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Where there is a good human? In your heart!

Kindness are where heat of soul is felt. When speak “the warm-hearted person“, mean “kind“. All have a heart, and it means, and warmth. And it is not volume whether it was an inherited quality. And in how parents brought up.

Whether the child grew in the atmosphere of love, acceptance. Or, as usual, good words, acts (from our subjective perception) - the good boy (or the girl). Ill effects - bad. The person was mistaken, stumbled - made the diagnosis, for the rest of life branded. Also he becomes embittered on all for the fact that he remained misunderstood. For what meant well and received for it on the head. It will not mean well more.

And the kind person it is always possible to feel on internal feeling of comfort, a gratefulness. On some luminescence of soul. He - warm, he smiles, he is sincerely glad to you. Comfortably there is also a wish to take refuge in its clemency. For such people unconsciously you reach, as for parents. Because to each of us, the adult or the child, there is a wish for understanding and neojudgment.

Happens, the child shouts, is capricious, aches. Habitual reaction - irritation. On it it is possible to manipulate successfully. The warm-hearted parent is not irritated. Mother will quietly wait a hysterics. She feels a condition of the child and knows when it really badly and needs to be helped and when he just is capricious, and it should be ignored. The parent can be also to a post-ugly face. But not in emotions, and deliberately. He does not feel a remorse and pity then when emotions cool down. To cool down there is nothing. In acceptance everything is made, with rationality and heat internal.

Warm-heartedness never breaks on shout. Shout is a manifestation of internal tension in response to something. And in good there is no tension.

When will insult, and the victim will keep silent, only will shrug shoulders and will leave, it is kindness too. To be kind - means, to be able to make allowance to shortcomings of people around in any situation. Even if these shortcomings are turned on you. There is no desire to be protected, to attack, answer, revenge. There is nothing to be protected. Attacks offend their author. The good knows it and feels. Regrets.

In warm-heartedness there is no aggression and the evil. Because angrily is an opposition. There is nothing good of to blame or to be ashamed. Is not present in the negative feelings wishing to make unpleasantly surrounding.

It is extraordinary pleasant to communicate with the warm-hearted person. It has always many friends. The good does not remain alone. People cannot pass such value by themselves - always notice and reach for it.

But this value on light there is not a lot of as there is a wish. The contrast - the evil, confronts. The evil is unpleasant, bitter, sometimes tragically. The evil is inflicted by soul pain. Sometimes there is a wish to get rid of it.

How to become the kind person?

It can be made

by means of regular meditations. For perception of information it is deep, in subconsciousness, it is necessary to relax completely and under quiet music or just in silence (as it is pleasant) to provide more streams of energy and information about which it is told here. It is the real work on itself.

These exercises will help if there is an internal requirement to become the kind person and if it is felt that it is yours, that is “pronimat“ up to the soul depth. Feelings can be different. Sometimes there is a wish to cry, enjoy. Or to stay in it long - long, to be filled to the brim. It is normal. As well as what written here can be for you absolutely useless. To everyone - the.

Develop the heart - it is the main principle of formation of kindness.

Exercise the first Present to

the friends (real and invented) who can always understand, support. They are inside, sometimes surround outside, little men are close people. They approve perfect actions, understand motives. And from their understanding, belief in your, good, at heart heat is felt. At the same time from surrounding people there is hot light, native energy which sparkles and fills. And still there is an understanding of mother. In a difficult situation she will just embrace and will give feeling of security, clemency, love.

And this heat spreads on all body. Goes from heart, from soul and warms each section, each pain and grief.

These feelings kind, light. They dissolve completely all internal bitterness, offense. Heat gives all that lacks.

Your relatives and dear people, their energy, feelings from presence turn into the dense sparkling lump. Send it to the heart. Let it be filled. Always, when there is a wish. Now your heart shines good. You lit it, this reverential source. Everywhere even slightly goryachevaty stream of energy of good is felt warm, and. And your heart thaws.

Exercise the second Warm can be filled with

from the sun. Not for nothing in many meditations an analogy is drawn: Mother - the earth and the Father - the sun.

The sun heats, bakes. This heat of the Father. The creator shrouds all in the heat, boundless understanding. There is a lot of its heat, it is infinite. You absorb light and rays of the sun in yourself, feel how each your section is filled with heat, love, pleasure. You feel that you are always accepted. It what you are - you are the best. It you were created by God. You are filled with good and light of the Creator. It always supports you. Now you are also good. And all this is warm, it streams, it is infinite. It is yours. Take it with yourself, put in heart and live with it. Use the source always when it is so important...

These exercises can be reduced. The main thing, in the first practicians - to catch in itself feelings of good and heat. As soon as it turns out to make it, it will be possible to try to switch to good feelings without “preludes“. And to do it every time when in soul it is bitter, offensive, sad etc.

If regularly to increase internal heat, then sooner or later from saturation it will begin to sparkle warm light and will pour down outside. To people around. And then there will be no left no droplet of rage or discontent. Then in response to insults or offense you only will shrug shoulders (and inside - quiet clemency). And all acts will proceed only from good. Here then it will be possible to tell that your heart, the person - truly kind!