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How to receive what never had?

you reflected why people hurry? Why quickly speak? Why somewhere hurry? Often we see, and happens also we act this way.
A what is the reason of such behavior? What forces people to hurry? Probably, are afraid not to be in time or to lose something. And here what, did not think? At first sight everything is simple - just hurry. Late woke up, overslept, long went etc. You know, watching people and working with them, I can tell what the delay and haste, as well as all in life, the person plans. At first sight it can strange sound, well why to me to plan delay and still to be nervous about it. I Will try to explain
. The matter is that each of us lives by own principles or has the habits. And these habits help the person to make or not to make the plan for every day and further for the rest of life. He can not understand it, but it so. The person gets used to his such life. And day by day does nearly one and too. And the foundation of such behavior is laid in the childhood when the child studies at tutors, looking at their behavior and listening that he is told. Compares and sees whether words coincide with business and studies, begins to copy behavior of adults over time. And if tutors are not able to organize themselves, then the child studies it, as they say, on an example. Delay, as we know, causes sense of guilt. Often being late or not carrying out promised the person gets used to what constantly is in a dependent state - feels guilty. And as it is not strange, it becomes for it normal and only to it known. Gradually this sense of guilt begins to direct his life. I observed situations when the person, for example, agreeing with someone fixes meeting time, inconvenient for himself, obviously understanding what most likely will not be able to be in time, or agrees with several people about a meeting practically at the same time. Plans slips - what will force it to be nervous and late - to get to a state, habitual for it. Or here still example: the person quickly speaks, and practically always. Same reason - not to be in time or lose fear. And how you will invent what will be received by the person who is afraid to lose? Of course sooner or later will lose. With what person you will prefer to work, with the fact that all the time chatters or with that which speaks exactly and convincingly, keeps the word?
For certain you want to become successful, then ask yourself: your behavior corresponds to this intention?
Do simple exercise. Present that you are already successful, look at yourself today`s from that height and tell what there has to be for this purpose your behavior and habits. You see something not so - change. you Know
, N. Pezeshkian - the founder of positive psychotherapy told: If you want to receive that you never had, then make what never did . it works with