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About Paradise and Hell, or Why to people alcohol?

Began everything long ago when wild and unkempt humanoid monkeys suddenly unexpectedly took and grew wiser. If according to the Bible, tasted fruits from the tree of knowledge. And on it paradise ended.

If to understand, unreasonable animals live in paradise - neither cares at them, nor efforts... Ate, has a sleep what else it is necessary? When you do not realize that to you it is bad, to you and it is not bad. If you do not feel unfortunate, then you also are not unfortunate.

All this comes with understanding of the situation. For example, having eaten up the last piece, the person is full, but the thought of what he will eat tomorrow, can quite make it unfortunate. Animals do not stuff the head with similar things and with calm digest a dinner, without caring for tomorrow.

It is hard to say whether the person had to develop in some other being, or the world had to exchange, but one is undoubted - the fruit was broken ahead of time, and the greatest good turned back a damnation.

Since then in the person the svezhepriobretenny reason, high concepts inherent in it about the Good and evil continuously fight against the animal basis which got by inheritance from ancestors. However, apparently, the reason was very valuable acquisition, not for nothing in the majority of religions domination of spirit over flesh, rational over instinctive is preached.

The devil, for example, is an embodiment of the carnal, animal beginning, the Holy Spirit, in turn, denies all carnal at all. Even represent the Devil in the form of a humanoid animal, and here God of physical shape, seemingly, has no at all.

The spiritual component induces to creativity, creation, development. It is about what it was written “and He created the person just like the“. Therefore, the person has to become as a result equal to the Creator and take the place near It in its kingdom. That is to be exempted from a monkey in itself and to move to qualitatively other level.

Yes only a monkey it is so easy to hand over positions too she does not intend. She opposes to rationality, and is very active. Nevertheless so just you will not erase millions of years of gloomy wildness from gene memory.

However, while everything is safe, the person is full - is dressed, his spirit is supported at the high level by something significant, dream, belief, the purpose, aspirations, hobbies - the monkey quietly dozes and has no especially an effect.

Another matter when vital reference points when the reason reaches a deadlock are lost, around seems a hopelessness. The monkey wakes up, stretches and begins to restrict reason. Usually it not really manages it without assistance. But here the person comes to the rescue.

And most this small animal is more native, lovelier to it, it promises such clear simple pleasures - to eat, have a sleep, communicate to an opposite sex... Not that the bore - reason, all to it to work, think of everyone unclear and high.

And everything is so simple: bought a bottle, lit up a kosyachok, gave an injection - and a monkey - the benefactor on freedom! As if came back home, to the Eden from which expelled evil and bad reason.

About scales of fight it is possible to judge by quantity of drunk - smoked in the world. And it besides that much even do not need it, it is rather simple to give in to the monkey, to put carnal, physical pleasures above spiritual, to refuse a way upward, such heavy and unpleasant. It is far quieter it is simple to live, in one afternoon, rejoicing to simple universal pleasures.

It would seem that in it bad? For the specific person, perhaps, anything. But such person will live life in vain, without having left behind anything, and will sink into obscurity. Moreover and people around for itself will pull carefree bliss of the existence.

And when for the world the real test, the Last Judgement comes, in a word: the strong, developed civilizations to which will be what to oppose to primitive instincts will escape. The civilizations living consumption for the saturation, which gave in to the animal beginning have no chances to pass test, to them certain “fiery Gehenna“ is prepared.

So to get to Heaven not so - that is simple, and not everyone will get there, but who will get... It would be desirable to look whom will be these... no, any more not people, mighty superbeings. And boringly there will definitely not be.