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The ecstasy of

value definition designates Ecstasy causes comes there are reasons manifestation demonstration advantage intoxicated desire strong big general rough wild to behave with gusto to show harm correctly to hold to allow to constrain to cause bears


and - the beginning new nothing an inconspicuous aphorism, conclusion
in - important
d - banal, for children
z - informative
and - interesting
to - winged
of l - best
of N - not important
p - instructive
with - difficult for understanding
yu - humour

Ecstasy value definition designates causes comes arises the reasons manifestation demonstration advantage intoxicated desire strong big general rough wild to behave with gusto harm to show correctly to hold to allow to constrain to cause bears

z Ecstasy - delight, admiration, pleasure.
pzv to Manifestation of ecstasy is promoted by spirituality, morality, positive outlook, optimism …
p is felt by ecstasy that Less often who does not love people and the world.
p Ecstasy has to live only in a good camp.
z believers test ecstasy More often.
p Togo who is good to people - the ecstasy visits more often.
and Bad people test ecstasy to themselves, good - others.
p not shared ecstasy - grows dull.
p should Test ecstasy by each come day.
z That came ecstasy - it is necessary to learn to let in it the heart.
z If we in relation to someone test ecstasy - it can easily operate us.
zp Ecstasy should not be looked for - it has to come.
kzp That who tests ecstasy in relation to himself - does not wish or cannot grow.
pz the Shared ecstasy - doubles.
zp Ecstasy and lack of culture - are incompatible.
zp Enemies of ecstasy - pessimism, egoism, rivalry, envy, arrogance …
zd Ecstasy - a kind of pleasure.
z Ecstasy - opens soul.
to Ecstasy - fine madness.
z Testing ecstasy to great people from the past, we do not notice modern and we do not even believe in their existence.
and only descendants Test ecstasy to geniuses often.
p That to you tested ecstasy: the country - it is necessary to become great or to make a feat; the village in which you live, - to grow up
the biggest harvest; the wife - to buy her a fur coat or to repair the crane; the little son - to be able to crow. Believe in yourself, look for application to the abilities, and at you everything will turn out.
z Than worse than people lives - the bigger ecstasy tests.
z the Nature balances in the person ecstasy and disgust.
z the Smile, laughter, ecstasy can be shown in the person involuntarily for balance of feelings if it stays in the mountain, sufferings, risks, cries … z the Ecstasy caused by the nature for balance of feelings - is unnatural
p Should not stop spontaneous, causeless ecstasy - it lechebno, unless that - it can be covered from others eyes.
zp Ecstasy - illnesses medicine.
p the Person struck with envy - ecstasy leaves.
p Before falling into ecstasy think - whether it is pertinent.
zd In life ecstasy and disgust - always nearby.
p Ecstasy - is useful for health.
pz Ecstasy needs moderation.
pz Manifestation of ecstasy can irritate people.
z Ecstasy and loneliness - are badly compatible. z in many respects ecstasy we predetermine
z Ecstasy is in many respects obliged - to good health and kind mood.
z Ecstasy is limited to understanding and imagination.
to Foreign ecstasy - not on a shoulder.
zd everyone has an ecstasy to something special.
zd Ecstasy - emotion.
zd Ecstasy - obvorazhivat.
zd Ecstasy - forces to admire.
zd Ecstasy - forces to admire.
zd Ecstasy - generates respect.
z Ecstasy - pure fine feeling.
z Ecstasy - an integral part of love.
z Ecstasy - feeling strong and deep.
and Still tasting bitter disgust for that is to what we tested ecstasy still yesterday. and to the Person it is difficult for
to assume - to what he will test ecstasy.
and Ecstasy will not come - if you feel in an unenviable position.
z Ecstasy - is in many respects obliged to outlook. to Ecstasy it is easier for
to frighten away - than a nightingale.
to From ecstasy before disgust - one step.
to Ecstasy - fuel for creativity.
p Should be able to find ecstasy in trifles. to Who the ecstasy cannot find
in trifles - you will not surprise that also big.
and the Person on the present tests ecstasy not concerning the bought yacht, and the tired, poorly dressed mother to the helping hand of the stranger which brought to the child a toy or given. with
and If at us it is impossible to cause ecstasy in people - we begin to bother them.
z the Real ecstasy - in time is not dissolved.
z can Test ecstasy only to that is that is clear.
z Long the person is tired to test ecstasy -.
z Ecstasy - emotional splash.
z Ecstasy - rough positive emotion.
z about Ecstasy of activity - grows dim at acquaintance to the person, from the person - at acquaintance to its activity.
z is difficult to test ecstasy to daily, widespread, available ….
from the Most truthful and deserved ecstasy - from lips of the enemy.
from We test ecstasy to that is that we cannot imagine better.
from Is impossible we test ecstasy to what should be improved.
and - laugh At nonsense of near people at once, to wisdom clever - test ecstasy in centuries.
with Through ecstasy it is possible to be protected.
and Ecstasy antiquity - says that mankind self-critically.
p That lived love, the constant reserved ecstasy causing terrible fear to lose is necessary.
z Indifference - on the one hand the sworn enemy of love, with another -
is capable to prolong it. You should not look for in it paradox - simply, the openly ecstasy admire less love, the better it remains.
pz to Show ecstasy to the coupon the person at the beginning of a way - means to ruin his talent.
z Criticism and ecstasy in the assessment are not on friendly terms with the middle, and adore an extreme.
z Ecstasy accompanies dream.
z Gloomy people test ecstasy less often.
z the Friend of ecstasy - optimism.
p beforehand - leads Ecstasy to disgust.
z Ecstasy - emotional charging.
z Ecstasy of nonsense - is wild.
zp the Wound ecstasy - through time pours out disgust.
z the Ecstasy promotes formation of positive outlook.
p Not sincere ecstasy - lie.
and will Deeply like ecstasy - only the one who learned disgust can.
p the Ecstasy - should study.
yu Ecstasy - is capable to lead to an unconscious state.
yu Excessive ecstasy can affect the health.
yu the Guaranteed ecstasy cause gifts.
yu From ecstasy can lose a speech power and ability to move.
yu If to the man is not possible to cause ecstasy in the woman, he tries to cause at least pity.
yu Ecstasy - sincere envy.

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