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The photo - an easy way to earn?

Many people, having bought the first camera (not important a soap tray it, or the SLR camera), periodically think to be engaged in the photo professionally. But how to become the professional photographer? At someone this desire passes, at someone is not present. Someone has a heap of ideas in the head, and dreams them, at last to express in the photo. Someone has acquaintances or friends of photographers, and considers that the photo - easy bread and popularity.
Ya decided to tell about all these categories, but I will put emphasis in the commercial photo. On commercial shooting because I want to dispel the myth “about easy and fast money“.
of the Pit of the professional photographer is divided into several periods (I divided into 5 periods) but do not think that everything all is fated to pass them. Often many hang very for a long time (or even forever), in some one.

1. The hungry photographer - the unrecognized genius.

So, you you solved, to earn by the photo. Whether but such it is easy and fast money? I dare to disappoint you, you should prepare for long burdens and deprivations. As the period of “the hungry artist“ will be long, depends only on you. Though I know people who arrive in this state, all the conscious career. You buy a necessary minimum of photoequipment, and begin to remove free of charge as you have nothing to show to the client still. You earn the basic portfolio. As a rule you remove the children, children of friends, weddings of acquaintances and relatives, friends and girlfriends, you are attacked by lovers of TFP (free photoshoots), and you joyfully agree almost to each offer. During this period you practically earn nothing, the money invested in equipment does not beat off. You are exposed to criticism of the more successful colleagues, or just to criticize fans. But be not frightened - the criticism will be with you all your photocareer. The criticism will be fair and not really, from the people pleasant to you and not pleasant. The critic cannot listen and be the eternal unrecognized genius, considering that you are just not understood, but time here will come, and you will be noticed and understood. Do not hope, will not understand. Therefore it is worth listening to the critics, especially people expert in this case (artists, popular photographers), it is worth watching works of the famous masters, to choose from them “favourites“ and, increasing the skill, to be leveled on them. Once you visit the master - classes of successful photographers, and many questions will disappear by itself and they cost money, but also the advantage of them is obvious. All this will also help you to pass into the following category of photographers - “supovik“.

2. The photographer - supovik.

So, you by the own sweat and blood created the basic portfolio. Of course, your skill leaves much to be desired therefore and it is not necessary to count on dear clients. You undertake everything that is sprained, and remove for kopeks. But it is necessary to tell that in category of supovik, most of all competitors. And competitors do not doze, they pull out each other orders, take away from under a nose of clients. And the clients working with supovika do not see a basic difference between your competitor supoviky - Vasya Pupkin, and you. And if it is honest, then it is absent also at all. And of course the photographer who is in this category should not count on expensive beautiful interiors, on stylish weddings with exit registration, on smart models …. and lovers of TFP))) the Photographer continue to pursue you - supovik plows as a horse, removing much and cheap, shooting becomes the conveyor. Perhaps already it was even succeeded to beat off costs of photoequipment, but requirements in new, more expensive and qualitative appeared (thanks to visit the master - classes). But to earn on new equipment, it is not possible yet because you hardly earn on food (therefore and supovik). How to get over in the following, more successful category? We begin to see light and composition, we learn to work with light, we cease to hit with flash “into a forehead“, and we direct it to a ceiling, or a light wall. And even better we get high-aperture optics (obviously getting into new debts), and we try to use at least flash, and we begin to work at an open diaphragm and we lift ISO. We stop removing at monuments, and “brides on a palm“. And as before we visit the master - classes! And … we pass into the following category “the photographer-a middling“.

