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How to overcome crisis of personal sellings? We do time, we do two!.

Practically each seller at least once in life felt discomfort of crisis of personal sellings. The psychological state of the seller in such cases leaves much to be desired: apathy to needs of clients, absence of due motivation to go and sell. How to be in such cases? How to help the seller to find the “second“ breath? we Do

time: we look to the truth in eyes

So-called crisis of personal sellings is, first of all, emotional state at which recession of the general activity is observed. The profession of the seller demands from the person of rather strong and healthy mentality - the whole day of communication with people can sustain not everyone.

Moreover, false installations and existence of prejudices do the dirty deed - the seller wishes to be only in a comfort zone: let sales be carried out by itself, “both pay - and I work“, “I was tired“, “bothered“ …

the Seller working on mood, as a rule, is not engaged in the analysis of the recessions in sales because he looks for only “positive“ in private life and at work, respectively.

Any insignificant production conflict looks “negative“ for it. Any remark in its address is perceived by it as attacks, squaring of accounts, personal hostility to it.

Whether there is after that a desire to go to work?. No! The seller goes to work “from - under sticks“! Whether it will have further recessions of sales?. Easily!

Is done two: we turn minuses into pluses

to be a winner in life - treasured desire of many! Here be also winners: begin the working day with planning and arrangement of priorities, with those tasks which for certain will be solved by you.

Relish of a victory will be impacted by confidence and determination in affairs. And already with the found confidence undertake the subsequent more complex challenges - to you it on a shoulder!

Be more courageous: admit to yourself that you were not ready to such turn in life that crisis took you unawares, but you do not wish to go down stream. Admit own laziness and irresponsibility.

Self-criticism works wonders - you will get rid of fantastic fears!. More precisely, you will begin to control them. And it - already the beginning of stability in good sense of the word. It is certain valid “positive“ which will always accompany you.

From irresponsibility - to full responsibility!. As soon as you take under the responsibility all events with you then the “second“ breath will open - grandness of tasks is followed by improbable enthusiasm and inflow of forces.

After the question “What to Do?“ at once you turn to the question “How to Make It?“ and with great pleasure you will find out that you solve already creative problem - the question “How to Make It?“ will force you to look for options.

Search of options will mobilize your ability to think and will realize creative potential. Banal sales will turn into the making arts of sales. And there nearby and to the correct understanding tovarno - monetary human relations. Without hypocrisy and lie to.

Good luck to you! Also you remember: the real freedom of choice is quantity of options three and more.