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What if all were identical? All people have

the imagination and imagination. All of us are great visionaries and storytellers, someone in small, and someone more. And every day we imagine to ourselves, what will be farther that we will do then as we will rejoice or on the contrary to be upset, that is we build “castles in the air“. At some people this process is continuous. Actually people live in the future, and the future for us is a projection of the past. Also it turns out that people live somewhere in the past.

Imagine for a moment that if all people were identical: externally, internally, any distinctions and identity. What then would be? You can imagine it?

It became interesting to me, and I decided to make it. If all of us were huge gray weight though now it is present, but there are still bright spots. Present!

In fact, any person is not similar to anybody another is the fact. The nature for survival of a look is so arranged, for its prisposablivayemost is an evolution. We have all miscellaneous, even at twins, just it is not visible to the naked eye: hands, legs, forms of parts of a body. To what I conduct all this, and to the fact that, all of us different and in it also are uniqueness of each person on the earth.

And now imagine our planet occupied by the people who are not differing from each other. Of course, there are men and women for reproduction. But all women are similar at each other as like as two peas, and men are also similar at each other. They differ only in reproductive organs. In principle the identical climate on all planet is for this purpose necessary, we will present. That there were no distinctions in color of skin, eye shape, food type. And also all will be without hair, without clothes, the identical growth, a constitution, a little different timbre of a voice - at men is more rough, at women is more gentle - for differences of floors. Any leaders or governors, there are only men, women and plants, it is necessary to eat something.

There is no evolution. There are only minimum instincts - food, reproduction, cultivation of children, a dream.

And now think, you would like to appear for a week in such life, so then to remember what was? I would like, but also only. In principle such existence will not lead to anything - neither to good, nor to bad, any development - all on the place, all on the place. It of course only assumption. It is hardly possible in the real world. But for contrast, it is worth presenting!

Our world is so difficult arranged and thought over that God obviously did not throw dice (Albert Einstein)

I if we were all identical now, then we could not realize it.

Therefore try to be yourself in any situation, do what you want to do within the law and common sense. The nature made the person such what he is not just like that. Think sometimes of it.

Perceive opinions of people around only as attempts to make you are stronger, bolshinsvo opinions is a usual envy.

Always you remember, as you are not present it any more and will not be. You are unique by nature!

Be the real person from capital letter!