same time a light source in a night-time. But the biggest highlight epplomobilya - in its almost full robotization. According to the statement of developers, having programmed by means of the special iMove program, it is possible to send, for example, the car in the autonomous mode to take away children from school.

In as! As always, all the best, fashionable and the most expensive! Breaks all stereotypes! Correctly, what to waste time on trifles - that …

But here with production arise big if not to tell huge, problems.

In - the first, “Apple“ still just has no experience in production of any vehicles therefore the program of construction epplomobilya is calculated to … 2020.

In - the second, so actively propagandized “robotization“ (driving in the autonomous mode without driver) is not fulfilled technically on public roads yet and is illegal still legally. Who will answer if he happens dorozhno - transport incident?

In - the third, quite big percent of admirers of the gadgets from “Apple“ interrogated in company shops declared that the avtomobilchik is more similar not to a computer mouse, and on the vacuum cleaner, and such appearance is not pleasant to them. So the concept of appearance of iMo … can undergo considerable changes.

In - the fourth, materials from which this transport has to gather find application only in aviation so far - the space industry. If not to reduce the price (and it is considerable) of technology of their production, then and the price of a double avtomobilchik without any frills will be transcendental too.

And so on …

However we will remember also another. The Apple firm, even in absence charismatic and on anything not paying Steve Jobs`s attention, kept all promises made by it so far. The firm will have enough money too to pull this, so far non-standard for “members of the Yabloko party“, the autoproject.

Well and that from this I will turn out, hope, we will see soon. 2020 not far off …