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Asters new Belgian (sentyabrinka). How to look after them?

Several bushes of flowers - a sentyabrinok to me were presented by my neigbour in the seasonal dacha, having assured me at the same time that these perennials are very unpretentious and no serious leaving will be demanded, but will please all with the lilac florets. In total and left.

For several years of a sentyabrinka quickly gained strength. In the summer they grow and serve as a green border, and blossoming begins only in September and continues till late fall. In the autumn serene days these flowers are very beautiful, even butterflies on them from where they - that are flown.

Sentyabrinki - a species of perennial grassy plants (Symphyotrichum novi - belgii) which on - scientific are called an aster new Belgian, or virginsky. But in the people all call these unpretentious perennials just sentyabrinka.

This plant is from North America. It is appreciated extremely plentiful and very late blossoming, flowers and buds transfer frosts to - 5 and if after frosts warm weather is established, asters continue to blossom even in days when short-term snow drops out.

Bushes at a sentyabrinka strongly branched, entirely covered with medium-sized, but numerous flowers. Grades happen srednerosly (60-80 cm) and high (100-150 cm). A rhizome at them strongly branching, creeping, stalks thin, numerous, gustooblistvenny. Leaves are integral, lantsetny or prodolgovato - lantsetny, 6-12 cm long, brilliant, it is dark - green. Inflorescences - baskets, 2-4 cm in the diameter, coloring lilac, lilac, pink, white. Flowers appear approximately in an early autumn and keep to strong frosts. Sentyabrinka is used in group and single landings, borders, along avenues and roads, from South side at the bottom of ornamental shrubs.

Sentyabrinki is preferred by the places which are well lit with the sun protected from cold winds. This plant rather frost-resistant, however is the best of all to plant it on the constant place at the beginning of May when strong frosts behind.

When landing I recommend to dig over the soil on depth of 25 cm and to plant bushes on distance of 40-45 cm the friend from friends if the grade tall, and to undersized grades is enough area of 2025 cm. These perennials expand quickly enough as have a long rhizome so it is possible to replace them in 3 - 4.

Besides division of a bush, use such ways of reproduction of this plant as a cherenkovaniye and crops of seeds. However they are much more labor-consuming and ineffective. In some cases it is possible to divide a bush, without digging out it, and having just cut off from it 1 - 2 parts by means of a sharp shovel. The released holes are covered fertile with earth and watered.

Care of a plant very simple: maintenance of the soil in rather friable state, removal of weeds and regular waterings in dry weather the water which is slightly warmed up on the sun. During liquid podkormok of vegetables or strawberry the divorced chicken dung it is possible to water with this nutritious solution at the same time and sentyabrinka. In the fall or in the spring after cut of old stalks it is desirable to pour under bushes a little humus from compost.

This quite popular type of perennial is subject to diseases, typical for all asters. Mealy dew is especially dangerous, from - for what selectors seek to remove grades which will be steadier against this disease. But, fortunately, on my sentyabrinka mealy dew is not observed and they continue to blossom every fall on pleasure to me and all surrounding!