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How to determine age of cognac by a label and color?

They say that the man in something is similar to cognac: the is more senior, the better. I will notice that women support this imperative. From outside this statement seems strange.

In principle, the ninety-year-old old man who is constantly asking the spouse: “And you who, darling? What is your name?“, irritates people around more often, than causes positive emotions. Youth not really - that has a kind feeling an old age, and here the antagonism is inevitable.

But in a question of the choice of cognac everything is exactly the opposite. The drink, the more valuably is more senior.

It is good to remove stress of day of work a liqueur glass to cognac! Scientists proved long ago that the small portion of amber drink well influences on warmly - vascular system of the person, removes stress consequences, improves mood. The star of the French cinema Alain Delon is the most famous nondrinker of France - leads a healthy lifestyle and almost does not drink. The exception does only for good cognac. Perhaps, therefore it did not lose appeal to a female though years to it 77 years. The star knows in what there is a sense from alcoholic drinks!

As complexion of the person over the years changes, also cognac also changes. At children`s age the blond boy causes affection. And years through thirty, you look, at it already high temples, reddish volosye chaotically border a skull. Young cognac too as if “fair-haired“. That is has light-amber color. In a cognac maturity - years so in 9 - 10 - already ruby color and more tart. The taste bouquet over the years at cognac materet, leaves in fancy, noble tone.

I consider correct if for a table we look for “old man“. Such cognac is more expensive than young fellows, of course. But in a burning question of age of cognac a maturity - the major thing. How to us, simple buyers in a supermarket what look for a cognac small bottle for family celebration or simply “for blood dispersal before going to bed“ to choose a worthy bottle, say, of import cognac?

To buy drink in the necessary maturity, the buyer should study a label attentively. Let`s begin with the most unpretentious.

Everyone who had a rest abroad in hotels three stars four, five, knows how sometimes quality of numbers strikingly differs, the service level, furniture in each of categories. If we buy cognac in three stars, then on a bottle the inscription “Troyes Etual“ flaunts . Here we have to understand that we drink “young - is green“! “Etual“ - three stars - hardly celebrated with Troyes the third anniversary since birth, so to speak. It is absolutely still the child. Naughty, vigorous, in many respects still confused. Young child, in a word. He creates rebellious mood in a body and himself.

Cognac with the abbreviation of “Very Special“ riveting attention on itself is more weighed in the behavior . In many American movies of the man, wishing to express the extreme extent of admiration of the woman, speak to it: “You are a very special woman“. That is “you - something special“. Very special cognac, really, special liquid! He specially in oak barrels is stood by not less than 4,5 years. Then put on a bottle an ominous sign from two letters of the Latin alphabet: V. S. (very special). This is any more not the youth at whom still milk on lips did not dry. Very Special - already the young man. Flexible, brawny, as fallow deer. Bright.

Further marking on a bottle of “Very Very Superior Old Pale“ follows is already drinks not less than five years of endurance. For cognac it is middle / advanced age. Here already, figuratively speaking we see not the young man, but the well-fad man with a stomach and a gray hair, but still very vigorous, though very judicious.

And at last, marking on a label “X. O. (Extra Old)“ . This is already the old man who is eight years old and more. To cognac maybe ten, and fifteen years. It will be designated all the same H. O. Starichok with H. O. brand is considered the most worthy representative from all possible cognacs of mass consumption. It is necessary to drink “old man“ microscopic drafts and it is desirable to have a snack on nothing at all. But it is purely my feelings. Anything! Just your language, flavoring receptors and cognac of brand X. O. Vsyo!

Happens so that there is no money for import cognac in a purse or on a card. And to omochit them the sky hunting! Then we buy old kind domestic cognac . Here the difference in taste depending on age is a little noticeable, actually. All is very simple: how many stars on a label, so much liquid has to have also excerpts inside. Three stars burn in “forehead“ - means, before us a three-year copy. Five stars - five years. Only often happens that on a label will be botched how many you want stars, and everything spreads from one tub in the cellar where - nibud in Malakhovka near Moscow or on small Arnautskaya in Odessa as Ilf and Petrov`s famous characters spoke.

It is possible to run into “fake“ cognac with an import label too, but nevertheless to forge in industrial scale a domestic production much more simply and the cheapest way so, upon purchase of an import figured bottle risk to get poisoned much less, than from our native production. It is checked on itself.

Somehow time I heard interview of one narcologist. I was struck by one thought: the physician claimed that never met the patient who became an inveterate drunkard from cognac. Never! From vodka - yes, easily become an inveterate drunkard. From beer - not a question. Even from wine - forward! And from cognac - no. Why so? The narcologist told something about special composition of cognac alcohol, but I so understood that he cannot give the exact answer to the matter. Do not become an inveterate drunkard from cognac, that`s all. Churchill, for example, allegedly drank all life on two bottles of cognac a day and used to say only that “I took from binge more, than it from me“. Drink it two bottles of vodka a day - so long ago would “skapustitsya“. And cognac - business other … I do not urge you to become

Ya as Churchill and to drink two bottles of cognac a day. I can urge you to become Churchill, but it will turn out not at all. And here to pour to itself naperstochek some amber drink and to plunge into an easy chair before going to bed - it can do everyone! Day in memoirs becomes is lighter, kinder, yantarny. And unless not for the sake of such days we live?