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How to establish the harmonious relations with people around?

Every day the person should communicate with various people, with someone from representatives of the human race it is possible to find easily and quickly a common language, with someone - it is more difficult. But also such persons with whom, apparently, it is impossible to adjust more - less pleasant communication in general meet.

And it is necessary to you?!

Sometimes such “heavy“ people who are unpleasant to you for some reasons communication with them is better to avoid or minimize

in general. But what to do if it is not possible to avoid it, for example, this “disagreeable person“ is your colleague or the relative.

If to communicate with the person, unpleasant for you, everything is it is necessary, then to you anyway, but it is necessary to look for ways of interaction, optimum with it.

What you in it is mute irritates?

Try to answer with

to yourself a question what is not pleasant to you in this person? Why communication with it is not comfortable for you?

As a rule, all negative qualities which the person finds and condemns in others are also in him, only deeply hided, disguised. If you did not have these qualities and they would be unfamiliar and unknown to you, then you just could not see and distinguish them in other person. So can be, you hide these negative lines in yourself, but only are afraid to admit it? Without accepting them in itself and therefore condemning in other person?

Perhaps, a problem in you?

something should not irritate with

you in the person if you are a harmonious and complete personality. If you emotionally and psychologically mature person, then are able to accept people such what they are, without condemning and without criticizing their shortcomings.

People, as a rule, only give you such reaction which you expect from them. Subconsciously each person feels what your attitude towards him and to what you present it, it only “reflects“ it.

is important to understand another

Try to understand why this person so behaves? Perhaps, it has any problems, disappointments and difficulties in life? To all and there are always reasons and explanations.

Why this person became such how now, from - for what? You do not know all its history, maybe, it even should sympathize? Each of us has difficulties, weaknesses and internal experiences. It is just necessary to be more attentive and more tolerant on the relation to each other, to look for in people what unites you, but does not separate with them.

Look for in others advantages, but do not try to discover shortcomings!

Try “to advance“

the person the trust. Try to think about it is mute better, to wish it good. At least mentally smile to it, accepting it it what it is.

I am sure that if you change the thoughts and own attitude towards your “foe“, then he surely will feel it and will begin to change for the better, having answered your heat with the heat and your smile the smile.

Bear in yourself light!

If to you it seems to

that put not in you at all that it treat you badly and think of you worse, than you are, without having appreciated you, then disregard these delusions. Be guided by own self-assessment or only by opinion of those who are rather important for you. As spoke to Coco Chanel: “To me all the same that you think of me. I do not think of you in general“. Everyone has the right to think of you everything that wants. To you from it has to be it is cold, hot. Just remain yourself and forgive to people of their weakness and delusion.

Remember that your internal light is capable to disseminate any darkness if you at the same time sincerely try to love and understand other people. Look for good in people! And they will surely answer you with the same!