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Pyramid of MMM - 2011. How many it is necessary swindlers and fools?

there Passed the first year of life of MMM - 2011. So far she is rather living, than is dead, but the first failures already began to appear. And not always because of her creator - Sergey Mavrodi.

I cannot tell that I all past tense fixedly monitored functioning of MMM - 2011, but in the last month me reminded of a pyramid to Baynet (the Belarusian Internet) which news I regularly look through on the national post portal.

And in Belarus to Sergey Mavrodi`s child for the first time there were quite curious events.

The main dynamics of these events was developed here literally within one week of March, 2012. The news connected with a pyramid of MMM in Belarus followed one by one. In the beginning in Bayneta there was article that Mavrodi`s pyramid in Belarus “actively develops“, promising unprecedented dividends - 50% a month. In the conditions of the Belarusian inflation this really tempting offer.

It was reported that the main office of a pyramid, as well as it is necessary to the solid organization, settled down in the center of Minsk, on Nezavisimosti Avenue. His employees positioned this office as counseling center.

Advertizing MMM - was carried out 2011 in Belarus the last months very actively in all directions: and on the Internet - resources, and in the press. But if the Internet is available today and in the village, then printing editions generally extended in Minsk where probability to tighten in the networks new participants much above, than on the periphery.

In free of charge distributed advertizing editions there was a series of articles where the theoretical base relieving moral responsibility from participants of a pyramid was brought. There the pyramid was compared to cash desk of mutual aid (what here immoral - to help the neighbor?) . It was said that MMM - 2011 “just gives to citizens that profit which from them is concealed by greedy bankers“. Well, all participants of a pyramid - such Robin Gudy. And it, you understand, it is pleasant to understand!

For the beginning of April of this year, according to S. Mavrodi`s website, the number of participants of MMM - exceeded 2011 25 million people. The new project of Mavrodi was much more abrupt in comparison with previous when about 15 million Russians were involved in a pyramid. According to consultants, among them not only simple inhabitants and students, but also state officials, both bank workers, and employees of fiscal bodies and militias.

The fact that in Belarus, as well as in Russia, the authorities first did not interfere with activity of MMM - 2011 is important. Argument simple: “so far nobody addressed with the complaint to organizers of this pyramid“. But in Belarus, unlike Russia, all - decided “to use the power“.

And it is valid, by the legislation of Belarus, consultations on financial questions have to be made by the auditor on the basis of the license granted by the Ministry of Finance. Besides, any informal activity connected with obtaining the systematic income reasonably is considered by fiscal bodies as illegal business.

However consultants could object that they do not give financial consultations but only explain instructions for use the website - a pyramid. And as for the income, it is, certainly, not business activity. The income from prizes in the Belarusian lotteries is not assessed with a tax. And in a pyramid it is possible to win, but it is possible and to lose - all as in lotteries.

But these arguments in Belarus did not work. Officials saw in MMM - 2011 means by means of which it is possible to kill two hares at once: and to strangle suspicious business and to fill up with the withdrawn means treasury.

Also the open video message of S. Mavrodi to the president A. Lukashenko where he promised in case of opening of a network of points MMM in Belarus “in one or two months did not help to stop inflation and falling of Belarusian ruble exchange rate“. Now also think that you want why in 2012, in comparison with 2011, inflation in the country sharply decreased? And whether it will start over again growing sharply after extermination of MMM in the territory of Belarus? It seems that Mavrodi everything is bluffed.

It was pleasant to me how the MMM deputy chairman of the National Bank of Belarus S. Dubkov on a press - the conference devoted to the World day of protection of the rights of the consumer commented on the phenomenon.

“The pyramid is not only a question of financial literacy. It is the test for each of us. Our decency test. Whether we are ready to participate in system, knowing that we will be able to return the profit only at the expense of others? MMM are also the test for bodies of a state administration and for all Belarusian society - whether it is possible to call the Belarusian society goodhearted?“ in conclusion as state agencies intend to react to activity of a financial pyramid in Belarus, S. Dubkov answered

a question: “I think that the appropriate measures will be taken“. Also added: “We do not speak loudly, we act quickly“.

And it is valid, in couple of days in Bayneta BELTA note appeared. In it it was said that KGB of Belarus stopped illegal activity of a financial pyramid of MMM - 2011, having arrested the citizens involved in its financial operations.

Arrest of the Belarusian organizers of MMM was preceded by operation of special troops: fighters of group the Alpha in masks took storm the Minsk office of MMM. However, nobody broke doors. They were open.

KGB specified that the group of persons - organizers involved several thousands of citizens of Belarus in Mavrodi`s pyramid and gained at the same time income “in especially large size“ - over 500 million Belarusian rubles.

We will notice that this sum expressed in US dollars makes only $62 500, or on average about 20 - 30 dollars on one participant.

After Belarus - 2011 our neighbors - Lithuania and Latvia were engaged in activity of MMM.

As in the Latvian legislation there is no ban on advertizing of financial pyramids, Mavrodi`s images were placed at stops of buses and on residential buildings. All of them, despite a gap in the Law on advertizing, from streets will be removed. It was declared by the mayor of Riga.

The Central Bank of Lithuania received data on a criminal aspect of activity of MMM and appealed to law enforcement agencies to take measures for protection of citizens of Lithuania. The Prosecutor General`s Office began the corresponding investigation. A similar request is sent by bank in the International organization of the commissions on securities and the European management for securities and the markets.

And it only beginning. Hardly cultural Europe will allow to manage legally in the territory to a criminal Russian pyramid.

Now “train“ under the name MMM begins to move with mad acceleration, demanding monthly inflow of new participants in number of not less than 5 million people. It is very difficult task. And if the pyramid manages to mobilize similar huge resources, it will be able to exist until the end of the year.

In this case the quantity involved in a pyramid will exceed hundred million people and Mavrodi will forever enter the name in the Guinness Book of Records as the most successful swindler 20 - go and 21 - go centuries.

And then MMM - 2011 will inevitably collapse as all small swindlers will be physically allocated from human society and further there will be nobody to be replenished unless only at the expense of fools.