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How the world will change in the near future? Forecasts of scientists

it is difficult to doubt information confirmed with various sources. In this case it will be a question of forecasts of experts in the most different field of science anyway connected with new technologies. So...

Professor Babak Parviz (Babak Parviz) working in the area tekhnobionik at one of universities of Washington predicts that in 18 years usual points or contact lenses will be replaced by an innovation - the virtual points implanted in an eyeball. They will become not only are available to most of people with weak sight, but also will expand borders of visual perception of everyone of novelty and sharpness of feelings.

How it will work? Lenses - points will be able to carry out at the same time two tasks: translator and face recognition. For example, in every spot on the globe you will be able to communicate with any foreigner at the level of the genius - the polyglot: you will see the translation of information which will be recognized on a voice of your interlocutor. We need only to conjecture kept back: the interlocutor has to be as well as you, it is connected to all-planetary computer system... Hi, Neo, matrix and company!

And most of researchers in it see nothing fantastic because both technologies described above already exist and it was necessary only to combine them and to introduce in the form of the nanocomputer at first in a contact lens, and then - in a vitreous body of an eye. Practically nothing.

The modern technologies based on use of the last achievements of genetic engineering allowed to create rather extensive peculiar bank of artificially grown up tissues, bodies and parts of a body. Today artificial organs warmly - vascular system (vessels, valves), urinogenital system are known (bubble). And rapid development of plastic surgery, as a result of not less rapid development of show - business, according to some experts, stimulated cultivation of cartilaginous parts of the face and the head (ears, a nose).

How grow up these bodies and fabrics? By words Anthony Atal`s (University Ueyk - Forrest), for this purpose use a complex from porous plastic - as a basis, stem cells of the client of clinic and the special substance stimulating growth of these cages with their subsequent transformation from fabrics into the required bodies.

Kendrick Kaye (University, California) assures of Berkeley that all through couple of decades, using not some ephemeral special mental opportunities, and modern nanotechnologies on implantation in fabric of chips with information, our society will be able to communicate without words, broadcasting thoughts. Already today physically disabled people can communicate with the world by means of the computer, without touching it, and on the basis of the Honda company (Japan) robotics passes test, obedient think of the person.

The researcher Robert Lanza (Advanced Cell Technology company) studying a question of reanimation of the disappeared types paid public attention to border not technological or theoretical (here process goes with great strides), and morally - ethical: almost in sixty years there will already be an opportunity to reanimate not only representatives of the Red List, but also ancestors of the person (for example, the Neanderthal man).

Fight against aging of an organism will get multilevel technological support. Today it is already proved that elementary refusal of a third of habitual volume of high-calorie food allows to prolong life for a third.

We can read the following intriguing statement in materials of the newspaper of Tayms . It appears, all in some ninety years computer technologies will reach the level when programming of properties of various materials and environments of world around becomes possible. For example, it will be possible easily, without straining, to create... whole city. Or a little (depends on scale of inquiries of practising). Only telepatiruya to equipment and without touching it (see above in the text). Of course, this fantasy seeming today will be based on nanotechnologies.

The mankind will plunge into a microcosm so deeply that through some time, having played and having come up from there for a while, will find itself a little... modified. Well, for example, some half chelovekoroboty. But, alas, back not to turn the started process even at about any more - very big desire. Also it is necessary to move further in it, incidentally groped, the direction. Here to you and terminator with a cyborg in addition will appear, and many other not less terrible, but entertaining entities. Play - I do not want further!

And it, notice, absolutely not empty imaginations of virtually anxious users, no! Already there are very much even real nanostructures, up to several square centimeters - rectangular monocrystals on which by means of special planar technologies the chips bearing information in the form of the program are recorded. And these microcomputers are capable to change a form of any object which are built in under the influence of an impulse.

This process of robotization of the person up to a genome Rodney Brooks (technological university, Massachusetts) predicts when the border between natural and artificial is hardly distinguishable, and many dear Ch. Darvin with his theory will be written off as superfluous in archive. So the era of biological cybernetics will come... Take heart, people - and - and! For the present...