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Than the most fashionable Russian traumatic boss of 18õ45 mm is unusual?

Why fashionable? Well, because, in - the first, it one of the most powerful traumatic ammunition of all presented not only on Russian, but also at the world market. More powerfully only its exotic cartridges 12 - go smooth-bore caliber for the gun “Hauda“, on a slang of called “Obrezych“, and 20õ45 mm - for the traumatic gun “Shaman“.

In - the second, the weapon under this cartridge - the cheapest in the Russian market, also buy it much more often than the weapon under other traumatic ammunition. In - the third, this cartridge is made since 1999 when on counters of weapon shops there was the first sample of the Russian traumatic weapon - the besstvolny gun PB - 4th “WASP“, developments of the Russian scientific research institute of Applied Chemistry (NIIPH).

This cartridge for the gun PB - 4th “WASP“ and his market competitors - “Policeman“, “Aegis“, a nedopistoleta “Cordon“ and the two-caliber gun “Shaman“ is intended.

This weapon not absolutely usually, at these “guns“ is not present a trunk. Absolutely. It and is called, besstvolny. Besides, the boss`s cap by production of a shot does not break, and is burned. Yes, it is burned by the heated delay.

All this also defined an unusual design of the ammunition. A trunk are the long, 45 mm a sleeve. The cap of a special design, represents the thin tubule with gunpowder which is closed up with combustible plastic since the “burnt“ end. A half of a sleeve empty, here, in this emptiness, also disperses rubber, with the metal core a bullet. That the bullet did not take off at once, it is hooked in a sleeve by a special ledge. The gunpowder which is set on fire by a cap at first lights up, then forces pressure which, growing above critical, breaks out a partition and pushes out a bullet with a huge speed forward. Use of such device called a gas generator not only increases the initial speed of a vyletayemy bullet, but also complicates extraction of a rubber bullet without shot, for example, to replace it with a usual, lead bullet that categorically is not allowed by the law.

The main modification of the boss 18õ45 - the boss 18x45T with a bullet weighing 12 g, with a diameter of 15. 3 mm. The blow of such “elastic“ dispersed to the huge speed (120 m/s) and dulny energy of 85 J is similar to blow of the professional boxer: standing it is possible to resist still, but the person will hardly be able to do something. In one of test shooting of the gun “WASP“ the shot from distance in 1 m in the block was made of gelatin, similar on a consistence to a human body, closed by a layer of dense fabric, imitating the person dressed in a dense jacket. And so, the metal core of a traumatic bullet entered this “cube“ on 11 cm! Without fabric the core enters gelatin on 25 cm! Therefore the law on the weapon forbids to use the weapon under this ammunition at distance less than one meter. The living person after such blow has the most severe paralyzing pain instantly stopping any physical movement.

Some producers, for example, the Tula firm “A+A“, does the lots twisting a traumatic bullet in a sleeve. In this case the bullet does not “somersault“ in flight and flies further, than without such “zakrutka“. As a result, the shot such ammunition, with other things being equal, will be further and more precisely.

But the boss of 18õ45 mm is not only traumatic. After the weapon under this cartridge occupied more than 90% of the Russian market, producers even more expanded the range of ammunition of 18õ45 mm.

18h45SZ. Ammunition of shock, svetoshumovy influence. Svetoshumovy, “shock“ ammunition which bright flash and a strong roar will paralyze for some time of the opponent are applied for a long time by law enforcement officers, for example, at suppression of mass riots or storm of rooms. And legal consequences from a shot in the person with inevitable drawing to it heavy injuries and a shot in air to escape until the opponent is frightened and paralyzed, are absolutely various. From usual cartridges they are distinguished by the letters “SZ“ (light-sound) in marking of the boss. Lack of such ammunition is non-standard length: it is longer, than the traumatic boss with a rubber bullet. Therefore it cannot be used in the self-defense weapon “Cordon“, on the dimensions 18h45SZ just does not get into shop.

There are also alarm cartridges different flowers. They differ in a letter “C“ in marking from traumatic, and visually the boss not thin, and filled to the full. Color of a forward cut of ammunition corresponds to color of the launched missile: red, yellow or green. The boss 18x45C launches the missile on height to 140 meters. This rocket shines within 5 seconds and is visible at distance to 2 kilometers in the afternoon and to 5 kilometers at night.

And the last, boss 18x45O (lighting). It shoots the bright rocket of this world on height to 65 m. The rocket burns within 4 seconds and covers with light a circle with a diameter up to 100 m

the Price of cartridges of caliber of 18õ45 mm is quite high. Sometimes reaches three dollars for a cartridge. However it does not stop users as the weapon under this cartridge inexpensive, and traumatic action of ammunition quite effective. Except the civilian population, under this cartridge also law enforcement agencies use the weapon. Moreover, since 2012 the program of introduction of the PB besstvolny weapon - 4th “WASP“ of caliber of 18õ70 mm (with a possibility of use of ammunition of caliber of 18õ45 mm) in law enforcement agencies a service weapon, on replacement of the fire gun of Makarov is adopted. And specialized cartridges (svetoshumovy, alarm and lighting) significantly expand a coverage of the besstvolny weapon of the most fashionable for today (2012) in Russia of caliber of 18õ45 mm.