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ZOZh - all new this well forgotten old?

Often on the street it is possible to see the inscriptions “ZOZh“ cylinders and markers, the set of posts on this subject and demotivator is created. What is it and from where it undertook?
Is deciphered ZOZh as the Healthy lifestyle.
is important - to watch over the mental and physical health, food Here, not to forget about surveys and obligatory treatment, unfortunately it is not much healthy people, actually. Our grandmothers could brag of the teeth in 94 years, to us it will be difficult to be repeated.
acts as the Important party of ZOZh beauty at what, beauty not from cosmetics or operations, and natural: healthy hair, the clean skin trained a figure, modesty.
Sport is the main key to beauty, you spend calories, negative energy and time which took away from the TV, on themselves, the body and soul, winning against yourself, putting itself new levels every day, we grow, but as it is pleasant. Even pain from bodybuilding, fitness or physical culture can give pleasure, it is a small victory over the laziness, and tomorrow - result. You became already a little better, than yesterday, but not than someone.
Rest is a guarantee of health. I do not mean rest in clubs of night on flight, no. Fresh air in city park or the wood, good emotions from a trip on a horse or games in soccer, a healthy sleep after transition through the Alps, swimming. This list of useful and pleasant things can be infinite, only you limit it.
Children are very susceptible to all new and absorb everything as a sponge. At this age the example of ZOZh will be fertile. Growth and development of the child will be accelerated by volleyball, swimming or gymnastics, the main thing that the child is keen. In the company with sport it in safety.
But is higher and higher told only words, behind them the whole new generation to which not all the same that will be tomorrow and which is able to think and live is covered. This movement by teenagers and young people, athletes and students of universities is formed a basis, this layer of the population was always the engine of all revolutions. Why so loudly I declare it? Yes because mass media cannot control and operate, eat for 100% the ways of receiving and an exchange of information independent of anybody formed by society young and initiative any more. There is no advertizing and promotion of beer and cigarettes, but there is a promotion of good food and healthy rest, there are no half-dressed girls and promotion of the “free“ relations, and the love for money finds the real censure. It is a voice of the whole generation, this how we want to live, this natural desire to have the good healthy raised children, a happy strong family and a clear sky over the head. Here mind and force, independence and sincerity is appreciated. Such we - new generation. We do not seek to earn from the children, selling them beer, cigarettes and a pornography, we do not offer them false ideals as a straight line to inaction and laziness. We teach those who want to become better not to trust glossy magazines, they do not cause in us anything, except an inferiority complex and desire to spend even more money for what is actually not necessary for us.
We want to see happiness not in money, and in healthy smiles of the family to us people, we appreciate friendship and we do not betray. Romanticism, you will tell? Just you yet not with us.
For a start try to throw out a pack of cigarettes from the table and not to drink on days off with boredom, to go in for physical culture and to fall in love with the body, doing it better by daily trainings, to read books and independent articles, to write and then we will become more, people who believe in themselves, in the and force and in an opportunity to make this world it is better, it is as if silly or ridiculous sounded.