3. The photographer - a stable middling.

And so, you began to grow, I congratulate! It is more than any flashes “in a forehead“, any weddings at monuments, at you appeared though - one high-aperture lens, and maybe it is more. You begin to play with light, sometimes it is even very successful. You understand that your super - collages with hearts and toons, and also a miracle - photos on which all chyorno - white, and a bridal bouquet (or shoes, model eyes) color, are not pleasing to your eye any more. You understand that it is cheap, and you want something another …. And here trouble - that, you look at the idols (the famous and popular photographers), and you understand: In total not that. There is no beauty of color, the picture “does not play“, it still not tasty, dim. And you begin to learn to process photos. You go on courses, or the master - classes. You remove in RAW, began to work with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. Both the picture becomes better, and a portfolio more decently. But lovers of TFP, still do not give up though you even more often refuse now to them. Both clients are already dearer, and it is more orders. For certain you began to be advertized on social networks, and earned (still poorly), a gossip hotline. And now you just as the father Carlo, processing, takes away almost all your free time. But also you began to earn slightly more. Now your monthly earnings are comparable with an average salary on the region, and sometimes and slightly block it. But the competition is still high. During a season the most part of your earnings is made by ordinary weddings, private photoshoots. During not a season you are interrupted by photoshoots, renting on hours studio (as you already poorly - poorly work with light), remove kindergartens, and schools. Here at this stage many photographers as they cease to starve stiffen. But together with it, many cease to develop further, rejoicing more - to less stable orders. How to pass into the following category “full photographer“? And this is absolutely hard because in this category there arrive photographers whose style of work became recognized. How to develop the style? The master - classes - in this case any more not assistants. And here, only you can help yourself, it depends on existence of taste, feeling of a shot, experience, advertizing, good marketing, and of course new equipment. The technician you almost became - and here the artist who has the podcherk works - no yet. As it is known, the person following crowd is usually farther than crowd and does not move ahead. And the one who walks alone has much more chances to find himself where yet the leg of the ordinary person did not go. And if you felt, and could step over the former framework, you pass into the following category ….

4. Full photographer.
I here you, having made titanic efforts, passed into the fourth category. At you now expensive equipment, perhaps, you even began to remove small office, or got the small studio, you had the style of processing and individual podcherk shootings. You do not paste the photo of the customer in cheap albums any more, you print expensive photobooks now. You participate in exhibitions. Now you the famous person on the Internet, on social networks the number of your friends read off scale for 800 people. Now you give the master - classes for beginners. The gossip hotline and the Internet become the main source of orders, but, despite it, you continue to give advertizing in magazines (are advertized). You have “the“ client who orders “you“, you ceased to be afraid of competitors, and it is even more - you are on friendly terms with them now, and even share orders (when to you not your client came). You even sometimes refuse to the client if he does not suit you with something. Your monthly income in 3 - 7 times more an average salary on the region during a season. During not a season it is slightly less, but it is stable. You begin to pay taxes. Weddings which you remove, expensive now, they take place in expensive interiors, with exit registration, even sometimes invite you to remove abroad. You ruthlessly refuse to lovers of TFP (if it is of course not Natalya Vodianova, or Adzholina Jolie). And everything is seemingly fine. At this stage there is most of the photographers who broke through in the category “full photographer“. In principle, what else to wish? But monasteries of photographers with a world name begin “to gnaw“ some photographers, they understand that requirements increased together with the income. You, have an impressive park of equipment (you have not less expensive 2 - x cameras, several high-aperture photolenses of a professional class, light), but all the time something is missing. You chase more perfect camera, one more very expensive lens, and it is not small money. And there is a wish both the apartment, and the new car, and educations for children. Time for life, it is still not enough because all the time, you as before, arrive in work. And so there is a wish to be engaged in creativity, but for creativity there is catastrophically not enough time. Now you want to remove a little, but is very expensive, but alas, it is fated to at least 1 of 1000 photographers of this category. What is necessary to pass into the desired category “guru“?

5. Guru.
A to get to this group of the elected photographers, is necessary really, RECOGNIZED GENIUS. Genius of the artist, or genius of marketing, or both that, and another together. Photographers of this category, have a world name, have offices in the different capitals of the world, they remove a little, but is enough for them for everything now. Now you carry out dear the master - classes, for full photographers (see 4 - yu category), in different points of the world. Among your clients there are practically no “mere mortals“, these are large businessmen, stars, politicians, royal families. These children remove for Voqe, Elle, and. etc.
of the Guru is removed as they want, they do not think any more that they will tell others, they are able to afford to remove “for themselves now“. To lovers of TFP, now and will not come to mind to stick to them, they even in the unrealizable dreams, do not dare to present that the guru will offer them shooting of TFP. This category also is desired for all above-mentioned categories of photographers, including your obedient the servant. The fifth category, I describe proceeding from own imaginations as itself I am in the category “full photographer“ so far. But to dream how to be told not harmfully The more ambitions, the more opportunities appear in our life. You see, without ambitions and work on themselves, all would remain in the first category “Hungry Artist“. So children, dare. And perhaps my modest contribution though will a little bring closer you to the guru.