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How to turn the potential chief into real? “I represent three lines of the Worker Mechta of

how you were bothered by our heads! Admit when your hand reaches for the razor whether visit you destructive thoughts? Well, say, to cut a throat to the next client?“ - I am interested, winking at its reflection in a mirror.

“Did not bother. I always look at the heads“, - she answers, being active behind my back stronger of Edward Ruki - scissors. “Also believe, I can easily tell who dyes hair in salon, who in a hairdressing salon, and who... oh, look, here someone nests!“ Told and laughs. Stylists have such specific humour...

Well, it was the lyrical introduction to our subject devoted to the personal growth and growth of personal efficiency. Small vital history of success so demanded today. Because exactly today life obliges each of us to be successful. Do not ask me why. It is an axiom. How to become successful? The answer is simple: to be the soft place on the place heat.

We will think how to turn the potential chief in real and to competently cut competitors?

As summaries write only (as appears from the summary) real heroes of work, it is necessary to try properly to become the best of the best. For this purpose it is necessary to understand who is looked for by employers. At once I will note that they do not differ in a variety of taste. Never met announcements: “The numskull which will disappear in a month with materiel is required lazy, irresponsible“.

So who is necessary to them? First of all, the real workaholic capable in a second to turn from the person into the true professional. The fan of the business who always thinks of business, even when he not at affairs.

It is representable, you are a children`s stomatologist! You have a rest at the dacha. And here the neighbour`s child falls, hits the person - the gum is injured, blood whips the fountain what to do?.

You take tools, second conjure at the patient in a mouth, and here - he already laughs loudly. “ Is listened here, mummy “, - you conclude tone, peremptory. - “ will be necessary which Here - what to make, will come tomorrow - I have a scalpel and anesthesia “. Stop! A scalpel and anesthesia … here, in the evening, on Saturday, at the dacha … on which they to me, you ask? I Will answer

- because the true professional will meet by any blow fully equipped, he cannot be taken unawares! It will provide all possible situations - he has no need to fuss.

Let`s say you are an accountant. You stand in a queue in tax. It happens to accountants. The upset people leave an office - at them reports did not accept. Now to them to go to work, to remake and come back to gloomy gray crowd. But... who it in crowd? It you! You speak: “ was turn Earlier, and now a cyber - turn! “, also you take the laptop, the press and the small printer out of a briefcase. Mistakes to you are not terrible any more, they can be corrected on the place.

In trifles it all - the worker whom dream the person who can assume all freight of responsibility and carry it, both veztiya, and a veztiiya.

But on honest interview where you, fortunately, are not known yet, you should prove that you such person. It will be difficult. You need couple of phrases against which any doubts will break into your account:

Here they:

1. “You can call me even at night, and I …“ . And further in independence of a position for which you apply: “I will make by all means“, “I will execute in the shortest possible time“, “I will resolve this issue“ etc.

Making unrealizable promises, it is necessary to follow them at least during a trial period. After it will be more difficult to dismiss you. Promise the interlocutor anything, but, just in case, nothing concrete. Show that are capable of the victims for business even if badly you represent that, actually, for good reason.

2. “I left the former place of work because I want to grow and develop. The person has to see results of the work, but not just like that waste the life“ .

To see in the chief exclusively mercantile monster - all the same what to look in a mirror. Still Chekhov (either Dostoyevsky, or who else?) wrote that you should not estimate human nature from so narrow, prejudiced point of view. Show the aspiration to something unrealizable, air - to Mechta. But here it is important not to overdo, and that the chief can think that in free flight you plan to land directly in its chair.

You are an applicant, but not Luke Skywalker - “the hidden threat“ from “Star wars“. For this reason it is not necessary to frighten the employer by excessive knowledge of a subject, legal skill, regarding the labor legislation especially.

And the last phrase - the queen of sense. “If it is required, then I involve all our“ . You have to show that you have communications even if kostm are ready to lay down that nobody learned about these “communications“.

Well, I designated to you the purpose and prompted ways of its torpedoing. Torpedo on health! And soon you on yourself will feel result! Of course, there are a lot more beautiful and confused phrases possessing unique ability to convince nothing without meaning. But you should not be sprayed by them as the good employee as the good intelligence agent, always remains a riddle not only for those for whom works, but also for itself.