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Forecasts professor Michio Kaka. Kak will change the world in the near future?

Many technological changes of the modern world were davny - long ago are predicted by scientific fantasts, and we need only to observe their imperious introduction in the rights now. The world around us changed to unrecognizability, and techno - transformations increase as a snowball.

This time scientists were engaged in forecasting. Parade of predictors - the uncommon identity, the continued popular writer of theoretical physics, the high-class expert, the author of books, the teacher of a nu - York City - college - professor rightfully can open scientists for Michio Kak . Having united knowledge of two sciences (professor is keen on astronomy), he regularly acts on radio and on television (for example, to Michio Kak it is known as the host of several informative programs on popular TV channel Discovery), updates information on the website (mkaku. org), gives lectures in the different countries of the world (for example, in St. Petersburg on the II Russian youth innovative convention).

It is the talented researcher - the innovator in the true sense of the word. He the first recognized reality of the projects which until recently are furiously denied by official science owing to discrepancy to the famous laws and gradually finding the real embodiment today. These are projects of creation: Perpetuum Mobile, time machines, the invisible man and teleportation as a way of movement on the planet and beyond its limits.

Told Michio Kaka to the world which stood waiting for changes of the following:

- disappearance of the majority of diseases of mankind due to continuous diagnosing of all systems of the person by means of internal nanocomputers - robots (in 8 years);

- introduction in all live and lifeless objects invisible (including disposable) computers (in 18 years);

- universal public cultivation of bodies (in 23 years);

- reanimations old and not really bodies on a genome of remains (in 33 years);

- tourist`s flight of fans of extreme sports on the Red planet on a solar sail with half velocity of light only over three months (in 38 years);

- transformation of cars into navigators that will immediately remove from a car an old brand of attribute of luxury, with disappearance of road misunderstanding;

- transformation of planes into the autopiloted transformers - rockets;

- disappearance of need to go to work... but not absolutely: now instructions of the strict boss will become virtual and, perhaps, even (!) telepathic (in 43-83);

- long-awaited transformation of the fairy tale in byl (without any trite hints) when at last the dream and - la on pike command comes true, on my volition - at the price of full merge of the person to the robot the virtual materialization will become possible (in 88 years).

It is time for same who does not agree with the last point to pack suitcases for departure in the remote reservations of the planet (so far there are empty seats).

But the most interesting that to hide thoughts will become almost unreal (in 28 years) therefore to train positive thinking it is necessary to begin already now. There are assumptions that during this period as a counterbalance to inconsiderate intervention in personal space - the subject of the territory was burning at all times, - there will be a resistant fashion on elegant metal hats, impenetrable for electro - magnetic waves.

More encouraging forecast concerns life which at last will become so easy (thanks to robots, including robots - nurses) that will cease to break the fragile boat of love (we will remember Mayakovsky). It will occur not earlier, than in 43-83. Also it is not necessary to carp at exact dates. You can prove the return?

All aforesaid is confirmed (from insignificant, to space measures, a difference in terms) also by works of other fellows on science of this outstanding researcher of the present.