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Criminal talent of cats. Why they steal?

Practically all cats potentially have talent to pull together everything that badly lies and that is pleasant to them. At our Sawney and Taksa is own preferendum what to steal.

For example if left unguarded some soft drink with straws in a glass, then in two minutes on a table there will be a glass, but already without straws. Both of them innocently play with this toy: Dachshunds usually holds it in teeth as the dog a stick, and runs away, and Sonya tries to catch up with it and to select a trophy.

One more thing which cats constantly steal is a fresh radish. Once you bring it from shop and to put on a kitchen table, both cats are right there near and begin to pull down slowly for tails a radish from a table on a floor. When, from their point of view, they stole enough, then they jump on a floor and infinite game begins. The radish plays a ball role, and the main task of team having a tail consists in that as it is possible to go into “this ball“ further.

But among koshasty also highly skilled thieves come across.

the English cats are pilferers

the Oscar. the Family Brigitt and Peter Vaysmantl from the English town of Portsvud decided to take from a shelter of a cat. When they came in a shelter, to them the cat the Oscar which was 13 years old attracted. Despite solid age, it looked very healthy and even tried to play with new owners. But happiness of spouses was short.

The cat so liked to live in the new house that he decided to express gratitude to the benefactors in own way. He loaded them gifts: gloves, socks, scarfs. But the cat had special passion for female underwear. The Oscar began to drag regularly to the house woman pants...

On the one hand, Peter and Brigitt were horrified by a cat - the thief and were frightened that neighbors can suspect honest family of theft. What to do? Spouses called the police. The police officer only made a helpless gesture: what here you will do! On the other hand, owners found that “the innocent habit“ of the Oscar to bring things to the house looks very lovely. The collective decision to leave a vicious cat in the house forever was made!

Frankie. the Magnificent black cat lives in the small English town of Swindon. He is a big esthete, loves soft things of a bright coloring, has special passion for plush toys. As soon as darkens, Frankie comes for hunting, bypassing the neighboring yards in search of production. Having found something worthy its attention, he takes the attracted bagatelle or a toy and drags it to himself to the yard through a special door for cats. To such manners he became the owner of one and a half tens plush leopards, numerous soft toys and mass of things, useless for it.

What is interesting, Frankie never plays with stolen toys, he is happy that it found them and brought home. What it is necessary to do to owners of a thievish cat? Regularly they hang out the list of the things brought to Frankie that neighbors could come and take away the.

Kot - the robber from Switzerland

the Modest greyish cat with a white breast by name Spidi`s lives in the beautiful settlement of Vizendangen in Switzerland. But the cat`s thief - the recidivist with an experience is behind modest appearance. More than three years he is engaged in a robbery of neighbors. During this time he “stole“ more than one hundred various things. The cat has no special preferences, he drags to the house all that catches sight: gloves, scarfs, t-shirts, flounces for badminton, does not disdain to take also the women`s bra which is carelessly left by the hostess in the yard.

For delivery of a stolen property to a hut the cat uses a hole in a shed and a garret window. All got treasures are stored in the room of the younger son of the hostess. On a family council it was decided to print leaflets about tricks of a cat and to invite neighbors that they came and tried to find the lost things, more precisely “prikhvatizirovanny“ a cat.

the American cats are kleptomaniacs

the Only exception of friendly men`s staff of cats - pilferers are made by the seductress Hrizantema . It began the thieves` career with stealing of socks at neighbors. But it quickly bored it, and she began to specialize in theft of documents.

Theft Green - cards at one gawk became top of her skill. Here the hostess did not sustain and carried the document stolen by a cat in police. History does not know, the citizen managed to find loss of residence permit or and was in the happy dark to a call in police where it was handed the stolen document.

The most known cat - the kleptomaniac is Siamese Dasti . It became famous in various mass media thanks to the fact that throughout a long time stole things from neighbors in the Californian city San at night - Mateo. Special release on Animal Planet channel was devoted to this robber.

Dasti went behind production every night. He dragged everything that occurred in the path to the house: from frank garbage to toys and swimwears. But, nevertheless, the cat loved a certain order: if it brought home one boot, then came back behind another that there was a set. In total Dasti managed to be brought to the house about 600 various objects!

When the patience of owners ran low, they, according to the offer of Animal Planet channel, decided to track where the cat trades at night. Operators managed to photograph by means of chambers of night vision as it went to business and returned with a bra which was obviously inconvenient to be dragged to it.

On the days off Dasti`s owners organize “Open Day“, inviting neighbors to take away the stolen things a cat - the kleptomaniac. But Dasti brought too many things, it is necessary to distribute them long. Why cats steal


zoopsychologists have several versions to explain criminal behavior of cats. If the cat is hungry, then he will get to himself livelihood anywhere: will pull down something from a master`s plate, or will go to trade at neighbors.

As for theft of things, some cats have a selectivity: one drag toys, socks or gloves, and not really legible as they Dasti, do not disdain anything. Explain to Ethology (experts in behavior of animals) this phenomenon with aspiration cat`s to hunt to get a new trophy, or from desire to somehow thank the owners for kindness and caress. Probably, the cat brought much of you the caught mouse or a birdie, showing thereby the respect and trust.

What to do with thievish cats? I will not be able to tell anything consolatory on this subject. It is necessary to reconcile to this habit of the favourite. Still nobody managed to disaccustom a cat to hang around vicinities in search of the next material production and to drag it to himself home … in a cat`s collection.