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Who lodged in the House on the Embankment now?

History with disappearance and the subsequent then emergence of the most known hours of modern Russia very much reminds tricks of a cat of the Hippopotamus from “Mastera and Margarita“. You remember the head of the compere Bengalese, turned off during representation and put into place at the request of the audience. “Magic session with the subsequent its exposure“.

Plus a modern history with “the bad apartment“. To spoil the apartment of the neighbor from above - even the genius Bulgakov will not be enough for it. In its bad apartment was created a lot of things. But neighbors both from above and from below then were not touched.

Such feeling that in Moscow the gang with the Bassoon - Korovyev is active again, a cat the Hippopotamus, Azazello and Gella. And, it is terrible to tell, with … It is sacred, sacred … differently very difficultly to explain to
A a lot of things nowadays occurring.

Here, for example, last elections. Than Churov not the administrator of theater of the Variety show? Which Gell turned into the vampire - the tipper-of. And in essence, Ivan Savelyevich was a lovely and good-natured person. Forced, happens. But after the well-known ball of Varenukh became the ordinary administrator again. Magic in a moment evaporated. And the shadow appeared again. Interestingly, at Churov the shadow did not vanish for the period of elections?

Medvedev - than not the Nikolay Ivanovich who temporarily became a hog? He is Prokhor Petrovich from whom the Hippopotamus left one suit.

The director Varyete Stepan Bogdanovich Likhodeev who is transported under guard to Yalta. Well, obvious Berezovsky!

Nikolay Ivanovich Bosoy keeping dollars behind a toilet bowl. There are so much analogies here. Where stick …

Aloizy Magarych writing false denunciations for the sake of assignment of a living space. Interestingly, in what structure it works now?

Mass insanity on meeting in Luzhniki - than not choral singing “The nice sea - sacred Baikal“.

And the known episode with scattering of banknotes and with the subsequent their disappearance. Does not remind election pledges of future President?
Of course, it is absolutely incorrect to claim that Moscow was visited again by the well-known company. Especially as she lodged in the well-known House on the Embankment. In the new “bad“ apartment.

But nevertheless somehow it is necessary to explain everything that occurs nowadays. Or to us to wait for appearance of new Bulgakov which all also will describe?